VIDEO What did Miley Cyrus do for the AMAs?

Miley Cyrus AMAs 2013

With Miley Cyrus officially in the American Music Awards’ building, fans (and critics) eagerly waited throughout the entire show for a performance of Wrecking Ball. (ABC kept saying it was “coming up next,” but Miley was actually the last to perform… No denying that girl is good for ratings!)

Earlier in the night, a newly 21 Miley proved she was still a daddy’s girl by walking down the red carpet with Billy Ray Cyrus.

Miley Cyrus AMAs - Billy Ray Cyrus

With her ol’ man in the audience, it was possible that Miley would tone down her performance. So, what did Miley do for the AMAs? It was actually quite shocking…

Although she didn’t come out of a giant teddy bear, Miley immediately integrated animals into her performance by singing in front of a computerized, lip-syncing kitten. That was probably a first for the AMAs.

Miley Cyrus Cat Outfit AMAs

(There was a major resemblance between Miley’s cat and Puss in Boots.)

Miley Cyrus Cat - Puss in Boots

Miley continued her kitten theme with a cat-spotted two-piece. The ensemble was relatively modest with a high waist and neck. (Side note: Looks like she’s been hitting the weight room. Her legs looked incredible!)

Miley Cyrus Cat AMAs 2013

In fact, Miley’s vocals were more on display than anything else. Whereas her VMA performance served to remind us all that she’s not Hannah Montana anymore, this was more about reminding the audience that she has some serious pipes.

Miley Cyrus AMAs 2013 Performance

Miley also seemed to get emotional toward the end of the song with her voice momentarily breaking while saying “I will always want you.” (It seemed like she paused a bit too long and got off from the background singers… Some may use this as evidence that she lip-synced.)

Miley Cyrus Cat Outfit - AMAs

Most shocking about the performance was how tame Miley kept it. No joints. No twerking. Just Miley being Miley!

UPDATE Here’s the complete video of Miley’s AMA 2013 performance.

What are your thoughts on Miley’s latest award show performance?

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  • Deaf girl

    She basically trolled the show as she did others.

    Not nominated for even one award yet she grabs all the attention away from classy performers who rely on themselves and their talents to excel rather than using shock and awe to get reactions.

    Real performers get overshadowed by her and her drug-fueled craze.

    Last week after her XFactor singing was criticized she lied and said she was “sick” and that doctors said she shouldn’t sing until her tour.

    She even tweeted about it excessively. Lies? Damage control? So did she AND THE CAT lip sync tonight?

  • Etta Samples-Bredeson

    that you can’t get past those Stupid looking outfits that she wears to take her seriously and listen to her songs not to mention that she could use a few cheese burgers ( but then again alot of them look like they don’t eat anyways ).. and yes I know that there are plenty of other people out there that sing and wear weird costumes and they are totally taken seriously and are quite successful and have sold 100 of thousand CD’s .. maybe it is because she is trying too hard to shed her little girl image..Hanna Montanna …I personally think she is going about it all the wrong way.. but that is just my opinion…

  • Sascatchulokino

    This girl is genius! And by genius I mean a complete fvcking idiot…

  • frontdoormom

    Her alfits never compliment her performance…and i cant stand how she looks so boyish!

    • LaLa84

      What’s an “alfit”?

      • Derek’s Driveway

        The opposite of an outfit. I.E., the sh*t she wears that probably give her STDs on the regular.

  • BEBE

    I love it. Stop hating.

  • Sarah

    Random irritations: who would stand next to her father wearing a blazer with nothing else underneath so that he can see her chest? And Can her father not be bothered enough to take off his glasses and smile…..must he look so arrogant, giving the camera a defiant look of ” I can look how ever I want because I’m a star.” And why in the world would Miley think that this outfit is remotely appropriate for this show……be secure enough in yourself to wear an outfit with slightly more modesty.

  • Derek’s Driveway

    Am I the only one who hopes she hooks up with Samantha Rotton? They’re both desperate for attention. It works.