James Deen talks Farrah Abraham’s sex tape: The f**king drama train hit

James Deen Playboy Farrah Abraham

I was just thinking it’s been a while since we did a story related to Farrah Abraham. Then — BAM! — two in one day! Sorry about that coincidence, but both of them seemed worth sharing. (How could we pass up the chance to quote Farrah saying she’s “never really been about fame or attention”?)

Besides, this story has more to do with James Deen, Farrah’s down-and-dirty co-star. He recently chatted with Playboy about the “f**king drama train” that hit after the video was released.

According to James, producers originally wanted to “make it look like you guys are dating,” but he turned them down.

“I said, ‘No, I don’t want to do that. Hire somebody else.’ But they promised me the media wouldn’t be involved,” he explained. “I made sure they knew I was going to tell the truth if anybody asked me about it. I wasn’t going to lie. They said they’d make sure the media never talked to me.”

That plan was quickly shot when James and Farrah were photographed together.

“The next day I get a call from TMZ, asking if I was dating Farrah Abraham. I said no. ‘Well, what were you doing at that hotel?’ ‘Shooting a porno.’ ‘Oh… okay. Bye then.’ And that’s when the fucking drama train hit.”

Farrah Abraham with James Deen

By that, James likely means Farrah throwing him under the bus, making comments about his manhood and going on a full-fledged media tour. In fact, she still claims James was “a boyfriend” at the time and the video was never supposed to get released.

Shockingly, James doesn’t harbor any negative feelings toward his one-time co-star: “She was great. I thought she was really cool. She got a little confused a few times about how to have sex for the camera, but it was her first porn movie, so that was understandable.”

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  • Geniya

    Even though he says “no hard feelings towards her,” you know he regrets making this video.

    • Posh☮

      “No hard feelings towards her” aka nothing gets hard for her, at all

    • Pat Brown

      it’s a job to him, if he got paid which he did, he has no regrets. Are you joking, do you understand to someone like him it was nothing but work? Sometimes you like a co-worker other times you don’t. He has no morals, you have to have morals to have regrets.

      • frontdoormom

        Exactly its his job! Farrah herself has no morals that is why she lied, pulled a pregnancy scare scene and made itout to seem like he sold her out. She has no morals. She tried to hurt his persona and he stood up and didnt back down or go along with her lies. Because in the end she looks stupid when all the lies came back to her. Are you defending the pathological liar that is farrah abraham? People make their money how they choose. James was doing his job as a porn star, not pretend to play house with that lying horse face

        • Pat Brown

          calm down, it’s not the end of the world, I’m sure it was all part of the plan, for her to pretend that it was real, etc. She had to have known, that no would believe it was done for reasons other then commercial ones, since he’s a huge porn star, it’s all lies, all of it, don’t buy into the lies.

          • frontdoormom

            Calm down? Youre the one who went into morals. Theres two sides to every story but in farrahs case she has like 20 versions. Just saying…the one who speaks the loudest is the more guilty. And james hasnt said one negative thing against her as she has about him.

  • md

    I bet this INFURIATED Farrah! Haha! She has made such a fool of herself. Any normal person would hide in shame….but then again, there ain’t nothin NORMAL about that bimbo.

  • Jenn

    I love that he refused to go along with the story that they were dating. When you can’t get someone who gets filmed having sex for money on a regular basis to pretend to date you, you’ve hit rock bottom!

    • Pat Brown

      why would he pretend to date her? He’s a paid porn actor, and he’s not ashamed of that factoid none of them are, I’m sure it was planned for her to say it was done for less then commercial reasons. It got a lot of press because of her denials, which equaled huge sales. She was smart to make it, she got good bank, I don’t see anyone else looking to hire her, she’s not likable. I can’t believe how stupid people are. OMG