Lawyer: Casey Anthony will finally be required to testify under oath

Casey Anthony trial photo

During the highly-publicized murder trial of Casey Anthony the young mother did not testify in her own defense. Now an attorney representing Zenaida Gonzalez in her civil trial against the “Tot Mom” has stated that she will finally be required to testify under oath about the death of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee.

Gonzalez filed her lawsuit against Anthony for defamation after she told investigators that her daughter had been kidnapped by a nanny named Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez. It turned out that no such nanny existed and that the real-life Zenaida Gonzalez had never met Anthony or any member of her family.

Attorney Matt Morgan stated:

“Casey Anthony will not be permitted to plead the 5th as her appeals have now been resolved. We look forward to getting answers to the questions we have had for a very long time.”

This deposition is scheduled for October 9 in Tampa, Florida. Anthony’s current attorney, Charles Green, has not responded to Morgan’s claim.

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  • Anon

    She’s going to lie anyway.

  • christee

    Just put her useless ass under the jailhouse, already.

  • Victoria McGuire

    Does anyone even believe she will tell the truth? She does not know what that is, I hope they catch her up in her lies and put her sorry a** in jail.

    • Bells

      Personally I’m totally ok with her being free to walk openly. My only hope is that she will eventually get “got” on the streets like she deserves. No fair treatment, no jury, no protective laws… The same way she did to caylee.

  • jojo

    Hopefully this time they’ll find her guilty and lock her up!

    • Jojo

      Screw you guys my comment is awesome

  • Ashley

    This isn’t a criminal trial it’s a lawsuit. She won’t get locked up. If she’s found guilty she’ll be requited to pay Gonzalez a settlement.

    • Steffy Schick

      with no money she has

    • RU14ME2C

      If she is somehow caught to have lied under oath, she will be where she has always belonged .. JAIL

      • burkey

        except that she never testified under oath in her criminal trial therefore she cannot be found to have lied under oath..

        • RU14ME2C

          I meant the upcoming Civil Trial. She will be asked questions that she will most likely lie about, THIS time, under Oath ….

          • burkey

            oh yea of course she’s gonna lie.. unfortunately there’s probably no way to prove it so she’ll stay free..

  • LaLa84

    This is a civil suit not a criminal case. Besides, they couldn’t try her again for the murder of her daughter thanks to Double Jeopardy.

  • CP

    People you need to educate yourselves. Civil suit means if found guilty, you pay money. She can say she killed her daughter on the stand and can’t go to jail or be tried in criminal court because she was already found not guilty of murder. That would be double jeopardy.

  • nohope

    Testifying under oath doesn’t magically make a person tell the truth.

  • SheDidIt

    I want to punch her in the face

  • micro OP

    How will she pay this woman?

    • loriirene

      She won’t!
      I don’t think money was ever the “real” reason for the civil suit anyway. For one, I think Zenida just wants her to admit publicly that she was never involved, Casey didn’t know her and that she got her name off the apartment index sheet like Zennida had said all along. For two, you know there is a bit of OJ justice that is sought which is why they waited for her other cases to settle. They want her to be forced to speak, since she was not made to in her criminal trial. There is satisfaction to be had in another jury saying Casey is wrong and proving she lied eventhough, she will not go to jail and cannot be tried ever again in Caylee’s death due to Double Jeporday. I always think this was why the civil suit was filed to begin with, according to Zenida’s lawyer. Her lawyer made no secret of the fact that he was going to give everyone some answers about what happened to Caylee. The third thing, unless Casey files bk again this judgement will follow her around and any money she makes will be garnished to the fullest extent of Florida state law (a certain percentage) and that money will go to Zenida. I mean she can’t not work for the rest of her days, right? It isn’t going to change the fact that she gets to walk free but, there is a bit of justice in Casey not being able to 5th amendment her way out of answering questions that she should have had to answer years ago!

      • Cheermom_1975

        You took the words right outta my mouth! It was down right surprising to me that she was found not guilty. After the verdict all I could think of was Poor Caylee. That sweet baby didn’t even get any justice against the one person in this world that was supposed to protect her at any cost. Too bad it’s against the law to force her into sterilization so she can never ever become a parent again.

        • loriirene

          Amen! It was very hard to watch her get off scott free and never be held accountable…for anything! She did the one thing that not many people in the spotlight in a criminal trial do, she kept her mouth closed! She didn’t do interviews/press, didn’t tell her family anything and kept her parade of lies flowing when the cops asked her anything. I think eveyone would be terrified if she had another child and the sad thing is that she is free to do just that. It dosen’t feel like justice for Caylee was ever the goal and was all about Casey. I think if it had been less about Casey and more about Caylee, the state might of had a chance, but they spent too much time trying to shine the light on Casey and her actions and that got in the way. Hopefully, they ask her tough questions and she slips up eventhough she can’t go to jail, it would be nice to see her accidently get her stories confused and tell the wrong lies on the stand. Lord knows she would not tell the truth about anything. They should just skip over the swearing in because that girl has no clue what the truth looks like!

  • Dani

    Can she be charged with perjury if she lies on a civil case?

    • burkey

      She never testified under oath at her own trial so no she can’t be charged with perjury..

      • Dani

        Even if caught lying under oath in a civil court?

        • burkey

          well sure if she was somehow caught lying in the civil case under oath (which im sure she will) but i dont see society getting that lucky unfortunately

          • burkey

            i would love it but im just not sure how they’d catch her lying under oath unless she says something that contradicts valid evidence or something

  • burkey

    Ok people, let’s try to get this straight.

    She plead the 5th in her criminal case therefore NEVER testified under oath. She was found not guilty and released.

    This is a civil case. She cannot plead the 5th so she will be forced to answer questions. However, I’m pretty sure we all know she will likely lie because she clearly doesn’t even know what the truth is.

    Regardless of what she says on the stand she CANNOT be locked up. Period. Not for perjury because she never testified under oath before so perjury was never committed, and not for killing her daughter (if she were to actually admit it) because she was already found not guilty and that would be double jeopardy.

    I absolutely wish she was rotting in jail right now unfortunately there is no way that would be an outcome from this civil case.