Alexis Bellino has a nose job, a boob job, and an ex-husband out for blood,

Jeffy Barry is Real Housewife Alexis Bellino's scorned ex husband

Before Alexis Bellino was fixin’ plates for her husband Jim and ordering SkinnyGirl margaritas on TV, she was just a regular small-town girl from Hannibal, Mo. married to a regular guy. Of course, this regular girl had dreams; like a smaller nose, bigger boobs, and a bucketful of money.

At least that’s the song her ex-husband Jeff Barry sang to Star Magazine (via Bravo Fan and Reality Tea). Barry says that after they got married in 2002 they moved to San Diego, and Alexis  got hooked on expensive jeans. In order to fill get her jeans fix she slept a with married man with three kids. Jeff Barry caught on and got scary stealth,  pretending to be a friend of hers through email. Alexis fell for the set-up and got so close with the friend her husband was pretending to be she spilled the beans about her infidelity!

Barry then sent out a mass email to everyone he’s ever met or been connected to Alexis on Facebook calling her a “gold-digging home-wrecker and “2-dollar” wh*re. Very classy.

The divorce was finalized in 2004, and since then Alexis has married and had three children with Jim Bellino, who keeps her knee-deep in plastic surgery and nannies.

But where does Jim get his stash? He officially describes himself as a “self-made entrepreneur,” but what does that mean? According to Newport Beach’s Daily Pilot Jim Bellino “used to own the now-closed Margaritaville restaurant on West Coast Highway. Now he juggles numerous business endeavors these days, including “pawn loans and house flipping.” Hmmm, a closed restaurant and house-flipping doesn’t sound very lucrative (IN THIS ECONOMY), but pawn loans . . . . Maybe Simon Barney, Jeana Keough, and Lynne Curtin’s husband Frank should ask Jim how to get into that business.

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  • Tony from Cleveland

    I thought Alexis was the hottest of all the housewives, and I loved the fact she’s Christian. But then I saw this and now I believe she’s a completely shallow, phony b*tch. Her husband was right to put that on facebook. Kudos. I can’t believe this individual is actually a pseudo-celebrity now, almost like a reward for what she did to her ex. I’m disgusted.

    • cj

      Really – would you hang out w/ people that drank all the time, talked about people and treat your wife like property?
      Just wondering?

      • cdang

        LOL – I think she’s “Christian” not Christian. She dresses and acts like a total skank, gossips like the rest of them, and drinks like a sailor. Christian my ass. She’s a climber and a media wh0re. S. K. A. N. K. Nuf said…

    • Dimegirl

      I totally agree. She ruined herself on tv…

  • jodi

    I could be a perfect Mom w/ 2 nannies and housekeeper…… Hello Bimbo 3 hours a day to matain yourself PLEEEEEEEZZZZZZEEEEEE Real life Honey Is your Husband should at least KNOW how to change a diaper. I was married woman owned 2 Businesses and raised, children, cleaned my own house, and cooked myown meals I of my businesses requires 24 on call. You need Therapy 3 hours a day . Going to Church does not a christian life make, He wo claims loudly they are a christian usually means they are Not. Your actions sure do tell alot about you. Good Luck Goldie.

    • cj

      I hear ya!!!! Two nannies and she claims to have a full time job being a mom – ha ha! I bet their church is really proud of them (if it really is). Wonder why they don’t hang out w/ their church friends? Can you say FAKE!!

  • sassyone

    I think she is afraid of Jim

  • Lbuffo

    He also owns Margitaville in Rancho Cucamonga, that place is a hole. So gross!

  • Kelsie

    I think everyone who is passing negative comments should remember that there are most definitely two sides to every story. Moreover, you all should keep in mind that this is a television show, in which a large portion of what is aired is greatly exaggerated for ratings. Sounds to me like her ex-husband saw an opportunity to be a victim and capitalized on things that allegedly took place in their marriage, either because he is jealous that she was able to get everything she ever wanted from someone else, or because he is seeking some sort of distasteful revenge. Stop kidding yourselves, we live in a society where money and status are what we are made to believe will make us happy, so who the hell are you all to judge someone for wanting a pair of expensive jeans or wanting to be in the company of the rich and famous!? How many people DONT want those things? Now call me crazy, but it seems a little hard to believe that someone would cheat on their husband for a pair of jeans, so before you go off about how she is shallow and horrible for “what she did”, keep in mind you’re only hearing his version of what happened. Furthermore, look at the source of this information and notice how he is not so forthcoming with his faults during the marriage.
    Maybe in all of your “divine” opinions, real life requires that her husband know how to change a diaper, and being considered a “full-time mom” means she can’t get any outside help from nannies, however, everyone has different ideas of what is normal/real life for them. Have you ever thought that maybe her husband wants her to maintain a perfect appearance, and perhaps she may want to spend more time with her kids, but she is so stressed out because she is held to a certain standard and expectation? This may or may not be true, but is most definitely a possibility. In which case, all of you should be ashamed of yourselves for picking apart a woman who you know absolutely nothing about! There are many factors that go in to why people want and do the things that they do. I’m sure if many of you looked back on things you’ve done in your life that you weren’t so proud of, you’d find some sort of valuable excuse for why you did what you did. Extend the same courtesy and benefit of the doubt to others as you do for yourselves and before you start condemning other people for the life they live, make sure your hands are clean.

    • cdang

      Blah, Blah, Blah… Like you don’t pass judgement. Whatevs, babe.

    • Christine

      Ok, thank you Alexis

    • Laura

      I don’t know what bible she read cuz the 1 I hav Dsnt say anything about having to be a servant 2 ur husband, Christ is king stupid not ur husband he is not the chosen 1 & by the way Moses parted the red sea not Jesus u need to actually read the bible n stop making up ur own version n quoting things u know nothing about u look like a fool!!

  • Rachel

    Alexis Bellino is a disgrace to Christian women EVERYWHERE. Since when do christians live life in such a materialistic, shallow, self-serving manner? She talks about avoiding temptation with her fake boobs hanging out of her blouses, bends over showing her ass cheeks, makes ridiculous interpretations of the Bible DISGUSTING.
    Christian married women don’t dress like wh**es, spend money on plastic surgery and shiny bling bling. The least she could do is own her lifestyle and stop emberrassing Jesus while she’s doing it.

    • Yup

      Actually, that sounds about like a typical xtian to me.

  • ally

    her face looks very washed up and haggard for someone who is allegedly only 32. i’m 32 also never had botox don and my face is more way youthful looking then hers. i dont belive she really is only 32.

    • mb

      Yeah, she definitely looks a lot older than 32. I thought she was somewhere around the 40s. She has a great body though.

  • april

    I am a christian and I dont live like Alexis but everyone is different. I think her priorities are a bit messed up but I dont hate her. I admire her for standing up for Jesus. Good Job A. I would however pray to Jesus and see what he has to say about how you present your body.The bible says to not be like the heathen and dress Modestly as to not cause your brother to stummble. Other then that she is alright in my book.

  • Hapmton

    Just wondering if anyone EVER saw Alexis pregnant? Whose kids are they? Just curious because I haven’t watched all the episodes so think I missed that one on where the kids came from. I heard they may have adopted? Oh, and it’s sad that they “claim” to be religious because if one is religious you wouldn’t be putting money as something you hold above anything else and they drink, party, smoke cigars, and have other people raise their children. AND then go bankrupt…wow, that’s not owning up. Hmmm, something is wrong here. And just read he and the new housewives of ’11 March OC Peggy Tanous aka Peggy Tyler dated in 1996 so why would he be hanging out with his X-girl on a T.V. show and making his new wife be friends with his ex-bimbO Peggy. So messed up. OR did Jim even tell his wife that him and Peggy hooked up? I will try to find the link and post it for you all to see him and Peggy Tanous hooking up on a party boat. The owner of the boat put the pictures up on his facebook. Too funny. AND, yes, this is a T.V. show and “THEY” opened up their life for others to scrutinize and if they are that money hungry to have to do a show then they are getting what they want. Remember they wanted to do this…WHY, look what they are doing to their children. My Gosh, just read article that they took kids to a party in Las Vegas and were getting wasted and the life guard on duty had to save their children from drowning in the pool. This couple needs major help. I guess T.V. loves the crazies…makes for a funny show.

  • Janiene Colombo

    These two people are the fakest two besides Gretchen. Why are they even on the show. Too bad you’re down to 1 nanny poor you.For saying your a christian and saying and doing things you do you’re really a hipocrite. I wish you and Gretchen would leave the show and they would get some of the past women back, so much more interesting than watching 2 very self centered and attention getters.Too bad they don’t give you both you’re own show then nobody would have to watch you.

  • lisa

    I work out at the same gym as Alexis & never saw her pregnant with the twins so think she had someone carry them for her. Just read that her x-husband said she cheated on him with a married man…so why does she claim she Is religious when clearly she is not. She looks like an aardvark with that side profile of hers…lol. her husband looks like a clown. So fugly!

  • JJ

    poor poor girl she was raised in the heartland nows she turned into cali plastic trash i think i feel sorry for her one day she will realize theres more to life than money and a horrific looking husband

  • Canada Toronto

    She is beautiful, and money makes life more relaxed. I think she is the best looking of all the Housewives in the show. Good plastic Surgeon 😉

  • Cedar

    Alexis Bellino is a disgrace to females everywhere. What does she mean by saying she ‘feels safer with a male running the country’? I must admit I feel safe she’s not running the country but please. Get real Alexis. All that Botox has seeped into your brain.

    To be so subservient to your husband is not noble, it’s weak and stupid.

    And to hide behind the name of religon is unacceptable.

    What a sad woman.

  • Texas Mom

    There are two sides to every story and she had a different life then. Who knows if she found God after her affair. Nobody will ever know the truth, we just all want to hear about all the bad things people have done so we can judge them. We should all thank the creator of reality tv for making us more judgmental each and everyday.

  • Her ex was HOT! Alexis try and she may is not a pretty woman and her new husband Jim is a troll.