PHOTOS 17-year-old Abigail Breslin poses topless for Tyler Shields

Abigail Breslin Topless - Tyler Shields

We told you Abigail Breslin grew up! First, the 17-year-old Little Miss Sunshine debuted a new, ultra-glam look. Then she reportedly began dating 25-year-old All Time Low guitarist Jack Barakat. Now she’s the focus of a risqué photoset from Tyler Shields.

“I wanted to do something iconic with her, something simple but timeless,” Tyler, a celebrity photographer and the partner of Francesca Eastwood, told E! News. “She’s the perfect subject for something like this. Incredibly talented, beautiful actress but no one has ever seen her like this. There’s fun in that — showing someone to the world for the first time.”

Tyler recently directed Abigail in the thriller Final Girl. He said they developed a great relationship during the filming.

“I don’t know if she gets nervous after the hell I put her through making the movie,” he told Us Weekly of the Academy Award-nominee. “She was great about it. She’s an incredible actress!”

Abigail Breslin Bubbles - Tyler Shields

Although the images of the teenage actress posing with just a sheet or bubbles covering her chest are definitely controversial, Abigail said she wasn’t trying to make a huge statement.

“I don’t make these conscious decisions to do it to like prove to the world that I’m grown up. I think people see my work and see what I do and see that I’m grown up. But yeah, I’m almost 18. Every headline for the past three years has been ‘Abigail Breslin All Grown Up,’ so I am kind of growing up. I do want to try different things but its all for fun,” Abigail told E! News, adding Tyler is “like a brother” to her.

Abigail isn’t the first teen star to pose in provocative pictures — in fact, it’s hard to look at the top picture without thinking of Annie Leibovitz’s portrait of a 15-year-old Miley Cyrus.

Miley Cyrus - Annie Lebovitz

This isn’t Tyler’s first taste of controversy either. He previously made waves for photographing Lindsay Lohan brandishing a gun, of Francesca Eastwood destroying a $100,000 bag and of Heather Morris made up to look like a battered woman.

Abigail’s photos: inappropriate or no big deal?

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  • Nia

    Not surprised

  • Guest

    She looks like a 12 year old justing learning what eyeliner is

    • K

      Lmao and that’s why I stay away from makeup… at 26 this is about the extent of my eyeliner abilities!

  • Erica

    oh gosh…not again why can’t these kids keep the clothing on?! is it really too much to ask?!

  • Courtney

    She looks like she’s posing for some guy off the street that told her he’s “famous”, gave her some candy and shot some pics in his basement. It’s just creepy. Seriously who is this pic suppose to impress?

  • Miss-Mandy Lynn

    well she is dating that 25yr old

  • DeeDeDee

    I don’t get it. Sexually provocative photos for CHILDREN under the age of 18 are “simple and timeless?!” Since when?! If some guy had taken these same pictures in his basement, he’d be arrested for child pornography. Just because your emotional age is that of an older person, doesn’t meant that your LEGAL age is. You couldn’t make her edgy and more mature without taking her clothes off? That sure says a lot about the industry and what you have to do to get ahead. -.-

  • pjbthree

    If we can’t see nipples, she’s not topless

  • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

    Ya Allah!
    I have news for this middle aged harlot, a Lone Ranger mask is not much of a disguise. But know this, the day fast approaches when all degenerates must answer to the Sharia. The Stones of Justice are patient because they are the tools of Allah. Justice always prevails!