Is Tabatha Coffey married? Who is Tabatha Coffey’s longtime girlfriend?

Tabatha Coffey, the hair powerhouse who changes lives and businesses on her BRAVO show Tabatha’s Salon Takeover, is also an out and proud lesbian, though almost nothing is known about her long-time girlfriend. Most recently, on an episode of Watch What Happens With Andy Cohen, Tabatha confirmed that she was in a long-term relationship with a woman, and in an August, 2008 interview with, the hair guru went into more detail.

During that interview she said she was in a “nice, Long” 10-year relationship with her partner, who was very supportive of the show. When asked if she would ever get married, she replied:

But then I think the choice comes down to if it’s right for you, if it’s the right circumstance, and to do it for the right reasons, because marriage shouldn’t be taken lightly whether it’s gay marriage or straight marriage.

Although Tabatha is very honest about being in a lesbian relationship, she has been extremely adept at keeping the identify of her girlfriend a secret. There is no evidence on the internet about who this lucky woman is, or what she looks like. Of course it’s great that she’s been able to keep some privacy, but as Tabatha grows her brand even bigger and even more people fall in love with her brutally honest and ultimately kind personality, everyone will definitely want to know who keeps Tabatha sane at night.

When Tabatha isn’t filming television shows and promoting products, she still cuts hair at her rather humble salon, Industrie Hair Gurus, in Ridegewood, NJ. Take a tour of that salon here. She also takes appointments on the west coast at Warren Tricomi in West Hollywood.

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  • Gary Harden

    I NEVER knew!!! OMG! I’m a Gay Guy and always thought that if I was straight -she’d be hot.

  • myria cooper

    I love Tabitha!!!! I would love for her to cut my hair, I would just walk in sit down and say do what ya want!!! LOL

  • Jay

    Well said H.j.

  • she got proposed to by a guy and she said “wow it is big!! I’ll think about it…”

  • P.W.


  • Edward

    I love me some Tabatha. I watch her show on Bravo every time it is on. She has a very direct way about her, but you can also tell that she genuinely cares about the places that she is there to make over.

  • Laura Murray

    I’m bi and have the hots for Tabatha big time. If I ever see her in real life I’m going to become a puddle.