What does Slade Smiley do?

Who is Slade Smiley?

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Slade Smiley, veteran of BRAVO’s Real Housewives of OC, formerly dated fake singer Jo De La Rosa, and has now latched onto Gretchen Rossi.

Slade used to flash cash and boast of “keeping” Jo, but now he’s Gretchen’s kept man. He no longer has his fancy Coto de Case home, owes $80,000 $130,000 in child support to his son Grayson, who has a brain tumor, and seems to have nothing else to speak of. Grayson’s mom and Slade’s ex, Michelle Arroyo, sued Slade earlier this year for default on child support, and Slade is arguing in court to get his child support reduced because he’s unemployed.

That’s wrong because he IS employed, he’s Gretchen Rossi’ professional boytoy. Who knew a golddigger could get golddug herself?

So what did Slade Smiley USED to do before he got this broke and homeless? Here’s a little list of Slade’s employment endeavors:

  • Professional cyclist?
  • Assistant Vice President of United Title Company (same company that employed Jo De La Rosa)
  • Verve energy drink sponsor (Sign up now to make millions! J/K, Slade’s at the top of this pyramid and even he’s not banking)
  • Trying to turn “Ex” Jo De La Rosa into a cash cow (Jo made an album, which tanked, their show “Date my Ex” tanked, and now Jo’s bartending and waiting tables)
  • Golddigging Gretchen Rossi a.k.a. he offers brand consultation for her brand lines Gretchen Christine Beaute (makeup) and Gretchen Christine Collection (handbags)

UPDATE: On a RHOC episode that aired May 8, 2011 (Mother’s Day,) even Slade’s mom expresses confusion over what, exactly he does, and concern over Slade’s mounting child support debt. She asks him if he’s considered getting back in the title loan business, or if he should maybe go to law school. She even tells Gretchen that she better “work harder” to pay all of Slade’s bills.

As of 2012, Slade runs Grayson Entertainment.

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  • Debbie

    First off, Slade was never married to Michelle, that woman is a b**ch. He was never sued for back child support, he was sueing for full custody of his child. Have you bothered to look up the company he sold in 2007? he and six partners sold the company (United title) to Land America for just under $200,000,000. I am not sure he has to do anything if he doesn’t want too I worked there for 7 years, and trust me these guys know how to make money.

    • DianD

      Well, all this info. you gave considered, I wonder why he is no longer living on his O.C. mansion, no logner flashing his black Amex and being seen having garage sales rather than spending the alleged $200 mil on his new lovely but broke-a$$ girlfriend. Quite a change, don’t you think?

    • wrong


      shut up now and walk away with the little self respect you came with.

      • Crevis

        Wow! You sucking off that piece of shit too?

  • Debbie Lies

    Debbie if you really worked there then you would have known that Slade did not own any of the company and was not a partner. Also if you actually looked into things you would know that slade was arrested for not paying his child support and he was in fact sued in Orange County Superior court. Michelle had way too much class and saw through Slimey Slade faster than most women unfortunately it was after she ended up pregnant.

    • Debbie

      Slade was most certainly a partner with that company and I know for a fact Slade left that crazy b**ch Michelle, not the other way around so I am not sure why you think you know anything. Anyone in the OC Real Estate business can tell you the truth about Michelle.

      And by the way, you are wrong, he was never sued for back support, you didn’t look it up did you? Your just posting other peoples BS. Michelle was trying to sue claiming Slade was in con-temp of court and the case was thrown out. Get your facts straight.

      • http://www.amazinggray.org Michelle

        I’m sorry Debbie, I don’t believe I know you. Who are you? It appears you are very misinformed by your posts, much of them being pure fiction.

        • wrong


          dont even bother. stoopid people wont ever get it.

        • Cheria

          Michelle, are you the mom of Grayson? If so, so sorry you are going through so much, and that your son is so ill. I hope doctors can help him to the best of their capabilities. As for Slade, he is a self absorbed loser, and your son is better off without him in his life. Peace, Cheria

      • Sly

        Okay ladies. Just check his tax returns. He is broke! If he took a share of 200 million the courts would have seized it for the child then given him the rest. Implying that the mother is of bad character is mute. Isn’t it child support.!

  • Mary Hart

    Ok so what if he owned a business,so what if they made money, and so what if Michelle is a b**ch. Guess what all that does not give him a right not to take care of his child. I wish this guy would go away and get a job. He kinda reminds me of John from John and Kate plus eight. Another dead beat dad who doesn’t want to get a job and take care of they’re child. For all you people who are sitting there defending him, you sound real stupid there is no excuse in this world for you not to pay support. Get a job at McDonald’s if you have to. Anything to put food in your child’s mouth and clothes on his back

  • http://www.amazinggray.org Michelle

    Debbie, You are very misinformed. Slade did not have an interest in United Title or any other company that was sold in 2007. He had a 5% participation in net profits of the company with the original EVP of the OC Division. I have copies of the documents, and I am quite capable of reading a contract.

    For the record Debbie, the eight counts of contempt against Slade Smiley were not thrown out of court. The case was transferred to LA County since that is where we now reside. That is also why the LA Department of Child Support Services had Slade’s Driver’s License privleges revoked along with his Passport.

    Perhaps Slade ought to consider spending his share of the $200 mil paying the outstanding IRS tax lien of over 100K, the back child support which is now over $100K, and the many other judgements against him tallying up to close to a $1 million dollars.

    The facts in and of themselves speak volumes as to the character of this individual.

  • mnkie

    all of you people have no heart .Slade ‘s son is ill and all you can do is scold each other about what Slade did or not. we should be thinking of how to help this little boy and send them our prayers.why are you people being selfish the parents of this boy are torn to pieces and all u can do is hurt them more.you heartless people.is it Slade ‘s fault that his son is ill?NO.should Slade go and rob the bank so he can be rich too?NO.EVERY1 IN LIFE HAS A MISHAP SO GIVE THE GUY A BREAK.

  • juanito

    I believe Debbie just got owned by Michelle

  • Elizabeth-Denver

    One of the facts is that if anyone on this board knows anything about CA child support, it takes divine intervention or an act of Congress to lower child support. The same way people want their assessments reconsidered in light of property values dropping so their taxes are lowered to reflect this, people try to get child support lowered because their circumstances change. He is ordered to pay support based on a formula, but CA is VERY BAD at not allowing flexibility in that formula for when people lose their job or make less money. Yes, Grayson needs the money. He is sick and I feel so bad for him…he is an innocent little boy. Michelle looks like she has the weight of the world on her shoulders. I believe Slade is trying to get back where he was so he can really do a lot of good. We should be praying that he is able to do so. Why would anyone want to see Slade fail? To point the finger? To laugh? There is a lot that we don’t know about.