PHOTOS Madonna’s grillz create buzz at Rome fitness club opening


It’s really saying something when people are talking about Madonna pushing the fashion limits. Yet, that’s exactly what happened when the 55-year-old mega star stepped out at the opening of her Rome fitness center with gold grillz on her teeth.

This was the second time Madonna went out with the gold- and diamond-encrusted jewelry this month. She previously wore the noticeable mouthpiece to a classical music event in Southern France. She also proudly shared multiple pictures on Instagram.

Madonna Instagram Grillz Madonna Brushing Her Grillz

Madge’s most recent public outing with the grillz made a bit more sense than when she wore them to the classical concert. Besides, she was celebrating the grand opening of her own gym, Hard Candy, so she was entitled to do whatever she wanted!

Still, I don’t understand the trend of wearing grillz. It may have been edgy back in the mid 2000s. But, 10 years after Nelly released his song by the same name, the teeth jewels just strike me as bizarre… Am I alone?

  • LaLa84

    She looks absolutely ridiculous.

  • Jan

    It’s not cool when we do it so its definitely not cool when a middle age white woman does it…..not trying to be racist it’s just I don’t like them on any race :-/

  • Bec

    You are too old.
    In 20 years am I going to be hearing about all the weird sh!t lady gaga wore to the opening of her geriatric gym? I just don’t think I can take it.

  • cori

    looks like her teeth are rotting

  • Steven Bedoya

    to all the haters!!! stop with the age shit because u will all get old as fu*k as look like total crap by the time we get to her sexy ass age, NOW NOW….. THE GRILLZ SUCK ON WHITES AND BLACKS AND HUMANS PERIOD