The Little Couple’s Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein finalize adoption of daughter in India

The Little Couple Adopts

The Little Couple‘s Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein are officially the parents of two! Less than one year after adopting son Will from China, Bill and Jennifer finalized the adoption of a daughter in India.

“We are thrilled to announce that we’ve picked up our beautiful daughter, Zoey, from India today,” the couple told People in an exclusive statement today. “Our hearts have grown in the past six months as new parents to William, and we are excited and overjoyed to welcome Zoey to our family and watch Will becoming a loving big brother.”

Jennifer Arnold and Baby Will

Even though family seems to be quickly growing, the adoption process was actually relatively difficult: Bill and Jennifer revealed the adoption of two-year-old Zoey in May, but were unable to finalize the documents until this month.

Now that the paperwork has gone through, the Klein-Arnold family isn’t wasting any time. They plan to spend a few weeks in India before traveling back to their home in Houston.

Similar to her parents and older brother, Zoey has a form of dwarfism. As viewers of the show know, she is now in the best possible environment to live a happy, supported life!

“We are pretty tough people,” Jennifer told People earlier this year. “For Bill and I, we have been through so much in our lives. We’ve been through the challenges of dealing with prejudices because we are little people, we’ve dealt with physical challenges and multiple surgeries. Yet we are able to walk around and have a happy life. We are so happy to share that life with our children.”

Watch the family’s second adoption journey on the upcoming season finale of The Little Couple. It airs on TLC this Tuesday night at 10/9c.

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  • anjealka

    Wonderful news! They are sure the best part of the TLC shows these days. What lucky kids to have such wonderful inspirational parents. I hope TLC doesn’t try to change this family (like fake trips & scripted stories) & they don’t film too much.

  • LexiconD1

    YAY! So happy for them. Hope the four of them have long, healthy and happy lives!

  • ThefoxSays

    My absolute favorite family on TV! I absolutely adore this little family.

  • Rochelle Stenner

    I’m so excited for Bill and Jen and Will to finally get their Zoey. I just love to watch your program, you are my very favorite to watch. Will has adjusted so fast and I love Bill’s wit and Jen is such a special kind person and talented. All the best to you on your trip to get Zoey and many blessings are to come for you. I hope your show stays on forever.

  • Erica

    Woot Woot!! love this couple and the show so excited for them they seem like they are genuinely fantastic parents!!

  • Dani

    I absolutely adore this couple and wish only the best for their growing family. Such kind hearts and hard working.

  • Pinky5712

    I wish TLC would realize that this is the kind of tv we want to see. Not all this other garbage they are putting on.

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