REPORT Bruce Jenner is transgender, wants to be a woman, being blackmailed by Kris

October 2013 Star magazine cover Bruce Jenner wants to be a woman, transgender corss-dresser

In the latest proof that it is now impossible to walk away from a Kardashian marriage quietly, the new Star magazine cover story is claiming “Bruce Jenner Wants To Be A Woman” and that his estranged wife Kris Jenner is threatening to “expose his darkest secret” if he doesn’t handle the split the way she wants it handled. has a quote from the article in which Kim Kardashian allegedly found some feminine unmentionables in Bruce’s closet:

[Kim Kardashian] asked the housekeeper if she’d seen any lingerie, and the housekeeper said it was in Bruce’s closet. So Kim went inside Bruce’s closet and found tons of expensive lingerie that was all stretched out! She took it all and left. . .

Kim told [Bruce] she had his lingerie. He turned red and walked out. When Kim finally told her sisters, it became a running joke that Bruce wears lingerie. . .

A second source also claims to be aware of Bruce’s penchant for women’s underthings. “He’s always been feminine, so it doesn’t surprise me when I found out he was a cross dresser.

The Star magazine cover claims Bruce “has more dresses than Kim in his Malibu home” and implies that Bruce’s penchant for wearing women’s clothing (and apparently wanting to be a woman) is why she said recently, “I should never have divorced Robert Kardashian.”

Bruce Jenner looking surprised (and quite feminine) over Star magazine transgender article

Perez Hilton has an additional, slightly less shocking quote from the Starticle that reveals some of Bruce’s other “feminine” characteristics:

Bruce has a feminine side. He likes growing his hair out, likes getting manicures and pedicures and won’t leave his house without his diamond earrings. And he’s obsessed with plucking his eyebrows! Kris has told Bruce that she will reveal his secret if he doesn’t go along with her plans about their split or their show.

It should be noted that not only is the Bruce Jenner cross-dressing story nothing new, but it’s nothing new for Star magazine. In January of 2012 the tabloid ran another “Bruce Jenner is a cross-dresser” story after talking with Robert Kardashian’s widow Ellen Pearson. Here’s the January 23, 2012 Star magazine cover on which you can see the headline at the bottom that reads, “Bruce Jenner Caught Cross-Dressing!”

Star magazine cover claiming Bruce Jenner was caught cross-dressing

Pearson told the magazine at the time that she was having drinks with Bruce Jenner’s first wife Chrystie Crownover (Hollywood’s a small town, y’all!) when Chrystie revealed that Bruce secretly liked to wear women’s clothing, including dresses, shoes, and lingerie.

“Of course Bruce was every woman’s heartthrob when he was that age, right?” Ellen asked Chrystie of the Olympic decathlete. “But Chrystie said, ‘Yeah, until I went on a trip and I came back and he had gone through all my clothes. And I found my bras… He’d clip them together and wear them.'” Chrystie would later divorce Bruce after having two children together.

Ellen said Kris Jenner was a bit more forgiving of Bruce’s fashion fetish, but the same could not be said for Kris’s daughters. “Khloe called her dad and she was very upset, crying and screaming about it,” Ellen said.

(I don’t actually have the issue from 2012 in front of me, and now I’m starting to wonder if maybe that’s where MediaTakeOut got their excerpt from? Or perhaps it’s just Star recycling some of their previous content that didn’t make it into print before?)

To find out the answers to those questions and more, be sure to pick up this week’s issue of Star magazine!

* All I want to know is when will Bruce get his own line as part of the Kardashian Kollection? And does this mean his toy helicopter fetish was fake or not?!? Soooo many questions!!!

UPDATE – In April of 2015 Bruce Jenner confirmed he is transgender, identifies as a woman, and does like to wear women’s clothing in an interview with Diane Sawyer that was watched by nearly 17 million people when it aired.

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  • Red

    LOL okay….

  • sammy

    Sounds like quite the empty threat if it’s already in the tabloids.

    Not to mention, I’m failing to see why being transgendered is something to taunt at him over. It’s not like he’s barbequing puppies. Shame at the author of this article.

    • Red

      I’m not sure why I laughed outloud when I read “barbecuing puppies”, guess it was an amusing tabloid cover in my head.

    • Nasha

      I agree with you, it’s not that big of a deal. She’s not hurting anyone, and it’s kind of gross how tabloids are reacting.

      • you betcha

        she is a dude tho.

  • Wow

    Since I know now that Star Magazine and Starcasm are owned by the same company, I can’t help but take this article as biased.

    • bailey

      I’d thumb you up twice if I could. Thanks for the info, it all makes sense now..!

  • nanaboo

    He looks more feminine than Kris.

    • slippy slip

      Kris looks like a dude

  • LindsayTS

    Anyone that believes this is dumber then the Kardashians.

    • Gina

      Feel dumb now?

  • twelfthnight

    I keep saying the more plastic surgery or whatever Bruce gets the more he looks like a baggy old woman.

    If he’s transgendered, good for him, but man or woman, that is not a good-looking mug.

  • kimmie

    FYI – being transgendered is about gender orientation, not sexual orientation. Many men who have a fetish for women’s clothes, or even want to be women, are still attracted to women. That’s right, if he is transgendered it doesn’t mean he’s attracted to men. The toy-helicopter remark is a swipe at his masculinity, but kinda stupid. I’m sure there are straight women who like to fly toy helicopters. If they have sex with toy helicopters . . . THAT would be a fetish I’ve never heard of, but as long as no one robs a bank and everything is consensual, to each his own.

  • MPmom

    Star magazine is such a reliable source….

  • Person

    So what? The LGBT community gets enough negativity and judgement, so why is a *gossip* website adding insult to injury by targeting another *potential* member? Let Bruce be who he wants to be without being judged, for goodness sakes! He’s only human. By the way, I understand that this website is run by Star magazine and you HAVE to report on this stuff, but about 9 times out of 10, nothing they publish is true.

    • Nasha

      You’re right, this isn’t news worthy at all. And it’s heck of insulting to trans people. Bridgitte is just trying to be herself now.

  • Noneyabusiness

    PMK’s version of damage control. Throw everyone under the bus!

  • Nikki

    “she was having drink’s with Bruce Jenner’s” – This sentence and the improper use of an apostrophe is more disturbing to me than anything else in this article.

  • slippy slip

    The idiocy and absolute unintelligence of this article is astounding. As these typical fem-nazi tabloids say a “source” says this is happening. The fact that these piece of trash magazines have no crediblity is horrible.

  • Freudisms

    It would be interesting for someone to read through Freud’s theory on transgenders. He wrote something about how some heterosexual men who are emasculated by the situations of their lives and/or by their wives will turn this into something where they question themselves and their own sexuality. Interesting that he was married to Kris the alpha-female…

  • Ginger

    Well, whatever. Man, no wonder he’s bitchy. Who cares. People are gonna judge no matter wtf a person does. Be yourself. Be happy. And if there’s truth to this, then shame on Kris for holding it over his head.

    • Nasha

      she’s just trying to do her own thing, and if the stuff about Kris is true than she’s really gross.

  • Judy-Lynn Kennedy

    Cross- dressing is way more common than people think. Just ask ER doctors and ERT workers. That doesn’t mean he is transgender. Many crossdressers are happy being straight males but want to look as feminine as possible when dressing up.

    • Na

      Very true, wearing clothes doesn’t change a gender, and thinking that only one gender can wear certain kinds of fabric is stupid.
      But Bridgitte has made it clear that she identifies as female now, so she is trans.

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  • jack lee

    poor old wrinkled bruce turned into a tootie fruit,by living with those spoiled no talent lazy kardashians.xwife crazed control freak. bruce will squeal like a pig when he get with a man.

  • WoF

    So she wanted to blackmail him because of this? He became a running joke at home? I guess we know what kind of ancient thinking exists in that house. She should have taken him/her shopping instead.

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  • Ed Williams

    Could this f en family be more dysfunctional. Crap! It’s unbelievable. Let’s see what do we have – a daughter that got famous by taking it up the a_ _ on film directed by her mother, a sister that is OJ’s kid, a cross-dressing father that wants to be a broad, a 60 year old mother dating guys more than half her age. Twins that are quickly becoming hoes. What the hell next???

  • Ed Williams

    And…they have no pride or privacy – let’s do all of this on national television!!!

  • Nasha

    Can you please at least make an attempt at pretending you give a crap about people and USE THE RIGHT PRONOUNS. Bridgitte has made it clear that they identify as female and prefers female pronouns. It’s not that difficult to use she/her.