PHOTOS 16 and Pregnant Season 5’s Maddy Godsey

16 and Pregnant Season 5 Maddy Godsey

New cast members from the upcoming fifth season of MTV’s 16 and Pregnant continue to be revealed! The latest is 17-year-old Maddy Godsey of Tinley Park, Illinois.

As Maddy’s instagram account states, Maddy is due to give birth to her daughter Aubrey Lynn on October 17 — which is TODAY! Here are a couple sonograms of Aubrey from Facebook:

16 & Pregnant Season 5 Maddy Godsey daughter Aubrey Lynn sonograms ultrasound photos

The father of Maddy’s daughter is named Cody and it appears as though the two are no longer a couple. “Single but my heart is taken,” Maddy describes herself on instagram. Here is a photo of Maddy and Cody together in which Maddy is obviously showing:

16 and Pregnant Season 5 Maddy Godsey baby's father Cody

And another of the happy (at the time) couple:

16 and Pregnant Season 5 Maddy Godsey Cody Facebook

According to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, “Maddy left her regular high school to attend alternative high school after finding out she was pregnant, but has not graduated yet. She has been filming with MTV for the last few months, apparently.” (The Ashley has a photo of Maddy and her mom actually being filmed by MTV.)

UPDATE – Tinley Park Mayor Ed Zabrocki has said MTV camera crews filming for 16 and Pregnant would not be welcome on Tinley Park property. Find out his reasons here!

16 & Pregnant Maddy Godsey Facebook

Maddy first raised eyebrows when she reportedly posted a photo of her MTV contract to instagram a while back. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to track down a copy of that photo so we can’t verify it.

Maddy joins Karley Deatherage Shipley of Tooele, Utah on the short list of 16 and Pregnant cast members that have been revealed so far, although either of them could still wind up not making on air due to any number of unforeseen reasons.

Here’s a parting black-and-white modeling shot of Maddy:

Maddy Godsey modeling photo

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  • twelfthnight

    She looks like an entirely different person without the ridiculous combover, heavy makeup and obvious heavy editing and/or filters.

  • Thelma

    Why would you call that a modelling shot? Dumb high school girl shot.

    • Renee L

      I was just getting ready to say the same exact thing. Because it’s black and white? I see a girl with way too much bleach and make up, with an unnatural, unsure look on her face and pants pulled half way down her ass revealing underwear like those ghetto kids do. How is that modeling? I see an insecure girl who posts these kind of pictures to have a bunch of random tweens say, “Oh em gee! You’re like, so prettyyyyyy!”

  • Renee L

    Do they purposely pick stupid girls who have zero ambition? She hasn’t graduated because she’s been filming with MTV for some months? She can’t do both? Or realize education is more important than a stupid show? And how long does it take to film one episode? Several months?

    • Cheryl C

      They are ALL totally stupid. There is like 1, or 2 that haven’t totally effed it all up. lol

    • Classmate

      For the record she hasn’t graduated because she just started senior year. And she was a varsity volleyball player before the pregnancy.

      • another classmate

        no i believe shes a junior still. i go to the same school with her and im a senior. i have friends in the 11th grade that have grown up with her. people have also been saying shes been going to night school at our high school. i honestly wish our town wasnt represented in this way.

        • a better classmate

          shes a hoe..

        • Mia003

          Yeah because I am sure she is the first pregnant teen girl in your town.

      • Renee L

        Don’t tell me, I really don’t care. Bitch to the person who is quoted in this article as the one who said she hasn’t graduated yet. She’s been filming with MTV the past couple of months. That’s all readers have to go off of.

    • Mia003

      She hasn’t graduated because she has a baby! Who is going to take care of the baby if she is at school all day?

      • Renee L

        That’s not an excuse. I’m a single mom, what if I said, who’s going to take care of my kids all day? I might as well not work. Well, day care, alternative school, online school. The possibilities are endless. She can get her GED at home. Millions of others have done it.

  • Hayzii

    Is a comb-over a prerequisite for this show?

    • Red

      I guess its the new Monroe piercing.

  • Etta Samples-Bredeson

    They NEED to SOP promoting this Crappy Show !!! Teach them SAFE SEX if they are gonna have it .. It it DISGUSTING how many Teenagers are having these little babies with more that one person … HAve one and move one to the next….

    • Cheryl C

      Its not like this show is the root cause of teen pregnancy. Before this show I had TONS of friends get pregnant in high school (big school), arn’t the rates like 6% or something?? Showing these girls, and their stupid choices will hopefully deter some people from making the same mistake. Granted, you are always going to get those little fame whores, but hell, you get those with any show. At least they arn’t aspiring to be on Girls Gone Wild anymore lol

  • spottedgiraffe

    Lol at her looking completely different in her selfies than in the photo with her ex. Photoshop is for liars.

  • britt

    yeah the dad has another kid he isnt taking care of.

  • teach2

    MADDY WAS 16 when she had her baby not 17….sad sad sad!!!!