VIDEO Teen Mom 3’s Mackenzie McKee reveals sex of 2nd baby with cake

Teen Mom 3 Mackenzie McKee bikini photo with husband Josh and son Gannon in swim trunks

It’s been more than a month since Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie Douthit (now Mackenzie McKee) made the shocking announcement that she was pregnant with her second child, and since that time fans (as well as Mackenzie and Josh) have been dying to know whether Gannon will be having a little brother or little sister. Judging from her tweet, “Hard secret to hold in ;)” on September 11, it appears that Mackenzie found out on Wednesday, but she has kept it from her fans and her husband… until now!

Yesterday Mackenzie revealed how the announcement was going to go down by tweeting, “I cant wait for everyone to see the video of josh cutting the cake. Its either pink or blue on the inside; )” That announcement apparently didn’t assuage Josh’s anxiousness because Mackenzie followed that by tweeting, “Josh is driving me crazy with these text. He wants to know what it is more than any of you.”

The teasing finally ended just a short while ago when Mackenzie tweeted, “Watch to find out what im having” with a link to this instagram video:

It’s pink y’all! That means…

It’s a girl!

Congratulations to Josh and Mackenzie! I’m sure she’s ecstatic to have a potential little tumbler on the way. 🙂

UPDATE – And it appears Josh is ecstatic to have a little girl on the way as well! Mackenzie tweeted this about the pop to be:

On a more serious note, Mackenzie has drawn some criticism from some for getting pregnant again so soon — but she pretty much silenced detractors with her response on Twitter on September 8:

If you didn’t know, Mackenzie has type 1 diabetes, a condition that caused her some serious issues during her pregnancy with Gannon. We spoke with Mackenzie about the impact of her type 1 diabetes on her pregnancy (and on her birth control choices) back in June of 2012.

“Although pregnant people like to eat a lot, I had to eat everything just right,” Mackenzie said of her diet while pregnant. “If I had a low blood sugar it was suffocating the baby, and when I had a high blood sugar, it was giving the baby extra sugar, which made him gain weight. It was very hard with all the hormones to keep my blood sugars normal. I did everything right and STILL had mess ups. So, yes, I had LOTS of complications. It was very hard. I honestly didn’t think i would make it.”

Here’s a throwback photo of lil Mackenzie Douthit (at the time) and her not-so-lil baby bump mountain:

Teen Mom 3 Mackenzie McKee baby bump photo from her 1st pregnancy with son Gannon

There was also a report from the very reliable blog The Ashley’s Reality Roundup that Mackenzie suffered a late-term miscarriage prior to Gannon being born. The Ashley’s source says that Mackenzie and Josh had even decided on a name, Oakley, for their unborn son. The source adds that Mackenzie got pregnant again soon after the miscarriage and that the miscarriage will probably be a storyline in the first season of Teen Mom 3.

Once again, congratulations to Mackenzie and Josh — and we wish her a healthy and happy pregnancy!

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  • Oh boy…

    Oakley? As in the sunglasses? lol. Surprised with that huge bump ^ she didn’t have massive stretch marks.

    • frontdoormom

      For real. Im 5’1 and before full pregnancu weight i weighed 102. My belly was literally the size of a basketball. I ended up getting stretch marks the LAST week i was pregnant. Girls got good genes!

  • frontdoormom

    I cant help but be disturbed by how big her belly was o_O. Wish her a healthy pregnancy this time around. Nothing worse than complications that threaten the mother and the baby.

    • glitterabuse

      That’s such an ignorant, stupid statement. You are “disturbed” by a pregnant belly? It looks big for 2 reasons. 1.) She is a TINY girl… & 2.) The baby was almost 10 lbs. You sound so stupid making idiotic comments like that. Wow. One of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard.

  • Steph

    I’ve been very judgmental of her being so young and married and again pregnant, however I do understand how her health situation would cause her choices to be a bit different. I want nothing more than to be a mother and if a doctor told me my window was limited, I would do the same.

    • anjealka

      I try not and judge age, religion, lifestyle when it comes to having kids (I live in an aea with many polygamous families), as long as you can provide for your children and they are wanted it is fine. I don’t like when these “real star celebrities” give medical facts and so many young fans take what these “stars” say as fact. I have never heard a diabetic women being told to have kids before 21. I know a few conditions, like Marfans, EDS, and certain clotting or vascular conditions in which doctors encourage childbearing to be done before surgery is necessary (like anersyms or valve repairs/replacements). Doctors usually don’t even put an age on these serious sometimes terminal conditions I listed , yet MacKenize dr has a cut off age? I almost had a feeling the cut off age of 21 was because of new health insurance laws but who knows.

      • burkey

        Well she could have some other condition besides diabetes that is the reason for her doctor giving her a cut off that Mackenzie does not care enough to share with the entire world because its her business..

        • anjealka

          I would love to know what this condition is? and she should say something since she is a role model like it or not for young girls. there are so very few conditions and they are very rare and serious that would ever say a women should not have kids after 21. I have EDS4 and this comes with heavy warning. 28% of women die in childbirth and after 30 it is 44% and after 40 closer to 80%. I have sat in genetic offices and only again know of a handful of serious diseases that make doctors push for early pregnancies. They only one I remember under 21 was a girl who needed her heart values replaced and had a collagen gene missing. She had a baby at 20, surgery at 24 and died in her 30’s.

      • spottedgiraffe

        Well Mackenzie has brittle diabetes I believe and her first pregnancy before Gannon ended in miscarriage because of her diabetes, and when she was pregnant with Gannon she landed in the hospital multiple times and she had a hard time maintaining blood sugar. This would probably only get worse with age.

        • anjealka

          Actually diabetes would get better in her 20’s. Usually it takes awhile especially since she was so in sports or cheerleading(It is well known girls in everyday sports like gymnastics sometimes don’t even get a period till 16 or 17 or their periods stop for years) for the body’s hormones to even out. Usually by early’s 20’s your hormone level even out and that is what stabilizes the diabetes a bit more. The 20’s and ealy 30’s are the most stable hormonal time. Then towards the late 30 and into 40’s level decrease and the same instability of your teen years kicks in.

  • MeanPerson

    Congrats I can’t wait to see Baby Zelda XD

    • Dezíree ;* вí†ch ♥

      same here!(:

  • V

    YUCK! A fly got into the cake, I hope they didnt eat that!

  • Ashley

    I like Mackenzie, but I feel like she uses diabetes as an excuse for her poor/unpopular choices in life. She never once mentioned diabetes as a reason for not being on birth control in her 16&P or Teen Mom episodes, yet after people started criticizing her she piped up about diabetes as THE reason for not being on birth control (and as a 24+ year diabetic who is on birth control, it can totally be managed and work). And since we saw on TM that she did get a form of birth control, diabetes would not have been a reason to not be on it in the first place. And while everyone is different, I’ve never heard of diabetes preventing someone from being able to have children past 21. Generally, one’s body is in better diabetic control once they get out of their teens (hormones and lifestyles settle down, etc) and therefore pregnancies can be easier and healthier. Unless she is super out of control with her blood sugars and is facing imminent complications, I don’t understand how diabetes could prevent her from having children past a 2-year window.

    • J

      I agree. I like Mackenzie too but I think it’s odd that she pulled out the “I only have until 21 to have kids” after people started criticizing her for getting pregnant for the 3rd time at her age. And I’ve never heard of 21 (or any exact specific age) being a cut off date for a girl with diabetes to get pregnant. Didn’t she say her Dr. didn’t want her to continue her pregnancy with Gannon because it was too risky? She was 16 years old then. How does being 21 make pregnancy more risky than 19 or 20? Or 22? I think she accidentally got pregnant again and knew that Teen Mom 3 would air her whole birth control issue with her mother and people would wonder why she got pregnant again if she supposedly got a Mirena IUD put in (which I’m not convinced ever actually happened) And her mother was probably really mad that she once again got pregnant while not being married. So now she’s acting like she intentionally did it because she had no choice and it’s all cool because she’s married now. Even though this pregnancy obviously happened before her marriage. The whole no babies after age 21 just makes no sense. If she planned this pregnancy and intentionally took the IUD out why didn’t they just wait until after the wedding to try to conceive?

      That’s all I’ll say though, last time I said something critical of her I had like 5 people angry that I dared question innocent, cute Mackenzie. Shrug.

  • tab

    many women have diabetes and don’t use that as an excuse for making poor choices. she’s much more stupid than we all thought if she thinks any of us believe a doctor would advise her to get pregnant as an unwed teenager, not once, not twice, but THREE times.

    • anjealka

      I don’t believe that her dr told her this either. I know several women that have type 1 diabetes that have made different choices about having families, some adopted, some had a child (one child, not 2 or 3). I know in our state they have a rule if that Medicaid or baby your baby or any state program will not cover more then 3 pregnancies if you are over 21. Her stillborn would count as 1, then Gannon 2 and this one would be 3. If you are under 21 they still have to cover it. It doesn’t appear as if they have good jobs with benefits? I wish MTV would go into how the girls pay for childbirth. Even Chelsea who has a dad that bought her almost everything was on Medicaid for years. When my maternity ded was raised to over 12k, it was instant birth control for us and many other couples.

      • Em

        A agree with you on most of this but I wouldn’t assume they’re on medicaid. I’ve known young pregnant couples like Mackenzie and Josh whose parents/family end up paying most of the medical bills for them, over time, so they never have to apply for any assistance. Some families look down on getting government assistance and will use their own money so their adult kids aren’t on it. Sometimes it’s all paid out of pocket for them. Actually I know couples much older than those two that have their parents/family helping them with the hospital bill. You also need to remember they now have their MTV paycheck, which isn’t as much as some people think but it’s more than enough to pay a hospital bill. I don’t know if they’ve received their money yet but once they do, they won’t be able to use a program like Medicaid for this new baby, they’d be way over the income cut off.

        • anjealka

          I was just throwing it out there as an idea, not fact because the you can’t have kids after 21 with diabetes sure isn’t true. I do wish mtv would talk more about the financial aspects. The 2 families that had money Chelsea and Farrah, we know Chelsea took Medicaid (while her dad blew 1000’s on her & could have paid for the baby) and Farrah is the only one who is confirmed that did not take welfare and had private insurance and co-pays. Where I live many kids get married while in college and have kids young and one of the main reasons is cost. It is WAY cheaper to have a baby when you are 21 in college on a baby you baby welfare program then once you are 25 working and paying huge dedtuctibles. I know wealthy parents who are encouraging this. They parents pay for college, the government pays for the baby(ies) and it saves a lot of money.

          • LexiconD1

            I don’t understand why this would be ‘cheaper’? The cost maintenance of the child are horrendously high, especially for a college student (were the parents agreeable to pay for the babies needs, just not the birth? I think this is where my confusion comes from?). Welfare doesn’t pay for diapers, clothes, and other necessities. And, they won’t give you more for subsequent pregnancies…Home births would be the cheap way to go (if all your referencing is the cost of the birth).

            • anjealka

              I live in Utah and Ill give 2 examples that are the average of many examples. #1 Successful lawyer’s son gets married at 20. He and his 19 year old wife move to married student housing which is very nice here and cheap. Over the course of the next 5-6 years, they have 3 kids, all paid for by welfare. The get wic , food stamps, and free childcare. The parents pay the tution. They graduate and get good jobs. 2 kids are in school, one is in pre school so childcare cost in minimal, no debt, careers are started and more flexible.
              #2 Couple gets married at age 28. They both have degrees and good jobs. The have 3 kids in the next 5 years. The insurance ded is 10k per kid. The wife takes time off from work (1 year total for the 3 kids dipping into savings), childcare is $125 a week per kid, they have to pay for all formula, food, and doctors bills.
              This is huge if there is anything wrong healthwise. a premmie, autism, speech, formula allergies, pre-eclampsia or surgery. Couple #1 has no worries about money, healthcare, time off, food, formula, or special need children for years while #2 could go bankrupt or loose their home or career over a preemie or other issues.
              I know in my area this is so common that people thought I was a fool to be paying for insurance. My kids go to the top schools in the city & most of the moms ( I believe all but 5) of 4th graders were under 32, but mostly professional families and all own/rent large homes (no apartments or condos I our boundaries).

              • LexiconD1

                I think that’s why welfare will soon be limited to under a year nation wide. The abuse is rampant, sadly. I’m a big fan of food stamps for people who need them. This country shouldn’t have a living soul in it who’s hungry, ever!

                As a single mother, I used my own private insurance, or paid out of pocket for my son when he was being seen by specialist as a small toddler for his autism diagnosis and interventions. It was expensive, but you know what “I” paid for them because my son is my responsibility, so that makes me a bit peeved. I get the preemie situation, but those babies almost always go on state aid, as do other kids who have ongoing medical problems that could bankrupt their parents. At least all the parents I’ve ever know who’s kids needed it.

                Here in CA, you only get welfare for the children you have when you sign up (which is now limited to 36 months, I believe. It keeps changing), you don’t get more WIIC, money or food stamps or any other benefit for subsequent children. They also limit your time on obtaining education to one year (I work around welfare). And, if you collect the cash, or daycare subsidies, you are required to attend the Welfare to Work program. Multiple times, if necessary, until you find a job. Any job. If you go off welfare and reapply, you still fall under the same rules as the first time you apply (had one kid, go off, have three more…you still only get the same benefits for the one kid).

                I’m sure the programs are different in differing states, at least it sounds like it.

                I’ve heard about the ‘bleed the beast’ mentality of the FLDS. The ‘regular’ (not sure how to put it, sorry) Mormons have this same attitude, as well? Hmm, I didn’t know that…
                I’m, sort of, a prepper (at least I like to be prepared. Not one of those oddballs on that TV show. And yes, I do have at least six months supply of food, water and other necessities after following the Mormon recommendations guide). I thought they had to have food for a year, for each person in their entire family? And, money for a year as an emergency fund, ETC. I don’t see where using welfare as part of church doctrine?…Thanks for the input, you always post such interesting things.

                • Geniya

                  Sometimes you must swallow your pride.

                  • LexiconD1

                    Please stop replying to me, if YOU have nothing to add.


                    • Geniya

                      I did

                    • LexiconD1

                      Are you stupid?
                      I did post that I have medical insurance. I also have a kid who’s autistic and insurance DOES NOT COVER ALL HIS INTERVENTIONS. Guess what, I pay out of pocket for them, because I love my kid. Stop posting to me, you’re a deranged troll, and this is the last time I will ever post back to you.

                    • Geniya

                      You need to have a better insurance provider, so your are not in a place where you have to pay out of pocket. You have a sick child that needs more care. You would not want something serious to happen, that would lead you to not be able to afford the out of pocket fees.

                    • LaBella

                      I’m sure you mean well with your suggestion but even the best insurance is sadly lacking. Every insurance company has an inner infrastructure devised to keep their payouts as low as possible (i.e., age limitations on liquid medications) so that they can (a) make a profit and (b) market themselves as a wise investment. Privatized insurance has made healthcare harder to access, not easier.

                    • anjealka

                      I also have an autistic child and I pay over 1k a month for insurance, the best policy that I can buy and it doesn’t cover everything. My child does very well , great student, but he can’t swallow pills and as a teen liquid meds are not covered by insurance no matter what policy I have(unless medicare/Medicaid). If we both have strep throat my antibodic is $5 and his is $350+ . I just budget and accept. I would pay more if I could get a better policy but what I have now is actually better then what is available now. It is only getting worse.

                    • LexiconD1

                      My son use to spit out the liquid medication, or let it drool down his chin. It was a fantastic day for the both of us when he turned 12 and could use pill form.

                      I know the frustrations. Sadly, it’s only going to get much worse with Obamacare. Hopefully, insurance will cost less to compete with it, crossing fingers.

                      Do you get your medication through the mail, or at a pharmacy? I know the pharmacy I use (RiteAid) will work with you, even if your insurance wont cover it.

                    • anjealka

                      At the pharmacy. Costco used to help but they switched meds made in china and I got very sick on one decided to at least insist on FDA approval. rite aid has helped on one script but our rite aid is small and barely staying open so uncommon meds have to be ordered and sometimes like allergies or antibodics you can’t wait. Bad news is my child has Obama insurance now. It is a from another state that just switched in July or the employer did and it is a lot worse but still better then nothing. Im glad I had the better policy during the younger speech therapy years.

                    • LexiconD1

                      My son did speech therapy, for years, through our local school. My sister in law is a speech pathologist, so I got some help from her, but the school IEP teacher was the break through for my guy. She was fantastic, and I think he’d not be doing as well as he is now if she wasn’t part of the team.

                      Since you are paying out of pocket, have you tried ordering online from Canada, or take a drive to Mexico? I’d do Mexico, because the cost of spending a couple of days traveling, gas, etc would be a lot cheaper than the monthly expense. And, they give you multiple months worth too. Not sure if once you get a prescription established, they can do internet ordering? Which can include antibiotics (just so you know Fish Mox, yes the antibiotics for fish, are safe for human consumption), and allergy medication.

                    • anjealka

                      I live close enough to Mexico and when I go to the Mayo clinic in Scottsdale they have help getting meds from mexcio. It always seems like I can’t plan in advance. My son is pretty healthy and then it something new pops up. I have tried bribes for swallowing pills but it is just not autism it is the EDS.
                      You have to be pushy. We just reviewed my son’s IEP and bwteen ages 3-5 he got speech 15-17 a week! Our current broke district was like Wow, it is 2 times a week here if you are lucky. It is always a battle now it is a new written honors math system and oral presentations, kind of makes the goals of singing twinkle twinkle so easy now!

                    • LexiconD1

                      Do they assign homework (the speech class) for you? Ours did. I use to take my son to restaurants (sometimes we spent hours at McDonald’s and only ordered cokes), where he was trapped, and do it there. He was hard too. I finally figured out that if I let him stick his fingers in my mouth and ‘FEEL’ where my tongue was suppose to go, and the position of my teeth, he caught on easier. We also did a ton of word search, to help with his concentration. I also put him in martial arts, since he was 6 1/2. He’s in the adult class now (at 16) awaiting his brown belt in Jujitsu and Karate. I also wanted him to be able to defend himself, double bonus.

                      We also do Linda Mood Bell. I was a huge doubter at first, but it’s really help (it’s more for his dyslexia, but helps a ton with his autism).

                      And, I’m positive that in my son’s part of the ‘secrete’ IEP, I’m labeled a pushy bitch. Which I don’t care. I tell them repeatedly that I will ALWAYS advocate very hard for my son and his rights.

                      Have you had your child son IQ tested yet? My son is 137, most of the autistic children in my parents group have brighter than average children. I’ve only met one parent who said their kid was tested at 90 (and he’s a straight “A” student, so I’m very doubtful as to her claim). Curious, are you friendly with the other kids who are diagnosed in you child school? You ought to be, I’ve gotten advise that I consider invaluable from them. And read your rights, because the schools often LIE during IEP because they don’t want to ‘spend’ (ie, waste) their money on our children. I’m not sure about your state, but here in CA they have to do the interventions the parents want (as long as they are reasonable and follow CA guidelines for education. example, the same mother who claimed her son had a low IQ also wanted the school to change the time they expected him to go to school and come home, which is beyond parental rights).

                • anjealka

                  FLDS welfare fraud is high, 9 out of 10 and they live in AZ but so remote they use Utah resources or get flown to PHX so there is really no policing the issue. Mainstream LDS the new modern modest, lets say under 30’s are really taking advantage of the system. Local forums explain the rules of baby your baby, how to cut or hide your income, as well as moms groups teach each other.
                  I also paid for every penny for my preemie living in a small apartment for 2 years to pay off my ded. and copays and I had private insurance as these lds moms laughed at me for not taking welfare(my husband had an accident and was in the ICU 2 days before I had the baby so we could have taken baby your baby and wic but choose not to).
                  The old food storage is now modern. It used to be cans of freeze dried stuff and canned goods and water. Now it is more practical, diapers, juice, toilet paper, things you use. It is no longer for the end of the world, or a flood but a rainy day fund. My food storage is a freezer full of ice cream:) some laughed but during the flood of 2004 every came to my house first:)

                  • LexiconD1

                    That’s really sad to read. I thought if they didn’t want to be ‘persecuted’ they’d be more morally responsible for themselves. I know there are MAJOR differences between the FLDS and mainstream Mormon church, but this just seems to interchange them.

                    I’m aware of the Hildale/Colorado City towns, and the history behind them.

                    The LDS cannery is awesome. You ought to check them out online. Food storage for a ‘rainy day’ that can last for 35 years!

                    • anjealka

                      I have a 74 year old neighbor that did her “senior” mission at the cannery. Her house is full of hidden containers and some not so hidden. I went to the bathroom and next to the toilet as 6 huge cans of powder beef stroganoff!
                      Here is southern Utah anyone can volunteer and get 2 cases free. Fruits are good and fresh but that tuna and canned beef are bad!

                    • LexiconD1

                      Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind. I was already a bit dubious of freeze dried meats anyway, all you did was confirm my suspicions. 🙂

                      Wish I live near enough to volunteer. I would as often as they’d let me for two free cases 🙂

                    • anjealka

                      They have canneries in a lot of states. broken link check out provident living org self-reliance under food storage. I used to live in Mass and they had one there.

                    • LexiconD1

                      I’ll look, but something tells me they aren’t around here. It’s I live in LA county, that borders the OC (I merely have to cross the street). It’s very expensive here…

          • burkey

            Mackenzie did not specifically say that her doctor told her not to have kids after 21 because of diabetes. How do you know that theres not some other health issue going on as well?

      • Colleen Brindle Packard

        i don’t believe that she is on medicaid she looks like she comes from a wealthy family. and in regards to diabetes her doctor very well could have given her a cut off date on her age 21 is very young i do agree as a cut of age. I had a very good friend who had type 1 diabetes since she was 9 months old. she was told best to start a family by 25. she became pregnant at 27 and her baby was born 2 months early and had severe heart issues and died when she was only 10 days old. you should never judge people for we all walk our own road and you never know how rough that road is. so best to be kind to everyone. this girl is young but by looks of it she has her head on straight and she has family support.

  • Dani

    She got pregnant with this baby BEFORE she was married, so her tweet about no more babies after 21 and asking what we would do if we were told that and married is pretty much null and void to me.

    • exactly

      It’s like these girls think if they get a piece of paper all of their idiotic decisions are suddenly okay and can no longer be criticized. As if a marriage certificate will magically make their relationships last forever and they’ll suddenly become mature grown ups. I’m sure Mackenzie thinks being married will be like playing house as a little girl. She’s in for a rude awakening. Especially since she and Josh didn’t exactly seem to have the most stable relationship to begin with, now add two small children. Does Leah Messer Simms Calvert ring a bell to all of Mackenzie’s defenders?

  • Deziree_♥

    Their family is so beautiful , I can’t
    wait to see their baby girl (:

  • glitterabuse

    If I were her, I would wait until I was 21 to have my second. I would not INTENTIONALLY have a baby ANY earlier than necessary.