Teen Mom 3’s Mackenzie Douthit announces she is pregnant again and married

Teen Mom 3 Mackenzie Douthit

Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie Douthit shocked her Facebook fans Monday night when she announced that she is 12 weeks pregnant! The 18-year-old mother of one also suggested later on Twitter that she is already married and has been for months!

Here’s what was posted on Mackenzie’s personal Facebook page:

And yes. For everyone wondering, im 12 weeks pregnant…. time to tell the truth

That was later followed by this lengthier post in which Mackenzie reveals she has been dealing with people inquiring about her recent weight gain. (???)

Yes I love evrryone checking on me, but yes I have reached my breaking point and have literally been through hell and back these last three days. I have kept this a secret because im probably the easiest target of all miami to judge.I only told cause people are asking why im fat lol…. So im not texting anyone back right now I need some time to myself. So sorry if ur mad cause im not textinf back. Or mad cause you didnt know about this. …

Here are a couple of screen caps:

Mackenzie Douthit announces she is pregnant on Facebook

And then on Twitter Mackenzie wrote:

Been married for months but im not allowed to get pregs with my husband without miami girls subtweeting… do i look like I care????

im married yall and happier than all of you. God knows what he is doing…. get a life….

Mackenzie recently spent time in the hospital, tweeting “Tried not letting stress get to me but… here I am. In the hospital for a couple of days.” on August 6. She later shared photos from the hospital of her bandaged toe.

And as far as people calling her “fat,” here’s a photo from her bachelorette party late last week in which you can clearly see almost all of Mackenzie and the word “fat” doesn’t come to mind at all:

Teen Mom 3 Mackenzie Douthit lingerie bachelorette party

Of course, Mackenzie has always been super thin, so I guess it’s possible?

As far as the marriage thing, Mackenzie was supposed to be marrying her fiance Josh McKee this weekend, but she has cancelled and rescheduled numerous times, so I don’t know what to think! Perhaps it is a Kailyn Lowry situation and she and Josh are technically married already but were planning on having the wedding later? I suppose it would make sense that they might go ahead and make it official soon after finding out she was pregnant? (This is all speculation obviously.)

We are trying to confirm the pregnancy and marriage reports, as is everyone else. We will update as soon as we know anything more!

The Teen Mom 3 cast members are are scheduled to be in New York City tomorrow, so hopefully we will know more soon.

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  • Jess

    I’m sorry but wtf!!
    This show has more girls getting pregnant AGAIN than any other average teen mother!! Good god! 18 and pregnant again. How sad. And actually isn’t this her 3rd? Wasnt she pregnant befor Gannon but lost it? Her parents must be proud.

    • steph

      Yep, I remember hearing that. So she’s been pregnant 3 times by age 18. I’m 24 and not been pregnant once.. for the people below saying she couldnt use birth control bc of the diabetes, yes that’s true.. but he could be using condoms. One of my best friends is allergic to latex and she’s 24 without a baby (though if she was she’s been with her boyfriend for 4 years so it’d be fine) there’s also the nuva ring, pretty sure (not positive) that would also work for her… but honestly condoms aren’t expensive. Theyre also a form of birth control… these girls are rediculous.. pregnant 3 Times by 18 isn’t normal.

      • Red

        I believe her saying a couple of times(once on her reunion special) that she wasn’t on the pill because she didn’t want to gain weight.

        • WeGotsAnotherLeahOnOurHandsYal

          And now look at her, she can gain all the weight she wants for the next 9 months!

      • savannah

        Or there’s an IUD…it lasts 5 years, doesn’t contain hormones and its more effective than the pill…Her Mom didn’t want her on B/C because she didn’t “believe” in it…well believe that your daughter needs it considering this is her THIRD pregnancy before she’s even out of her teens!! Gah some people’s stupidity makes me want to cry…

        • Mirena contains hormones

          The mirena iud DOES contain hormones.

          • awoman

            Copper IUD does not.

      • Ashley

        You can take birth control if you have diabetes. I’ve been type 1 diabetic for 24 years, and have also been on the pill for years. My blood sugars rose at first, but I just had to figure out with my doctor how to adjust my insulin dosages when I first went on it and I’ve been fine ever since. Diabetes is NOT an excuse to have an unplanned pregnancy. In fact, when you have diabetes it is very important to plan pregnancies because you need to do a lot of work beforehand to make sure your bloodsugars are in the absolute best control possible.

    • Lisa

      Jess, why do you care? She is married, a seemingly good mom and responsible enough to take care of both her husband and son. She is nothing like most of the teen moms on the show or that I have witnessed in life. She keeps her personal life private, doesn’t create drama with the entire world and is clearly happy. Get a life. Get over it.

      • Jess

        Why are you getting worked up about my opinion??? Who cares if shes married, shes been married a very short time. Shes 18 this is her 3rd pregnancy and 2nd child. Her and husband don’t have a stable career. Shes 18. Shes immature. A responsible person would wait and be married for a bit when your only 18 and already have a child and no stable career.

        • Lisa

          compared to say Janelle, she is keeping things pretty private. I think she is brave for showing her life on the show, for sharing her struggles. When I was 18 I was also married. We had one child together, one on the way and now 10 years later my husband and I are still happily married with 4 kids (6 pregnancies total). We didn’t have “stable” careers yet either, but we made it work and worked our asses off to build an amazing life together and for our children. I got worked up bc I am able to relate to this gal. It’s so sickening having people in this world like you judging and trying to bring such a negative shadow to this amazing, happy news.

          • Jess

            You do realize that when you went through this yourself the world was a bit different. It’s hard to raise a family when you don’t have jobs. The world is more expensive. More downhill. And more people don’t hire if there is no college degree.

      • Kelly

        She keeps her personal life private? She’s on a TV show!

      • Emilie

        Yeah, she looks real responsible at that bachelorette party – pregnant, half naked, with someone holding a fake d**k in front of her.

      • JusticeforVictims

        You need to take a chill pill Lisa…sheesh

        • Other Lisa

          Someone needs a reality check… Keeping this private doesn’t include tweeting half naked pictures of yourself and appearing on a very popular national tv show. If she was a responsible person and good mother, she wouldnt constantly put herself and her son at risk by making the decision not to be on birth control because she doesn’t want to get fat. Fat is the LEAST of her worries at this point. it also speaks greatly to her maturity level to tweet stuff like “I’m happier than you, get a life.” Also – unrelated, but I comment fairly regularly here and that Lisa isn’t me. Ugh.

    • lois752

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    • awoman

      I thought Dr. Drew made the comment in almost every show wrap up that a large percentage of teen moms become pregnant within two years of their first. It looks pretty representational of the teen mom population to me.
      I’m not condoning it though.

      • Cru

        There’s actually a post on here somewhere that tallies all of the repeat pregnancies on the show and statistically speaking, the 16 and pregnant cast members have a higher rate of second pregnancies than the general population of teen mothers.

  • Kelly

    Please tell me again what the point of this whole franchise is? Clearly the people who are ON the show are learning nothing from it, so how in the hell is anyone else supposed to?!

    • Guest

      Exactly! Why isn’t it cancelled yet? And why is there even a teen mom 3? Enough is enough.

      • Kristin

        Because people keep watching = More money for MTV.

  • sammy

    I can’t believe someone with brittle diabetes is THAT foolish with birth control. This can seriously be life or death for her.

    The fact that she chose to announce this purely because she was tired of people calling her fat speaks of how immature she is to be popping out yet another child.

  • Knowledge

    well obviously the person below doesnt know that people with Type 1 diabetes cant take birth control because it messes with their blood sugar.

    • Lola

      Non-hormonal birth control exists. The copper IUD (which I personally have) is excellent and there’s this crazy newfangled thing called, and you won’t believe this, CONDOMS that actually aren’t that difficult to use…

    • A.p

      Condoms don’t. What’s the excuse for not using those?
      This is the 3rd time she’s been pregnant and she’s only 18. I think the ‘pity me, I can’t use birth control cause I’m diabetic ship has sailed’. There’s plenty of diabetic people who weren’t / are not teen parents or have thousands of children so obviously there are forms of birth control that are effective for people with diabetes.

    • sammy

      I’m a brittle diabetic too, and I’m on birth control, and I’ve never once been knocked up. Please don’t spew information you clearly know nothing about.

      • Ashley

        Same here. I had to adjust my insulin dosages with my doctor when I first went on the pill, but once we figured that out (in a matter of a couple weeks) my blood sugar levels have been fine ever since for years. Since the pill is a constant drug in your body, it doesn’t continue to wreck havoc on blood sugars….just raises them when you go on it, and if you adjust your insulin dosages to the needs of the high blood sugars, you should be fine.

        Also, there are other birth control options than just the pill. And when you’re diabetic, it is especially important to plan your pregnancies since to have a healthy one you need to make sure your bloodsugars are the best they can be long before you actually get pregnant and it is a lot of work.

      • Irresponsible

        She’s type 1 but not uncontrolled (brittle), as far as I know. She should be able to avail herself to many forms of birth control. However, her rationale for not doing so has NEVER related to her diabetes. She first said she didn’t want to “get fat” on birth control pill and has continued to make a series of irresponsible decisions by getting pregnant repeatedly. She’s not interested in protecting her own health or the health of her baby.

        • sammy

          She has said on instagram when she was recently hospitalized that she was a brittle diabetic.

          I think on the Catch-Up Reunion show she implied she couldn’t take birth control due to diabetes, but my comment was more towards correcting the comment saying birth control can’t be taken by Type 1 Diabetics, not that Makenzie herself made the argument.

  • steph

    So much for her being the “new Maci” which from my understanding is how they were supposed to be portraying her.. more like the new Leah, because I’m going to be shocked if she’s still with this husband of hers in 3 years.

    • shebee

      I was going to say the same thing. We have Leah Messer Simms Messer Simms Calvert Simms Messer (Insert Husband’s Name) Version 2.0. It’s so sad that these small town girls see no future other than babies and dead end marriages. Her family was suffering financially when she had Gannon. Adding another kid to the mix doesn’t help.

    • Mrs. Little

      No kidding. Pregnancy is not a good reason to get married, especially when your a teenager. Statistically speaking, 90% of pregnant teens who get married end up divorced. Plus, you would think after having one child as a teenager she would have learned her lesson and waited until that child was in school before popping out a second one.

  • Jenn

    Neither Mackenzie or Josh have any marketable skills (you can’t ride bulls forever!), and they’re bringing yet another child into this world.

    It’s time to end “Teen Mom,” as it no longer serves the purpose it was created to do. With the money MTV pays these kids, no one is struggling like many teen parents do.

  • Guest

    @26bc3c54fa187c40f35cc6301f6bde59:disqus, why do you care? She is married, a seemingly good mom and responsible enough to take care of both her husband and son. She is nothing like most of the teen moms on the show or that I have witnessed in life. She keeps her personal life private, doesn’t create drama with the entire world and is clearly happy. Get a life. Get over it.

  • Guest

    she could use a good conditioning treatment though! Girls hair is brittle!

  • Jenn

    I’ll bet MTV is pissed they picked her now! lol And she was allegedly pregnant before but lost the baby before she had Gannon. So that’s 18, 3 pregnancies, and one marriage. Wow! She beat out Leah!! LOL How long till the divorce??

    • Mrs. Little

      MacKenzie is a white trash loser…no doubt about it

  • Slade

    What are these girls thinking? Another baby is going to save their relationship or marriage? No! It’s going to make it harder. When she is in the middle of a divorce/custody battle she will regret every bit of it.

  • JusticeforVictims

    This is crazy whats the point of this show? Pull the plug already!!!!

  • Jenn

    Can this please mean that teen mom 3 will get canceled.

  • spottedgiraffe

    Lmao don’t pretend God made you get pregnant at 18 Makenzie. That was 100% YOUR choice own up to it and don’t pass your poor decisions on others.

  • Katelyn Zbytowski

    People are saying that she doesn’t have a degree…i remember hearing that she finished cosmetology school during high school. At least she is married, my mom was married and had two kids by the age of 22. That was the generation they were in. Who cares, she takes care of her child and you don’t see her all over the clubs or talking about drugs.

    • Thanks MTV!


    • sammy

      With a 50% divorce rate, I still don’t see how people can act like marriage is a magic pill that suddenly means you’re ready to support as many kids as you can pop out. Her and Josh have a shaky relationship at best, no life skills, no place of their own, no long-lasting job to support them when MTV goes away. Good for your mom and all, but just because she made it work, doesn’t automatically mean they will. People have a right to be skeptical and worried. Not to mention, her cosmetology degree won’t do her any good if this pregnancy kills her.

      • Mrs. Little

        Divorce rate for teens is 80% and jumps to 90% if the bride is pregnant at the time of marriage. There are certain religious groups (mennonite, amish, hutterite, jehovah witness, mormons and evangelical christians) who sometimes marry in their teens and stay married but thats because they cant have sex until their married and when your from a religious sect that has rules for everything, divorce is an unlikely occurrence. I don’t think she is any of those.

  • Kendra

    If u recall her mom never let her get on birth control because she did think they should be having sex not married. What a stupid stupid lady!