PHOTO Teen Mom 3’s Matt McCann gets Hannya mask tattoo as gift from fiancee Lekota Koch

Alex Sekella's ex Matt McCannn gets a Hannya mask tattoo courtesy of fiancee Lekota Koch

In the premiere season of Teen Mom 3 currently airing on MTV, Alex Sekella’s ex (and Arabella’s dad) Matt McCann is struggling yet again with his drug addiction as this past week he moved from a hospital to a rehab facility after overdosing on heroin. But viewers need to remember this was all filmed more than a year and a half ago and Matt is now 17 months sober and engaged to be married to fiancée Lekota Koch. And speaking of Lekota, she recently gave Matt a memorable gift in the form of a rather sizable and colorful tattoo!

Seen in the photo above, the tattoo is on Matt’s forearm and features colorful flowers surrounding a Hannya mask, which (according to Wikipedia) “portrays the souls of women who have become demons due to obsession or jealousy.” Though Matt has not come out and said it, I’m sure most viewers of Teen Mom 3 know what the tattoo is is reference to.

Matt wrote on Twitter that he expects to get the tat finished up next week. “Session one tattoo is done,” Matt wrote. “Can’t wait to go back in a week and finish!”

Meanwhile, Matt’s fiancée Lekota also went under the needle and had a mythical figure tattooed on her arm: Walt Disney’s Peter Pan!

Matt McCann's fiancee Lekota Koch Peter Pan tattoo

Matt revealed that after getting his Hannya mask finished he plans on returning to get a Wendy tattoo to match Lekota’s Peter Pan. (He also mentioned that the mask is just “the start of my sleeve,” so I’m guessing we will be seeing more ink there as well.)

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  • Ali

    Holy shit, those are truly awful.

  • lolololy

    Hidious , but it aint beating Kail’s arm tattoo.

    • Kerri

      To be fair, Kail’s tattoo is very well done. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but at least she went to a good artist. These are absolutely terrible.

  • sammy

    Getting a rage tattoo against one girl as a gift from another girl. Bet you won’t regret that one day. I hear the best way to get over someone is to have a permanent reminded of your anger.

  • LaLa84

    The tattoos are terrible quality! I would NOT be bragging about getting those permanent mistakes!

  • Lisa

    Those are absolutely terrible… I seriously can’t get over how awful both of them are!

  • Erica

    who goes and gets part of a tattoo done?! my hubby sat for 9 1/2 hours to get his half sleeve so he wouldn’t look like this fool lol my goodness i mean even if they didn’t have the money for it save that sh*t up so you don’t look dumb and can get it at one time!!! unless he just couldn’t handle the pain but he’s(was whatever) a heroin junkie so i’m assuming that wasn’t it!

    • Sara Hearn

      Lots of people don’t get their tattoos finished in 1 setting and they aren’t fools because of it. That’s just ignorant on your part.

      • Erica

        his tattoo is partially colored and outlined which means he obviously couldn’t sit through it if your gonna get a tattoo get it don’t be a baby and half ass it sit there and take it if you cant sit and take it then you have no business getting a tattoo

        • Cheermom_1975

          Maybe it’s a financial reason why it was broken up into sessions. Many of my previous coworkers have had various sessions to be able to pay for it.

          • sammy

            If you need to be on a payment schedule to pay for your tattoo, maybe that’s a sign you should wait to get it.

            • Erica

              my point exactly

            • Anita Bidet

              And that he should pay his child support instead. Tats are expensive, Thats why I dont have one yet. Money would be better spent on his kid not ugly tattoos.

        • Ashley

          And you also, do not make sense.

        • Gray

          Larger tattoos are best done in numerous sessions, the color and the tattoo itself lasts longer. If you knew ANYTHING about tattoos, you would know that. So maybe before you start calling other people idiots, you should do a little research yourself. When getting larger tattoos, a lot of people get the outline done- then go back after it heals to get it filled in. It makes a better quality tattoo (NOT saying that Matt’s tattoo is a quality tattoo by any means) because it’ll make the ink not bleed out from being repeatedly opened when coloring it in. Like I said, do a little research before you start commenting on things you clearly have NO idea about.

          • Erica

            lol its not large look at the tattoo its zoomed in:)soooooo yes it very well could have been done in one sitting darling

        • pwnage

          Erica obviously does not know the basics of tattoos (and, no, having a husband with tattoos does not make anyone an expert).

          There are many reasons why a tattoo would be broken into multiple sessions but it does not always mean a person cannot handle the pain. Tattoo artists often sit in weird positions and they must concentrate on many factors to have solid linework – they need a break too. Some tattoos are pre-planned and take 18 hours to complete. That would be near impossible for someone to sit that long let alone the artist to complete the tattoo. Someone’s skin may not be responding to the tattoo well either – continuing would be useless as the ink will bleed anyways. If you overdo the tattoo, the skin will just reject the ink and you’ll have to start back at square one.

          The line work is the first to be completed typically. It’s very hard to line up a stencil a second time, so artists try to complete as much line work as possible. So no, Erica, the lines being completed does not mean he could not sit. Shading is typically next and those colors you see on Matt’s tattoo look like shading. Shading and colors sometimes need more than one session to make things look more crisp (Lekota’s ink already looks like it’s bleeding but it could be the shoddy work since the circles are different sizes and there are places where color is missing).

      • Ashley

        That last part, made no sense.

    • Ally

      Yes those tattoos are HORRIBLE BUT just because someone does not sit through the whole thing make them dumb. If you have a large piece most places will make you split it up because of the risk of ink poisoning.

      • Erica

        i agree on that if you have a very large piece even the tattoo artist will tell you to split it up but its on his forearm thats why i said it made him look stupid because he has like like more then 50% done and then just stopped it just doesn’t make sense to do so. i guess its just a matter of opinion mine is he looks dumb:)

  • Paige Myrissa

    Wow….those are some bad tattoos. It looks like someone in a back alley did them. They made Peter Pan look constipated.

    • christee

      Constipated, smacked in the face with a skillet….

      Bad quality aside, I think his getting that hannya is funny, because my lord, does Alex need a thorazine drip or lobotomy or what. I think i’d have become a heroin addict, too, if I had to deal with her accusations and the shrieking.

      • Paige Myrissa

        Hahaha agreed!

  • ChelseaWasLyke

    That Peter Pan tattoo looks like a demon woman. Oh the irony.

  • mattsdad

    so lets get this straight. his gf paid for a tattoo dedicated to his baby mama, and he got his daughter to draw it on for him? What a pos.

    • lolololy

      I wouldn’t take that name considering Matt’s dad is a rap!st, just sayin’ and we know this because Alex tweeted that she wouldn’t put past him abusing Arabella because of his father past. I don’t think Alex can get any lower IMO.

    • lolololy

      I wouldn’t take that name considering Matt’s dad is a rap!st, just sayin’ and we know this because Alex tweeted that she wouldn’t put past him abusing Arabella because of his father past. I don’t think Alex can get any lower IMO.

  • ameliaBedelia76

    Why would this tattoo be a gift to his fiance yet reference his ex w a demon permanently drawn into his skin? ReAlly makes no sense.

  • Bahaha


  • CoffeeRush

    Tattoo “artist” have a shakey hand that day or does he always suck? They should hit up that show that fixes bad tatts!

  • Dani

    Peter Pan’s face reminds me of the fap meme’s face. I feel bad for Arabella, her mother, father, and father’s fiance are all morons.

  • frontdoormom

    How do you pronounce that name? It sounds like “lick-alota kok” to me and i cant help but think it says that! Kosh? Coach? Kuch?! Lekota?!?! Like dakota?!

    • J3nni3

      Thats my friends last name n hers is prenounced “Cook”

      • frontdoormom

        I was wayyyy off lol. Thank you. I was seriously confused.

  • HoardersFan

    What foolery.

  • Anita Bidet

    Paying for a tattoo….but I bet he hasnt paid child support this month. Or ever. Didnt he say on Twitter he hadnt worked since before Arabella was born? And that he is still unemployed. What a bunch of winners right there. No way their regret these ugly tattoos. I couldnt tell what the first one is at all and the peter pan looks like someone is giving him an enema.

  • x0casex0

    im sry but shouldnt that money go to your daughter than a tattoo????