PHOTOS Pawn Stars’ Chumlee Russell is a taken man

Austin Chumlee Russell

On History Channel’s Pawn Stars, Austin “Chumlee” Russell won over legions of fans with his sense of humor. Apparently, he turned on the same charm to win over his gorgeous girlfriend, Tanya Hyjazi — who was the subject of the “Woman Crush Wednesday” picture Chumlee shared yesterday.

Tanya Hyjazi Selfie

Chumlee and the Lebanese beauty have been dating for a while. Earlier this year, the surprisingly romantic Chum proved his love for Tanya by treating her to a fancy dinner at Andiamo Italian Steakhouse — and a boob job!

“She wanted a boob job and she was going to pay it herself but she works so hard,” Chumlee told Las Vegas Review in September. “I thought to myself, it literally takes me a couple hours of work to buy a boob job so why would I make her pay for them. She had her money saved up and I just felt it was the right thing to do. That’s a good birthday present, right?”

Chumlee Girlfriend Birthday

Tanya also helps take care of her man. As a chef for a major Las Vegas casino, Tanya knows a thing or two about cooking the healthy meals that Chumlee uses to keep on track with his weight-loss goals. She’s even helped him lose 75 pounds within the past year!

When it comes his Pawn Stars fame and the attention he gets from other ladies (and men, apparently), Chumlee’s girlfriend doesn’t have anything to worry about.

“At least 1,000 times, no, 100,000 times, a guy will say ‘Take a picture with my wife. Now, put your face in her boobies and motorboat em.’ I’m thinking to myself, ‘Dude, are you serious?’ Of course I’m not going to be setting that kind of an example. And that’s all of time.”

Chumlee Girlfriend

Keep an eye out for Tanya when Chumlee throws a housewarming party during tonight’s episode of Pawn Stars on the History Channel at 10/9c!

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  • Harper

    She doesn’t have very high standards.

    • SS

      because he’s overweight? What a pathetic thing to say.

      • bambiglanville

        No. Probably because he is a complete blank. A true idiot of sorts, really.

        • Sam

          He PLAYs an idiot on TV. That doesn’t mean he really is one. This is a scripted TV show we’re talking about.

          • Guest

            He very well may not be. But… I choose to think he is. On account of I despise the show for the fact they over-charge all customer’s, and are all a bunch of idiots. I

            • so you are. they don’t.

          • Allan Narci

            you can’t fake that kind of stupid, who you think he is? Olivier?

            • or you. hes has other qualities.

    • so you dont. she has.

  • BEBE

    Funny…these people are nobodies here. They don’t even work in the store.

  • Bec

    Let’s be honest here, she wouldn’t be with him if he wasn’t on tv.

    • Tim Jonson

      Yep, women show up and stick around instantly when they think there’s some easy money floating around- no matter how ugly or old the dude is. Parasites.

  • Miss-Mandy Lynn

    wonder what her face actually looks like

    • TommyD0527

      Mandy you are hott.

      • Miss-Mandy Lynn

        uh thank you?

        • TommyD0527

          Uh, you’re welcome. lol

  • Bellatoupia

    I wonder how long it really has been sense they have dated? I’m not sure if he wants to go out and tell the real time, he looks like he’s just happy to have a girlfriend!!

    • More action/ less talk

      He worked for year’s at the pawn shop before it aired. He has been with his girl all those year’s.

  • Guest

    he doesnt play a moron he is one . of cors shes goin out with him for his money i mean the bloke hasnt seen his cock for 20yrs

    • its not either confirmed. its just lies. so you better stop telling shit arround people’s back.

    • He has been with his girl all those year’s. You retarded mental. Take your pills….

      And go to bed instead of whining arround.

  • saragun

    anything just to say I am with the idiot in tv