Teen Mom 3 canceled by MTV, cast members react

Teen Mom 3 cast Briana Katie Mackenzie Alex

As we reported last month, the third installment of MTV’s Teen Mom franchise was not guaranteed to be back for a second season after having difficulty getting traction in the ratings combined with discontentment among some of the cast members about editing and how they were portrayed on the show. Judging from their Twitter feeds, it appears the Teen Mom 3 gals got the official word yesterday that MTV has decided to cancel the show and it would not be back for Season 2.

Alex Sekella was the first to hint at the cancellation with this tweet Friday afternoon:

That was followed shortly by Mackenzie McKee’s one-word message:

As you would imagine, these vague tweets had many folks speculating that the MTV had made a decision to cancel the show, but it wasn’t until Briana DeJesus took to Twitter earlier today that the speculation was confirmed:

Katie Yeager then penned a farewell of sorts and expressed her gratitude for the opportunity:

UPDATE – Alex Sekella just added a lengthy (in Twitter terms) message about the cancellation:

UPDATE – And more from Briana, including a jab at Farrah Abraham!

As you probably know, we here at Starcasm are huge fans of Teen Mom 3 and the young mothers on the show, and of course we are disappointed to hear that we won’t be able to keep up with their lives on television. But, you can rest assured that we will be keeping up with them as well as Nova, Molli, Arabella, Gannon and Gannon’s little sister for years to come!

As we say often after live tweeting the episodes, thanks to the moms and their families for sharing their lives with us.


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  • xo

    Wow, all that embarrassing footage out there for just one seasons worth of $$.

  • Agnes

    I guess it’s not because they aren’t train wrecks, it’s because this time MTV tried to pick “the good girls” to be on Teen Mom and they were just dull. I like Katie, but other girls are kind of irritating- Briana being overly attached to her family, Mackenzie being mentally 7 and Alex hating her baby daddy, because she still loves him.

    • xo

      I think Briana (and her family) and Alex were just really unlikable in general. Alex has this martyr complex as if she really thought a known drug addict teenager would be a good father and Briana wants to push Devoin away then complain that he’s a deadbeat.

    • Derek’s Driveway

      I couldn’t stand Katie! The way she nagged what’s-his-name every time he walked in the door really pissed me off. What was even worse was how she cried and all he’d said was one damn word. She was so ungrateful, it was sickening!

      • Ylanaty4

        ITA with you about Katie. She was such a nag! And totally ungrateful. Even tho Joey wasn’t an angel, she instigated a lot of the times.
        Btw, love ur Catfish user name! 😉

        • Burkey

          Being a nag doesn’t justify your boyfriend/child’s father cheating on you or breaking your nose.. And if you think it does you’re an idiot

          • Bob

            You are so sweet! Thanks for sharing.

          • Derek’s Driveway

            I heard that the broken nose story was fake. Maybe I should check with Honest Abe. We all know what he said about the internet.. 😛

            • Jonas

              Yes, the story is fake indeed. I got official confirmation on that.

          • DM

            No one said it did. But she was quite obnoxious nonetheless.

      • hmm…

        Wow, I really disagree with this because I think Joey was the worst bf this show ever had. Yeah she came off whiny which is why I think she seems okay with being off of the show. I remember reading about her after her 16 and Preg. and I thought it was weird that they picked her because she seemed so normal. Which isn’t exciting for MTV. And then they just showed us the end of her and Joey’s horrible relationship. But they left out Joey’s cheating, calling her fat constantly, his relapse on meth and how he broke her nose/assaulted her. She was in an abusive relationship, I don’t care how whiny you are, no one deserves that. She also worked part time which MTV barely mentioned and made it seem like she just sat at home 24/7 while Joey worked. He wanted her dependent on him so he had control. The second someone is physical with you, they do not deserve your gratitude ever. He’s a scumbag and apparently assaulted another gf after Katie. He was the sickening one. The idea that you should keep your mouth shut to an abuser because they’re working, is disgusting. That’s why girls keep themselves in horrible relationships. Thankfully she got out of it. MTV edited a lot of things out of her storyline.

        In real time, she seems to be doing much, much better after breaking up for good with Joey. She works and is in college (and not 2 classes a year like Maci, actual college) and is a much more forgiving person than me, because she’s able to co parent with Joey. She’s one of the few girls on this show that realized that her relationship was bad and going nowhere and ended rather than dragging it on for years.

        • Cheermom_1975

          There are only a few of the girls from the entire TM franchise that I have any respect for- Katie has always been on that list. Although she did come across a little naggy, she’s the only one that is going to really go somewhere in life without riding the coattails of 16&P and TM. You can just see the difference with her- she’s the only one that had a dignified response to the cancellation.

        • Jonas

          Excuse me, but there are two reasons why Joey was a douche. Really horrible editing and fake stories. MTV likes to make the fathers look bad, but they were picking on Joey to a whole new level. From seeing how much of a saint he was on the 16&P episode, they really decided to edit him horribly to try and convince fans that he’s not as too good of a person that we thought he was and they really went way too far with this. Especially when a gossip site teamed up with them by deciding to make up a story about Joey beating up Katie and breaking her nose and him assaulting other women as well. I know for a fact that the story’s fake, there’s enough evidence. The first person to confirm this to me was Brigette, Joey’s girlfriend at the end of the series. Yes, I have spoken with Brigette personally. Then, I became really suspicious seeing how Katie’s nose was fine at the reunion which was filmed on Nov. 3, 2012, not long after Joey “supposedly” broke Katie’s nose, and I was like, “How did Katie’s nose heal so fast, that’s impossible.” So, I went to the person who runs the facebook page, “The Girls of 16 and Pregnant”, who knows everything that’s true about the 16&P and TM girls, and I asked her how Katie’s nose healed so fast, and she, too, confirmed to me that her nose was never broken and that the story was made up. So please, stop blaming Joey. I find it pathetic that you believe all the lies and as a result, think he’s the worst out of all the fathers on TM3, let alone, the worst father of all the TM series. I especially can’t believe that you think he’s even worse than Adam from TM2. Joey was the only one of the TM3 fathers that cared for his child, so how is it possible for you to think that he’s worse than the other TM3 fathers? So please, just stop.

    • A.J.

      I agree. I think that MTV tried to do something different, but people didn’t want it.

  • MPmom

    Oh no, now they might have to get …. real jobs??

    • jeff

      Oh hell no, they’re either go to jail or do porn.

      • andreaapiejo

        I can’t log in anymore with facebook. When I click on the fb logo I get disqus register which I do not want. What is happening?

  • marleyM

    The season was AWFUL. They were boring and VERY unlikeable.. Come on, all the drama they had including A abusive babydaddy AND still couldnt pull in ratings? Smh … Briana and alex were the worst. katie was pathetic and mackenzie acts like shes 8 …

  • DeeDeDee

    Alex, you’re still a train wreck. Everybody just found it more convenient to look at your twitter. Too bad you can’t make $30k+ a year being an idiot c*nt on social media.

  • Kelli

    I’m glad! Pull your head out of your a$s, MTV!

  • Anomynous

    I think the Lord has answered our prayers. No, more Teen MOM reality shows in general though. This is some good news for the people that wanted these shows to end.

    And these girls, will now have to deal with reality and get their heads out of the gutters with the ‘fame’ and stop getting money handed to them and actually start working for their children.


      Can you please ask god for another prayer ??? Please ask him to please end ” keeping up with the kardashians “

      • Anomynous

        That show, has too much high ratings for it end, I don’t even know why people waste their time watching that nonsense show but some people do and if the network could end it, that would be amazing .

      • LexiconD1

        Add to that, 19 & Counting, Little People Big World, anything Amish.

  • shebee

    So glad. I am interested to see how they will support themselves now, in particular Mackenzie, since she seemed to be only one not relieved. Katie and Briana seemed sort of happy that it was all over. I was surprised when they announced the cast initially because these girls were kind of dull, not in a drama type way but in an uninspiring type of way.

  • steph

    I´m sure Teen mom 4 will come soon,

  • Judy

    They where pretty boring

  • …..

    Alex, sweetheart, being drug addicted, assaulting someone (though wouldn’t be surprised if you had attacked Matt/someone else at some point) or going to jail aren’t the only ways to come off as a “train wreck”. Yes, there are girls from this series that are worse than you but you came off as a trashy, loud, bitter brat with huge anger problems. Being better than someone like freaking Jenelle or Farrah isn’t exactly a super impressive or hard thing to do. Alex will remain a bitter, angry person no matter what guy she is with,
    and I’m especially glad it got cancelled because of her, as I still
    believe that she got pregnant on purpose to be on MTV. That girl had her
    own FB fan page set up before her 16 and Pregnant even aired, I bet she’s
    raging mad now.

    I LOVE how these girls are acting all holier than thou about the show because it was cancelled. What BS, if MTV would keep them on forever these idiots would sign on and show every embarrassing thing they can. It wasn’t only that these girls were boring, it was that they were trashy AND boring and that is bad combination. I guess Briana and her nutcase family can forget about their Dejesus Family customized t-shirts and key chains business. Katie is the only girl from any of the Teen Moms that I think has an actual chance of being successful in life, as long as she stays away from D-bag guys like Joey. Notice how Katie is the only person who was classy about the cancellation, not surprising since I think that girl has a higher IQ than the other 3 put together. And Mackenzie, I bet she’s crying her eyes out, I’m sure when she got pregnant for the second time she thought she’d be fine, like Leah, because she’d have steady MTV money coming in for a couple of years. Good luck supporting two kids with Josh’s non existent rodeo career. I give that marriage maybe 2 years tops. How depressing. I’m just glad MTV won’t glorify her immature, stupid decisions like they did with Leah.

    • Guest

      Couldn’t have said it better….

    • DM

      LMAO I remember Alex’s facebook fan page. She posted a picture of 5 month old Arabella slumped over facing forward in a car seat. People (rightfully) lost their minds when they saw it and Alex was a bitch back to all of them saying that she was safe in that thing. People even offered to buy her the correct car seat for a child Arabella’s age and she was still a bitch back to them, then asked why they hadn’t given it to her yet. Good Times! Her TV personality seems spot-on after that.

  • Nina

    I think the show got cancelled because of the season finale. Than finale was just horrible and crazy. Also because of Brianna her and her family just are annoying and the way they talk even worse and not to mention Alex she just wanted attentionall the screaming thinking she was the shit not good. Reason for the cancellation those 2.

  • Shannon

    I’m glad it’s over but I’ll miss Mackenzie I liked over I didn’t like the other girls.

  • jess

    Thank god I didn’t watch not one episode there should have never been a teen mom 3 they need to cancel 16 and pregnant now and then after the upcoming season tm2 needs to end

  • NurseAja;)

    Notice how you all took time to say something hateful. If the show is so horrible and boring why waste time to read the story and then more time to comment??….

    • lol yeah right

      To laugh of these girl ? So people that read the comment won’t think it’s a good show ? Just being critics of what is aired on national TV ?

    • laughing my a$$ off

      Because these girls are just that ridiculous and delusional.

    • sigh

      And notice how you took the time to complain about people complaining…do you spend your entire life only having positive opinions about only things you like? Probably not. It’s a TV show, people have opinions about it. They got pregnant as teens, voluntarily signed up for a reality show specifically about their lives and got paid more than many, many legitimately hardworking people do. It’s simple, don’t air
      your business on TV for money if you want to hear only nice things.
      These girls knew exactly what they were getting into, this show has been
      on for a long time now. They’re (besides Katie, it seems) mad because their paychecks are stopping now. This is a gossip/entertainment site, it’s not going to be all positive feedback.

  • Lola

    I saw on Mackenzie’s facebook that her mom said she was disappointed because she liked to “spread her faith” on TV and that Mackenzie’s battle with diabetes should be shared. Are you kidding me? The faith that got your daughter pregnant THREE times before she was even close to drinking age, that shames birth control which MTV tries to hard to promote (as they should.) And they rarely talk about her diabetes, probably because she’s such an idiot. These girls are upset because they thought they were on a gravy train and now they have to live in the real world. I don’t feel bad for them at all. They were boring not because their lives were a trainwreck (they were), but because they were completely unlikeable.

    • Bec

      Mckenzie’s reaction says it all. 2 kids, she’s screwed she thought she would be raking in the cash. Oops.

    • Jenn


  • Hayley

    I don’t see why everyone is saying the season was so boring. Not enough child neglect from the moms? They’re the only slightly stable ones. Guess we’re back to having a season with bad mothers.

    • W.

      Yeah all the screaming and yelling in front of the children is a very stable environment. These girls didn’t just argue with their exes/bfs they got close to Amber/Gary, Jenelle/whoever a bunch of times. Briana’s grown a*ss insane mother threw things and wanting to fight Devoin at the reunion. That isn’t boring, it’s trashy. I bet she’s more upset over this than Briana. And I bet it would have gotten worse if the show continued. They should of just called the show “Girls in Bad Relationships” and left the kids out.

      You could nitpick all of the girls on these shows but the only truly bad mom that’s still currently employed by MTV is Jenelle, and she’s more like a fun big sister than a mom. These girls are no better than anyone on Teen Mom 2. Katie is the only one that I think has a chance to be the best one from this series, if she sticks to her goals. Mackenzie will be Leah 2.0, Briana will remain on her couch and Alex never should have been cast. She had a bad reputation before the show even aired , she was a bad choice by MTV. When people are siding with a deadbeat heroin addict over you, that’s a bad sign.

    • lol yeah right

      OH HELL NOT. Stable mother don’t take their kids out at 10 pm for booty call. The only time we saw Mactwit taking care of her son he was neglected or crawling around in dangerous places

  • nice job mtv!

    Alex is so full of it, no one is forced to spread all of their trashy drama all over their public twitter like she did. Now she’s wanting to blame MTV for waiting too long to air it (which I agree made no sense, they prob. should of just not aired it) but had no problem running on there to bitch about Matt for months before the show aired. Maybe if she (and Briana/Briana’s sister as well) kept their mouths shut online fans would’ve been more excited to watch those things happen on the show. Or at least make your damn social media account private! The funniest thing is MTV tried so hard to make Alex and Briana sympathetic but people that followed them online already know their real personalities.

    Also, very nice to bite the hand that feeds Alex. Grow up. The only response that was appropriate was Katie’s. Briana’s is fake as hell, you just know her whole family thought they were going to have it made for years. Yes, you really helped girls change by sitting on the couch 24/7! Mackenzie’s brain probably hasn’t processed it yet.

    • Heather

      I couldn’t agree with you more. I’m not surprised the show is cancelled.

  • Haven

    It’s not that it was “boring” to me, tbh their situations felt slightly more authentic to me than the last few seasons of TM and TM2. I stopped watching those looooong ago.

    I don’t want to watch train wrecks like Jenelle and Leah and Farrah, I want to watch normal girls. I didn’t watch these girls’ 16&P episodes (I since have), so I came into TM3 with a fresh start and open mind.

    My problem with TM3 is, besides Katie, they chose the most loathsome individuals. As a teenager myself, I just couldn’t relate to them or develop an attachment to them. Mackenzie and Briana are both immature, dependent, dumber than a box of rocks and embarrassing to watch, and whenever Alex spoke I wanted to punch her in the face. While I might have felt sympathy for their situations, I didn’t feel much sympathy for any of THEM. I want to be rooting for them, and other than Katie, I really didn’t care what happened to them. She’s the only reason I stuck it out.

  • noname

    Alex is so bitter. It’s a show trying to allow the viewer’s to see their struggle. But now you have someone pregnant with their second. What do you expect…

  • yesisaidit

    I feel that the entire 16 and pregnant and teen mom craze has run its course. I don’t see the point in bringing back a season 5 of TM2 what for? And Kailyn had the nerve to tweet that it doesn’t matter if her kids have different fathers because she went to school graduated and is married now. LOL- What a total joke her and Leah kill me acting as if they got to where they are all on there own. Lets be really Kailyn worked in nothing but retail shops minus her dental job that didn’t last very long. And Leah what more can we say about her work experience. They haven’t done very much of anything the only reason they live in these “dream homes” etc… is due to Mtv pay outs. In no way in the real world would a mother of 21 and 2 kids be in that position.

    • Pat Brown

      so true

  • A.C.C

    I think it got cancelled because it was very uncomfortable to watch. I think it was anyways, all the physical and mental abuse between the moms and dads was ridiculous. I was nervous watching it at times, for the babies sake. Especially Molli. Jeesh. And Mackenzie, I seriously cant believe she went on to get married and get pregnant again. I didn’t see her do much for Gannon, besides drag him out of bed at ridiculous times at night to go fight with Josh. And the way she acted and talked to her parents, when it seems like they do everything for her and her baby. Have more respect!

  • Jenn

    They probably canceled it because they didn’t want everyone to know Mackenzie got herself pregnant again

  • Lex

    They thought they were gonna be a big hit like the other Teen Mom 1 & 2 and receive a nice paycheck for creating unnecessary drama. Saw this coming. Quite frankly America just doesn’t want to see this anymore. It went beyond of actually sharing your struggles to help teens, now its all about the fame and money.

  • A.J.

    I guess I’m a little in the minority here. While I didn’t agree with all of the girl’s decisions, I actually enjoyed this installment of the series, and I am disappointed that they won’t be coming back for another season. I think that there were a number of factors that went into the cancellation. One of them is obviously the belief that shows like this glorify young motherhood instead of preventing it. Another is the gap between MTV’s filming and airing time. It did get annoying to see some of the events that we already read about. Also, this set of girls didn’t pick up the large fan base that the others did; I’m reading a lot about how they were unifiable and boring in general. None of the fathers on this installment were worth rooting for as good examples; Joey was devoted to Molli, but his treatment of Katie was atrocious. However, I do agree that the lack of drama as compared to girls from the other installments (Amber, Leah, Farrah, Jenelle) and their relative stability (and I use that term loosely) did have an impact on the ratings. People just like drama, period. Nonetheless, I wish them and the babies all the best.

  • Me

    So happy for this. Katie was okay, just very dull. Briana is so ghetto sounding and overly attached to her family that it is sickening. She doesn’t even know how to fight her own battles, she always gets her family to stick their nose where it doesn’t belong. Plus, not allowing Devoin to even attempt to father Nova is a huge mistake. She barres him from seeing her, then complains he doesn’t come around. What?! I couldn’t stand Briana. (I like her sister though haha). Alex was just as awful. Constantly screaming for no reason and crying over everything, I couldn’t stand to watch her. I adored her mom though. Mackenzie, eh, no opinion on her. These girls were just dull all around. It had nothing to do with “not enough drama”, because Briana and Alex created enough of that themselves. Theyre just rude people in general and hard to relate to or like. Farefull.

  • Stokely

    Wow, can you say WARDROBE! Would you ever see Alex wearing that on the show? ^ lol

  • Cheermom_1975

    I bet the cameramen and sound people are doing cartwheels over the fact they no longer have to follow these girls around all day watching some of them poorly parenting. I think i would rather risk my life on the Deadliest Catch verses being with these kids all the time.

  • Pat Brown

    All the girls from all 3 shows, were and are LOSERS. At least Farrah is able to keep getting jobs, she is always working whether it’s a book, porno, radio show, couples therapy, she works. The others, all of them are ZEROS, let’s be very honest, none of them were Harvard bound before getting pregnant, and none will be after, that is the sad fact here, glad it’s canceled and hope they stop with this nonsense already. LOVE Catfish, MTV needs more shows like that one!

  • siriusthecat

    These new girls were trashy. They scooped their own show with stories they leaked before it ever even started. What did they expect?

  • mays

    I mean come on. Beside Maci all these other moms barely have a future. Chelsea woke up from the Adam dream so I will also exclude her. Now the list of dead beats….Briana loud asz mouth can’t get her much further in life unless she checks her family. Katie is weak and insecure and love to blame people
    (Joey) for her problems. Alex i like her but she does have an anger problem, she is surrounded by good people tho so she might make it, Mackenzie needs a damn clue, Amber let’s not even talk about it, Jenelle battling her demons, Leah is just crazy and think she knows everything, she is emotionally unstable also, Farrah is a disgusting p0rn hoe (out of all the kids i feel sorry for hers the most, no daddy and a shameless mom addicted to c*m) Catelyn why are u on the show u gave your baby away no sympathy from me you’re weak and useless mom and i use the word “mom” losely. Kail emm….well u”ve been through a lot so ill give u a pass and u a good mom and i guess a good wife seems all you needed was someone to love you since your own mother doesnt seem to want to do that smh

  • Sara

    I guess I’m not alone but I DON’T CARE. Good riddance.

  • RicdeauTheRealist

    Really?…i mean…really? It took them this long to decide to cancel teen mom? Ha, wow, talk about timing. Let’s see if we can get 16 and pregnant off the air. I’ll admit the premise was interesting the first time but it got old quick. GET THESE HOES OFF OF MY TV.