REPORT Teen Mom’s Farrah Abraham to join Dancing With the Stars Season 17

Farrah Abraham Dancing With The Stars Season 17

When the cast of Dancing With the Stars Season 17 is announced on Good Morning America next month, don’t be surprised to hear Farrah Abraham’s name called along with John Stamos, Bella Thorne and Seth MacFarlane. That’s right: The “Backdoor Teen Mom” was reportedly asked to do the Farrah Flamenco on the celebrity competition show!

“So far, they are awaiting confirmations from John Stamos, former baseball player Jason Varitek, Paula Deen, Backdoor Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham, Tanning Mom Patricia Krentcil, a WWE Superstar, Bella Thorne and Seth MacFarlane!” a production source revealed to Hollywood Life. “They are hoping for confirmations soon, but it’s coming down to the last minute. None of these people are definites, but they have been asked and it’s in their hands.”

When we first heard the reports, we thought there was surely a misunderstanding. Did someone get in wrong and mix up the papers when casting Pole Dancing With the Stars?

But, nope! It’s the actual, real deal ABC DWTS the source is talking about… And if it’s true, we can’t imagine the headline-hungry Farrah turning it down!

If the report turns out to be untrue, or if the deal falls through for whatever reason (For example, if Farrah demands that her dance performances be presented as personal videos that were accidentally leaked), Teen Mom fans can still get their dance competition fix thanks to Farrah’s co-star Maci Bookout, who is competing in Chattanooga’s Dare to Dance competition on September 14, which benefits The Kidney Foundation of the Greater Chattanooga Area. (Click here to get your tickets!)

In Farrah’s case, participating in DWTS would be an undeniable step in the right direction — at least in terms of her career. And, it may be wishful thinking, but the competition and intense training might do wonders for toning down Farrah’s teeny-tiny entitlement issue. There’s no crying in ballroom dance!

Would you like to see Farrah on DWTS? (Schadenfreude is a valid reason to say yes.)

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  • rena

    Omg she is such a bitch to everyone I pity the unfortunate soul who would be her dancing partner..

  • Honeybear

    Wow, they are really scraping the bottom of the barrel.

    • nanaboo

      I thought the very same thing. No more DWTS for me. More like DWTP(orn)S…

      • Courtney

        Haha DWTP(orn)S!! That’s hilarious! If Farrah and Tanning Mom really are on DWTS then they lose the right to say “stars” and instead it will then be called DWANTI (Dancing With Annoying No Talent Idiots)!!!

  • heyBale

    This is just what she needs.
    Len Goodman and Bruno will verbally rip her to shreds.

  • Heather

    GTFOH! Noooo!!!

  • Chels Kae

    She’ll be the 1st one eliminated. I thank God!! I love bella Thorne and I wonder if she’ll do as well as zendaya did…

    • Courtney

      Zendaya was so annoying last season! I couldn’t stand how she wore tennis shoes every chance she got AND the STUPID arrogant smirk she would have after every dance! I seriously wanted to smack the arrogant right of her face! Don’t even get me started on her nails…..!

  • Ugh

    Farrah you’re 15 minutes is up please do everyone a favor and go away!!!!

  • Julia

    OMG that is hilarious. I would totally watch that. She’s awful.

  • sammy

    She doesn’t look healthy enough to compete. She’ll have an anorexia-induced heart attach on the dance floor.

    Also, how in the hell did tanning mom become a star? All you have to do is neglect your small child to be a star these days, don’t even need to do it on the TV. Great message.

    • Geniya


  • Kate

    I’m sorry but this “source” sounds fishy. John Stamos and Paula Deen alongside Tan Mom? Seth MacFarlane vs. Back Door Teen Mom? The names that are being alongside those losers are way too big for this to be believable. This sounds like Farrah and/or Tan Mom’s publicists are trying to stir up some publicity to get their clients on the show.

    • bailey

      I agree, it doesn’t sound right.

    • Lisa Tate

      I just can’t see her arrogance and stupidity on that show ESPECIALLY if she got Max who is the meanest out of them all.

    • SammyG

      Tan mom and teen mom actually do have the same publicist for real!!! DWTS is really going for bottom feeders if this is true. I really can’t imagine John stamos or Seth McFarland agreeing to even be in the same season with such trash, it would make them look really bad!

  • Sara

    I hope poor Seth doesn’t end up with her

    • Courtney

      Seth? Is there a pro dancer named Seth? Cuz celebrities dance with a pro, not another celebrity!

      • Sara

        Ah, sorry, I’m not too familiar with the show…

    • meg

      i would love to hear some jokes Seth would have about Farrah and the tanning mom, I could only hope Seth would really be on this show. But it doesn’t seem like something he would do.

      • Lulu

        Seth McFarlane on DWTS ?! LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO The guy write GOOD and POPULAR tv shows as well as MOVIES ! Get real please.

        • meg

          Ummm… I know who he is. Thanks

  • rockyroad

    I would guess the boycotts would begin if this family show brought on this porn star escort.

  • LaDy

    Look at these celebrity social rejects dancing to become relevant again. For gods sake.

  • Courtney

    I really liked this show, but to cast Farrah is just disgusting! DWTS has really lowered their class and standard if this is true that Farrah will be on this next season. I will NOT watch until she is voted off! I can’t stand to watch her or even worse listen to her inappropriate, self centered, ignorant, attitude filled comments!!!

  • Geniya

    I did not even know she was a star. It will be fun to see her fail.

    • lulu

      it is not true just like Farrah acting on a popular network daytime soap..NOT true just real in Farrah and her paid PR team’s delusional minds.

  • Stop trying Farrah…

    Yeah just like Farah was supposed to have her own reality show like 4 different times. I really doubt this, every year before the actual list is announced a whole bunch of random “celebrities” are rumored in the media to join (usually in stories planted by their publicist or the celebrity themselves) when 9 times out of 10 DWTS has never even contacted them. Hollywoodlife is also notorious for making up completely bullshit stories. I’d be shocked if they chose Farrah for many obvious reasons. But it would be funny to see the footage of her bitching and complaining at whatever poor soul ended up being her dance partner. I think it would be the first time a pro dancer quit the show just to get away from their partner.

  • twelfthnight

    Guess their standards for “star” aren’t that high.

  • christee

    I’ve never watched DWTS, but I’ve seen (more than) enough of Farrah to know that she would most likely go on national tv, proclaim to be the best dancer ever, b/c she’s an educated women/entrepreneur (I meant to say women), and that any judge who scores her lowly is just jealous/has a weight problem/is a lowling who doesn’t know half as much about dance as Farrah. When that blows up in her face, she will blame it on her partner, and the world will be treated yet again to the wonder that is her cry face.

    So really, you’ll watch to see her inevitable, spectacular failure, but you’ll stay for the cry face.

  • Amanda

    Farrah is not a star! I wish people would stop calling her that!

    • lulu

      she is the opposite actually a good definition would be a ‘never been’ for miss Farrah !

  • Jenn

    Farrah? The Tanning Mom? These are not stars! I never watch DWTS, but if this is true, it’s time to cancel the show.

  • Jules

    In the picture at the top, is she wearing the same dress Mackenzie wore to get married? I swear it looks like it, just a different color!
    Farrah isn’t a star and being on DWTS will only add to her ego and long list of “credentials” that she can throw at people who are negative towards her.

    • steph

      Yes it is the same dress!!


    really?! i am so disappointed in DWTS for tarnishing their reputation with this junk!

  • Me

    Smells like desperation from both parties.

  • spottedgiraffe

    Isn’t that makenzie’s wedding dress she’s wearing? Lmao. I never watched this stupid show and certainly won’t now.

  • Regina

    ………………. Tanning Mom?

  • EttySpaz

    Watching her bitch and mush her face into that incomprehensible mess as she cries because her dance partner is too hard on her would be enough to make me watch.

  • LindseyS

    Seth or John dont need to do this show. John is starring in a new tv show this fall & guest starring in one at the same time, I don’t think this is true.

  • Sweet Venom

    Oh God imagine being her dance partner. The horror!

  • burkey

    Hopefully this is not true, if it is ABC should be ashamed of themselves for even considering having such a trashball on their show. If it is true though, I can’t see her doing too well. She definitely isn’t a good dancer and I don’t think the viewers would like her or the judges.. or anyone else on the show lol so at the very least it might be fun to watch her get ripped to shreds..

    • ALLIE B


  • Demona

    I’m finding the source hard to believe…Paula Deen? On Dancing with the Stars? mmm hmmm…so is her partner going to be that guy from Seinfeld we can’t remember anymore or Mel Gibson perhaps???? Moving on…..if they were going to use a Teen Mom for this, while Macey isn’t my BFF, she would have been the more appropriate choice.