It’s a boy for Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin!

Pregnant Kailyn Lowry Javi Marroquin Isaac

And baby makes four for Teen Mom 2‘s Kailyn Lowry! The 21-year-old and her new husband, Javi Marroquin, welcomed another son—their first child together—on November 16.

Lincoln Marshall Marroquin joins big brother Isaac, 3 (whose dad is Kail’s ex and fellow Teen Mom 2 star Jo Rivera). “I am exhausted, but we are so excited and surprised by our new baby boy,” Kailyn told Us Weekly.

UPDATE – Click here to see a photo of little Lincoln in the arms of his super-proud big brother Isaac!

Kailyn didn’t want to find out her baby’s sex beforehand—sounds like she might have had a suspicion it was going to be a girl. It’s a good thing it turned out to be a boy, however—as of Nov. 9, Kailyn and Javi still hadn’t agreed on a girl’s name! “Changed our boy name, still no girl name for Baby M.,” she tweeted. “It’s getting down to the wire!”

One week later, their 8 lb., 6 oz. bundle of joy was born at 4:28 pm. Congrats to the happy couple!

UPDATE – Kail revealed on Twitter moments ago that she and Javi finally figured out a girl’s name just hours before Lincoln was born!

And apparently the young couple was feeling the pressure to come up with a feminine moniker because according to a post made by Kail on her official Facebook fan page, she and Javi were convinced she was going to need it. “Welcomed baby BOY Lincoln M. Marroquin to the family. So surprised and happy. I think all our friends and family convinced us into thinking we were going to have a girl.”

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  • JustSayin

    Since Issac is named after her favorite “Hanson” band member, is it safe to assume Lincoln is from her favorite president and Marshall from her favorite rapper?

    • Lauren

      She said that she named Isaac after Isaac Hanson?! LMFAO! That is seriously hilarious! OMG Hanson sucks so bad.

    • Mel

      Actually she had previously said that Lincoln was in her top 5 boys name, she liked the character in Prison Break. They wanted the baby’s name to start with L so they could have a ‘alphabetical family’.. I,J,K,L. Anyway it’s up to them, if you like a name, you like a name!

    • muci

      Will the next baby be MarilynManson or MargaretTheacher or Michael Jackson or MTV???

  • Pat Brown

    I hope that this relationship will last, doubt it will but congrats anyway!

    • Jasmine B


      • Pat Brown

        wow nothing, she will be divorced from him, she’s very troubled and most relationships fail with a lot less baggage then this one has!

  • carie

    Wow, I had thought I read somewhere a while back that she had said it was going to be a girl…that was a surprise…well congrats to them. As for the name…not my choice but if they like it…well, good…(it could be worse…MUCH worse).

    • Yeah

      I thought the same thing too! I even remember Javi going back and fourth with someone on twitter telling them that “kailyn’s never been wrong”

  • Mia

    I feel like nowadays as long as the name is spelled how it’s supposed to be spelled it’s a win for the child. Especially with young parents it seems to be a theme to name your kid a name in the Top 100 but spell it so obnoxiously. I’d rather a kid have an offbeat, yet recognizable, name like Lincoln than a traditonal name spelled horribly like Maddasynn or Alixxandyr. Congrats to Kail and Javi!

    • Regina

      Lmao I actually quite like Lincoln! I think it’s unique but not too much, and also properly spelled.

    • It’sajoke

      You mean like Leah Messer/Simms/Calvert’s girls?

    • Mae

      They could’ve totally butchered the spelling – it could’ve been Lynkyn or Linkin or Leenken. lol

  • mk1116

    aww! the baby shares my birthday. congrats kail all the best to you and your family

  • jebuz

    Sounds like a good name. Its a strong name to carry to adult hood. Better than Apple, Banjo, Pilot (actual names)…think real hard when you name your kid lol ‘

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