PHOTOS Lady Gaga and Perez Hilton feud escalates

Lady Gaga Perez Hilton feud on Twitter and Facebook

Blogger Perez Hilton (real name Mario Armando Lavandeira, Jr.) played an integral role in helping Lady Gaga’s skyrocket to fame, championing her music and providing invaluable exposure on his site with constant positive coverage just before, during, and after she took the world by storm. Lady Gaga reciprocated that kindness after hitting it huge by interacting with Perez publicly, including often posing with him at events.

But, something must have happened prior to Lady Gaga having surgery on her hip in February that severed their friendship because the two are currently in a public online feud. Lady Gaga tweeting yesterday that she still has a photo of herself in a wheelchair after her surgery that she alleges Perez Hilton sent her along with the word “KARMA” written across it with a picture of Madonna pointing a gun at her! Here’s the full tweet:

The tweet caused Lady Gaga fans (aka “Little Monsters”) to begin tweeting negative comments to Perez Hilton by the thousands, and Lady Gaga responded by asking her fans to stop and “ignore” Perez:

Lady Gaga’s initial tweet was probably in response to a seemingly nonstop onslaught of negative commentary from Perez Hilton abut Gaga herself as well as what he considers to be disappointing sales for Gaga’s latest single, “Applause.” Perez has posted numerous articles pointing out how the song never managed to make it past Katy Perry’s new single “Roar” in the charts and has already fallen to Number 5 behind “Roar” and singles by Robin Thicke, Luke Bryan and Jay Z.

Here are a series of Perez Hilton Facebook posts about Lady Gaga’s “Applause” from just the past five days, including links to stories about Lady Gaga ripping off other artist’s music and publicity moves. And remember, there are even more positive Katy Perry “Roar” posts than there are negative “Applause” posts!

UPDATE – The Perez/Gaga feud has since escalated exponentially! Click here to read Lady Gaga’s claims that Perez Hilton is stalking her and trying to move into her NYC apartment building, then click here to read Perez Hilton’s lengthy statement about those allegations alnong with Lady Gaga’s response calling Perez a liar and mentioning “psychotic text messages” he sent her, then Perez Hilton’s response calling Gaga fake and “cruel” as well as claiming she “purposefully tried to sabotage other artists.”

Perez Hilton attacks Lady Gaga online
Perez Hilton compares Lady Gaga to Annie Lennox
Perez Hilton attacks Lady Gaga online 3
Perez Hilton attacks Lady Gaga online 4
Perez Hilton attacks Lady Gaga online compares her to Madonna
Perez Hilton attacks Lady Gaga and her Applause single
Perez Hilton feuds with Lady Gaga online
Perez Hilton feuds with Lady Gaga online 8
Perez Hilton feuds with Lady Gaga online
Perez Hilton feuds with Lady Gaga on Facebook
Perez Hilton feuds with Lady Gaga on Facebook 11

Perez has also been taunting Lady Gaga on Twitter, retweeting numerous negative comments about her and tagging her in pro-Katy Perry and pro-“Roar” tweets like this one:

So what do you think? Is Perez Hilton’s obsession with highlighting the perceived disappointing sales of Lady Gaga’s new single “Applause” (among many other things) just him expressing his opinion, or is it bullying?

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  • micro OP

    He’s a bully! I don’t like lady gaga at all, but why would she have to be tagged on posts about Katy perry. Plus why is he dragging Katy perry into this? Anyway he’s always been a bully, he pretended to change but he forever will be mean and childish.

    • gagalooch

      I love Gaga but completely agree. Especially that post about Katy’s sales, why throw Gaga’s name out there.
      I feel sorry for his son being influence by this poisonous man.

  • Amanda Renee

    See y’all Amanda Bynes wasn’t crazy for calling him ugly and all the others things

  • twelfthnight

    Perez has always been a bully. He’s a horrible person.

  • jenna

    He can’t bully Amanda Bynes right now so he needs someone else to bully.

  • BEBE

    I think Gaga’s time has passed.

  • Yeah, Ok

    Perez is a B&tch and loves drama. When there is no drama he runs and gets some stirred up. I stopped looking at his site years ago and I hope its views go down to 0.

  • Priscilla

    I still can’t believe that he got famous for being a nosey little bitch who likes to gossip about other people’s lives. What does this teach children?
    Talk shit and you can meet famous people?

    • Dani

      Not that I agree with Perez, but this is also a gossip column.

      • Ryan Abernathy

        It is one thing to be a gossip columnis, and another to be a catty 12 year old bitch in a grown man’s body.

  • Ashley

    Are you kidding me? Lady Gaga’s song sounds like Madonna’s? What about Katy Perry blatantly ripping off Sara Bareilles?
    Perez always does this. He cherry picks what he’s going to post based on his relationship with the person he’s posting about at the time. He steals his articles from TMZ, almost word for word. But he posts them hours later.

  • Melissa

    I have ALWAYS been a fan of Lady Gaga AND Katy Perry since day one. They are both good songs to me so Perez should just stop. I have NO respect at all for Perez Hilton. How can he be a “anti-bully” now when I first starting following Perez YEARS ago, all he did on his website was talk SHIT about celebrities and write all over there pictures with disgusting things. You don’t change overnight from just being a bully to not being one. He still is a bully. And he out of all people knows how the celebrity world is. He is a HYPOCRITE and that is not just because I am a gaga fan. I never support anything he does, or his website. This just shows that he really is still a bully that he claims that he is not.

    • Ali

      I used to crack-up reading his comments that he drew over the celeb pictures. In fact, just thinking about some of the stuff he did makes me laugh. It really was funny. While I respect that he’s stopped with that behavior, Gaga must have crossed a line with him in some way and he’s pissed. He has every right to keep her appraised of Katy Perry’s success. I think it’s funny that he’s actually pulling her chain and getting her to react. What would really be fun is if they are both in on this little game for the publicity it gets them both! I wouldn’t put it past either of them.

  • Me

    Judging people is wrong. However, I am fully aware of my faults and so I will say that Mario is a complete and total bully. The fact that a child is now under his care is absolutely horrifying. Unfortunately, this creep will not go away on his own. People have GOT to stop feeding into his drama and stop going to his website. The problem with this is that most of society loves drama and cannot wait to hear what the next ‘celebrity’ has to say or hear what Kardashian named her kid. Society has changed for the worse and, unfortunately, there are too many Perez Hiltons out there.

  • Ali

    Shel must have really done something offensive to Perez for him to go at her like this. She obviously crossed a line and he’s not taking it laying down. Hope they make up and get over this crap.

  • Dani

    It way excessive to have that many posts comparing Katy Perry and Gaga. He makes it sounds so awful Gaga is in the top 5 singles of the week. Sure it wasn’t the best, but I think did pretty darn well.

  • rh1127

    Well, in his defense, Applause really does suck.

  • The Dame

    Ive never liked him, anyone who slanders people for a living is not a nice person.