Breaking Amish’s Betsy practices witchcraft, sex with Satan


Breaking Amish L.A.’s Betsy freaked out her castmates when she started doing stuff with candles. Unlike the first Breaking Amish, which had unfounded accusations of witchcraft, Betsy openly admits that she’s been practicing witchcraft for years, and that she’s even had sex with Satan.


Betsy says she’s been practicing witchcraft for most of her life, and that he connection with the spirit world is “probably really scary to some people.” She says the demons have been around her a lot since she came to L.A. and instead of using candles to chase them away, she’s been using them to allow access to her.

“I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of having sex with something, literally in your sleep. You wake up, and you’re like ‘Whoa! What just happened?’ You have sex with Satan. It just felt like a friggin’ snake went up my *bleep*.” CLICK HERE to see this clip.

She says she doesn’t talk to a lot of people about it because it freaks them out. She says that everyone should believe in witchcraft because Satan is everywhere.

Betsy opened up to Andrew about her witchcraft, and warned him to keep her candles lit. Then he woke up and said everything was weird and gave him goosebumps. When the rest of the group comes home they decide to blow out the candles so they wouldn’t burn down the house. Iva got so scared she called her boyfriend Sam, and said there was a lot more going on that she couldn’t talk about. Later when everyone reveals that Betsy has tried to flirt with them, Iva reveals that she and Betsy had made out.

When they confront Betsy about her hobby, she tells them they have no room to judge because they’ve never been on “The Dark Side.”

Matt revealed that his mom once got into witchcraft, but renounced it after she went to a church a prayed. Lizzie is concerned about her baby being exposed to whatever Betsy’s doing. Matt tries to convince the group to pray over Betsy to heal her. When they left the house, Betsy trashed the house and put a hex on everyone. She even messed with Matt’s sewing machines and thread, which really upset him because he felt he had done what he could to help her when everyone else turned against her.

Later, Andrew fell and hurt his ankle, which he suspected was the result of a curse.

They kicked Betsy out of the house, mostly because Iva said Betsy took advantage of her by kissing her and putting her hand down her pants while she was sleeping after a party. Iva even filed a police report even though “Amish people usually don’t go to the police.” Betsy’s side of the story is different, though. She says the whole thing was Iva’s fault. Betsy said that she and Iva were grinding on Devon while partying. The next morning, corroborated by video footage, Iva tells Betsy they can’t tell anyone what happened that night, but Betsy told Andrew that something happened with her, Iva and Devon. Andrew told Iva what Betsy said, and Betsy said Iva started making up lies about her.

Iva’s comments on the situation “I want to kill her. I don’t ever want to see her again.”

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  • Cdt

    That would burn!

  • Tonya

    I’m pretty sure that actual witchcraft religions don’t believe in Satan. Unless she’s practiving Satanism or what have you. but all the main witchcraft based religions don’t believe in him. This only shows that shes taking her Amish beliefs and just trying to “shock” everyone

    • Godess_moon79

      Your 100% right….”real” Wiccans don’t worship Satan and DON’T throw it in peoples faces what their religion is all about in fact may of them are quiet about it because the world is so uneducated about it and this does NOTHING to help that stereotype. It’s a slap in the face to the approx.1-3 million people that actually practice this legitimate, recognized religion that Starcasm wouldn’t do a bit of research before posting this crap…

      • spottedgiraffe

        She never said she was Wiccan she just said she practices witchcraft. She’s an Amish girl that practices witchcraft and allegedly sexually assaults people

        • Terra Gazelle

          Witches do not believe in Satan..Satan is a belief of Christians. Witches do not believe in a God of is against our core beliefs.

          Satanists do not even believe in that Satan of the Christians..its totally different.

          saying you are a Witch does not give you the ok to do what is wrong…since we believe in the law of return.

    • twelfthnight

      Satanists don’t even believe in Satan. Satanism is Atheism with a bit of tongue-in-cheek shock value for the easily ruffled.

    • spottedgiraffe

      Some satanists use witchcraft.

    • Jake Roberts

      That Bitch is Stupid eh?

  • Bec

    Betsy needs to be institutionalized…

  • Emily

    This show is so scripted. Betsy’s probably never been remotely amish. Her real probably isn’t Betsy either.

    • Hayzii

      I agree. I could barely get through the first couple of episodes but I had to turn it off with the cheesy candle/witchcraft crap. It’s so fake and they are horrible as actors.

    • Anon.

      She used to be amish but left when she was 18. her name is Elizabeth Ann Yoder, he last name was Byler before she got married. here is the facebook link to her wedding pictures 😉

  • christee

    She sounds schizophrenic at the most, or just manipulative and immature at the least. I do think Iva wanted her gone because she feels guilty about something, but then again, this was all probably scripted. Fool me once, TLC…

  • spottedgiraffe


  • Hilarity Clinton

    Amish believe in hexes, which aren’t curses, but a sort of prectical magic,