Breaking Amish LA siblings Sam and Lizzie Stoltzfus ‘before the show’ photos

Breaking Amish LA Lizzie Sam Stoltzfus

Unlike the original Breaking Amish cast, the backgrounds of the cast of TLC’s Breaking Amish: LA have remained a mystery outside of what the network has provided in official bio information and shown on screen. We had some snippets of Iva’s English life (thanks mostly to the fact that she also appeared on the original Breaking Amish as Jeremiah Raber’s girlfriend/fiancee) and last week we uncovered Elizabeth “Betsy” Byler’s wedding photos with Allen Yoder. Now we’ve discovered the last name and internet social media profiles for brother/sister duo Samuel and Lizzie!

It’s Samuel (Sam) Stoltzfus and Lizzie Stoltzfus and it appears that both of them were fairly comfortable living the “English” life prior to doing the show, although Samuel never seemed to fully separate himself from Amish fashion (e.g. suspenders) or their hair style. Here’s a photo of both Samuel and Lizzie together that was uploaded to Facebook in July of 2012. In the picture you can see Samuel rocking his bowl cut and enjoying a beer, and Lizzie looks almost identical to her post-makeover look from the Breaking Amish: LA makeover episode — which is pretty damn great!

Breaking Amish LA Sam and sister Lizzie Stoltzfus Facebook photo

The girl in blue with her face pixelated is apparently a close friend of Samuel’s and appears in about 90% of his public pictures. She was originally born in Romania, but appears to have joined the Amish community in Lancaster, Pennsylvania because in a lot of the photos she is wearing traditional Amish attire:

Breaking Amish Los Angeles Sam Stoltzfus Facebook photo girl

Of course, in some photos she’s wearing clothes that would have to be described as English:

Breaking Amish LA Sam Stoltzfus drinking with a friend

Lizzie appears to have deleted everything from her Facebook profile (I believe this is it) but a few of her social media accounts are still active, including a pinterest account to which she uploaded a photo collage that included these two images of herself wearing a super-sexy mini-dress and thigh-high leather boots:

Breaking Amish LA Lizzie Stoltzfus befoer the show photo from pinterest

The collage include the words, “Let ur true colors shine!!” with a small rainbow icon and multiple mono-tint copies of the same photo.

The photo was uploaded over 10 months ago, so it’s clearly not post-show-makeover. And just for fun, I figured I would put together a before-and-after-and-after-after tryptic of Lizzie with the pinterest photo, a TLC promotional photo of Lizzie prior to breaking English, and a photo after her on-screen makeover:

Breaking Amish LA Lizzie Stoltzfus before the show, during the show, and after her makeover

For me the photos leave me in awe of TLC (and Hot Snakes Media’s) makeover skills, not because of the “after after” photo, but because of the middle photo in which Lizzie has been made under into a young practicing Amish woman!

Now back to Samuel, who still has tons of photos online. The oldest one is from June of 2010 and features Samuel, who apparently is a big hockey fan, holding the Calder cup from the AHL:

Breaking Amish LA Sam Stoltzfus holding the Calder Cup hockey trophy

And for you gals who have fallen for Sam’s chivalrous ways towards his sister Lizzie on the show, here is a photo with a little good news and a little bad news. The litte good news is that you get to see a big chunk of Sam’s hunky bare chest. The bad news is that he has his Romanian girl friend Kathryn’s name written there, prefaced by “I ♥”

Breaking Amish LA Sam Stoltzfus bare chest

And since we did Lizzie, I felt obligated to to a little before-and-after-and-after-after collage of Sam for you:

Sam from Breaking Amish LA before the show

As far as Earth-shattering discoveries (divorces, previous children, etc) there wasn’t much for Sam and Lizzie. I did find a baby registry for “Liz Ann Stoltzfus & Hoj James” at Target that listed a birth date as June 28, 2013 in Hyattsville, MD. I can’t verify that is our Lizzie, but her middle name is Ann and the timing seems to fit.

Sam appears to be quite the athletic type, enjoying cycling and snow boarding as far back as 2011. He also has photos of himself at hockey and football games in Pennsylvania.

Know anything about the Breaking Amish LA cast before (or after) the show? Drop us a line at starcasmtips (at)

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  • Sister Gidget Bertrille

    Kathryn…Kate? Kate Stoltzfus? Nah, can’t be…

    • Sister Gidget Bertrille

      Looked at the pics again and doubt it’s that Kate since she’s tall and dressed more sophisticated.

      • Renee L

        Obviously it’s not Kate. Several people can have the same last name. It’s called being related.

        • Anonymous

          It’s certainly her, I have had some training in having to compare faces to such things as passports, etc. It is her.

          • aka Pablo

            So a Romanian mail order bride turned Amish who left her community to become a model

            Coming up on Jerry Rumpringah

          • Renee L

            I’m happy for you and your training, but you don’t even have a face to compare. Her face is blurred out Einstein!

          • RN

            Sorry… I don’t even think they look that much alike. Unless you were trained by the FBI, don’t think there’s much training out there for ‘comparing faces’ There’s not much call for that.

  • Kelly

    This show is such a sham and such a disappointment. Honestly, I can’t believe TLC would go ahead with another fake cast after being called out on the first fake cast! The show would be way more legit if they just came out and said in the beginning, “I was raised Amish but left the community some time ago.” It would still be entertaining to watch a house full of young ex-Amish people try to get along and have a new experience”. I don’t understand why they feel the need to play it off like these people have never had an “English” experience before. Apparently they take us for fools? But really, why do they have to push the “I’m JUST now leaving the Amish community” story-line? It’s unnecessary. They can just be who they really are. Hasn’t TLC ever heard of MTV’s The Real World? It really does work. Grrrr!

    • RN

      I agree

  • Sam

    TLC tries waaaay too hard to make these people look so innocent and un-knowing of the English world. It’s kind of stupid. Of course, in the beginning, they depict all these young Amish/ Mennonite people with dreams, but then they discover gin and whiskey, etc. and their lack of control when it comes to partying begins. I feel like I just DVR’ed the first season and pasted faces onto the TV screen. C’mon. Eventually these people’s true lives are going to come out and everyone is going to know these people are already aquainted with partying. Another thing, this bunch needs to learn how to stop after a few shots. If your going to get beligerently drunk and wank someone off, make sure there isn’t a camera in sight. Morons. Just because you can’t remember it (Iva), doesn’t mean you aren’t guilty honey. These are the most dramatic bunch of people I have ever seen. They need to quit BS’ing. All of these girls have worn foundation, lipstick, etc. No need to act so cheesily shocked when a salon makes you look like a tranny. And dudes, ya’ll have seen boobs (whether it was real or porno). don’t act so shocked when a nip slips. Sooooo cheesy.

    • RN

      I could not have said it better myself. These kids have all been off the farm for a very long time. I hate seeing them switched back into their Amish clothes every time they are commenting on something. They dress english on a regular basis so why put them back in Amish clothes to comment on something??

  • amberc88

    they look inbred to me.

    • RN

      i’m sure the Amish religion is very strict on incest, etc. so I don’t really think there is any kind of inbreeding. I do think Sam has a very different appearance, though.

      • justme

        They don’t marry outside of the community, so there’s a good chance that cousins marry each other.

        • RN

          That’s possible, but, in most parts of the country 1st, 2nd cousins can’t even marry. Maybe they are 3rd cousins which IS legal.

      • BB

        Liz is not attractive either

    • Just Saying

      I don’t think that it’s so much a case of “incest”, rather that with their religion forbidding marriage outside their faith (even Mennonites) once you have been baptized, your “pool” of candidates is quite slim. The closely related gene pool then ends up with less than desired genetic combinations (overly wide spaced eyes and poor tooth structure.) Royals and aristocracy in Europe have the same issues – and apparently their stance on Orthodontia is not too high. Crowded teeth are more the norm than the exception throughout those regions and it appears to be the same in the Amish community. NOT saying it’s a hygiene issue – though I question that as a side issue, but their teeth formation are a culmination of genetic traits.

  • As I said on the cast reveal post, Lizzie clearly had overplucked eyebrows and was wearing (poorly blended) foundation and eye makeup in her amish getup, so this is really no surprise even if we didn’t have the last sham of a season to base presumptions on.

    • RN

      I don’t know why I even watch it when I know TLC is trying to pull the wool over our eyes again. I just think I’m interested more in how they are coping in the english world vs fresh new experience. I’d like it a lot better if it were REALLY the first time they have ventured away from the community. It’s staged this way and not as interesting.

  • Carol

    I found it strange that Lizzie had make up on with her Amish clothes on to beginning with. And then they go to the strip club and act like everything is great.. ummmmm Amish girls right off the farm wouldn’t be so giddy, more embarrassed to see the strippers. I also hate when they make them out to be right off the farm and we know they aren’t. They go to the beach and then are so outgoing with strangers!!!. Lancaster Amish keep to themselves and would never do that right off the farm.. Come On TLC give us the real story.. And where do they find these people at anyway to beginning with????

  • co

    It’s easily seen that lizzie was.plucking her eyebrows and having hilights put in her hair before the show. I noticed that in the first episode. Also are they related to kate from the first season or is that a very popular last name un the anabaptist communities?

    • unknown

      stoltzfus is a very popular Amish/Mennonite name.. somewhere in the line im sure they r related, if they r not closely related as it is.. but yes, it is a very popular name.

  • Dawn74

    This show sucks and is fake just like all the other “reality” shows. Why so surprised? Did you really think it was going to be “real”?

  • afteru

    Sam can be quickly glimpsed on the PBS show “The Amish: American Experience” about 45 minutes before the end of the show, where they start to talk about Rumspringa. He is the one sitting on the grass as the narrator talks about the “low”, the “high”…etc manner of dress. His apparently is the high.