Robin Thicke’s booty-grab girl Lana Scolaro says he made out with her, tried to do more


Lana Scolaro, the girl in the infamous Robin Thick butt grab pic, is now saying she did more than just pose for photos with the 36-year-old pop star. Scolaro tells Life & Style that they made out while his wife Paula Patton was just a few feet away.

20-year-old Scolaro says Thicke told her he liked her because she was so young, he spent the whole evening by her side, and when she asked about his wife, he said she she was “chill.” Robin and actress Paula have been dating since they were young teens, married since 2005, and have a 3-year-old boy named Julien Fuego.

“I don’t think he cared what she thought,” Scorlaro told the magazine.


The college student says she, Robin Thick, and his wife Paula all wound up at the same after-after party in Greenwich village, and that’s where he really but the moves on her. “I went to the bathroom, and when I came out he was standing there,” she says.”He turned off the lights so no one could see us, and he started making out with me. He was grabbing me. He was like, ‘I want to get you into bed!'”

They got interrupted, so the encounter didn’t go any further, but when everyone went home at 8 a.m., Scolaro says Robin gave her his phone number and promised that they would hook up again at New York Fashion week.

Guess that’s not gonna happen now.

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  • LaLa84

    She must need money to fix that fried hair.

    • Dani

      As well as foundation that actually matches her skin tone and decent eyeliner.

      • siriusthecat

        No kidding, she looks like a 13 year old stealing moms makeup. Youre so young is the best line he had? Why not youare so white while hes at it? The picture to me looks like his had was in the air by her butt. He may be a cheat, if so he would at least pick a hot girl I hope. Good to know you can take a fan pic and sell any story you want to go with it.

  • Nat

    How convenient the lights were off! Just another skank trying to make money off a celebrities name.

    • guest

      to be fair she doesn’t need to. she’s from a very wealthy family.

      • siriusthecat

        So am I, thats not my money. Rich parents can make you more hard up for cash. Easy street ends at 18, then you need to hustle to keep up that lifestyle. She wants to do it on her back. Good luck with that now, silly girl. Mistresses have to be discreet, oops.

  • h


  • Bryony

    lol this is so obviously fake – which is also how she looks. FAKE!

  • DeeDeDee

    A couple of days ago she did an interview about not thinking that the butt grab was going to be that big of a deal… now all of a sudden she’s selling stories to the tabloids about something more happening. Coincidence? Yea….

    • liz

      Exactly! Soon she’ll remember that they actually DID get in bed. It was just at another party before this one.

      • meg

        haha yes, like NONE of it would have ever been her own fault.

      • siriusthecat

        Nah, she was protecting him because they were going to be together. But after he went to miami with his wife, she will tell the whole story, lmao. Her latest version makes it sound like a threesome was about to happen. Even if white trash turns him on, Paula likes that, too¿? And nearly young enough to be their kid? Oh yes, ALL women would want a girl half their age to join the marital bed!

  • boop

    As far as this girl goes – I don’t believe her story… BUT!

    Robin Thicke is known for cheating and making out with girls at a club.
    He was just at Underground in Chicago and he was making out with multiple girls that night. this was right before the VMAs.

  • christee

    She looks like a low rent Jamie Lynn Siegler.

  • bailey

    Oh PLEASE! I know that sometimes a woman can’t stop a man from groping her and stuff, (really, I’ve been there) but this girl is a total slag! She knew he had a wife and continued making out with him, cozying up to him, inviting him to hook up with her. She is a nasty little homewrecker. I am the same age as her.. Young women like us in this day and age know better than to screw around with older, married men! But this girl is pulling in the cash on her skanky behavior and is giving the rest of us a bad name. She is still a kid FFS, at least in the eyes of the rest of the world.
    Robin Thicke is a slimeball but this girl is just as bad. Ugh.

  • guest

    there’s been rumours for years that robin and paula have an open relationship so i buy that paula looks the other way or even encourages it. this girl seems like a skank though.

  • Yelly

    This girl seems like your typical famewhore but it wouldn’t surprise me if Robin and Paula had an open marriage.