Farrah Abraham accused of being an escort by Kris Humphries’ ex

Farrah Abraham Myla Sinanaj

Farrah Abraham’s former friend and Kris Humphries’ ex, Myla Sinanaj, is accusing Farrah Abraham of being a paid “sugar baby” for millionaire men.

Myla, who shared the same PR manager, Gina Rodriguez, until Abraham recently parted ways, says that the former Teen Mom star tried to get her to join a sugar daddy website.

“Farrah told me she met this guy on a sugar daddy website. She flew out to see him and everything. She said they give you money to like go on vacation or to go shopping. They pay your bills.”

Radar obtained what Myla (seen above with Farrah) claims is a text message from Farrah encouraging her to get in on the sugar baby action.


Myla, who just had images from her sex tape (porno) that she filmed at Vivid Entertainment (sounds familiar) hit TMZ, also went on a rant about Abraham being desperate for money:

“Going on the site shows how desperate she is for money right now. She did not make that much [from her sex tape]. If she had made that much, she would have shown everyone the check instead of waiting a few weeks to show everyone the residuals check! It’s obvious she was lying. She makes all of her money off of [nightclub] bookings and her sugar daddy website. She’s doing anything she can. She’s desperate.”

Sinanaj went a step further via Twitter when she flat out called Farrah an escort, “lol thank u & don’t worry im gonna air out how @F1abraham is a ESCORT and I have the proof ….coming to a blog near u :)”

Farrah provided a written response to the allegations:

“Thank you For notifying me of lies and scams by both of these women [Myla and her manager] as they will be reported. For the record I am a millionaire, secondly I never optioned that the Fatima or ‘Myla’… ever be apart of those things and I have no idea why they are sending made up texts to cause drama. I no longer speak to them… I have a real life with real people in it.”

Top “Free Buffet” Photo: Myla Sinanaj / Twitter

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  • Michelle

    LOL!!! there is no honor among wh*res.

  • Shannon

    I believe it!!! She’s already done porn. Escorting is no big deal at this point.

  • Lisa

    “I never optioned that Myla be a part of that,” LOL.

    • Sara

      OMG does this even make sense? LOL! English isn’t my first language and even I can tell Farrah can’t write worth a shit!

  • Ashley

    Note that the first thing she chose to clarify was that she was a millionaire. Good priorities Farrah.

    • Sara

      You read my mind, dear!

  • Sweet Venom

    I’m afraid of her face in that photo.
    There’s no way in hell she’s a millionaire with all the money she spends on her trips and plastic surgery.

  • nanaboo

    It’s hard not to believe that she is dating men for money. Porno, promoting nightclubs, dating men for money and next she’ll be swinging from a pole somewhere.

  • heyBale

    unfit mother
    The thing that bothers me the most about farrah is how she treats dogs as a fashion statement. And when its no longer fashionable to her, the dog is gone… I hope the dogs find a better home and she just doesnt do the unthinkable to spare herself the trouble of it all.

  • Me

    I remember her saying something a while back about dating 3 ‘businessmen’..this escort rumor sure seems to have a ring of truth to it.

    • md

      No shit! It makes perfect sense now. She said she was dating 3 successful businessmen, 2 of whom she LIKED. I thought that was so weird at the time, but it totally makes sense now. She just kind of left off the part about them being sugar daddies. Actually I’ve been waiting for her to hook up with some old greaser with a big bank account. I figure it’s the only thing left for her to do.

  • Geniya

    I can’t wait till we get her mug shot for soliciting.

  • jessica

    well she definitely looks like an escort…

  • Wow

    I honestly can’t believe that she turned out like this. I mean, on 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom, she acted like she was better than everyone and everything, like she wouldn’t dare sink down to anyone else’s level, much less the level of a porn star/sugar baby! I know she came from a f*d up family (her mom, ugh) but did anyone really see this coming? Her being in porn & stuff?!

  • Laura

    Why haven’t CPS been called? I feel so sorry for Sophia.

  • GInger

    I’d imagine her being a dead fish in bed

    • frontdoormom

      Idk have you seen her porno? Lol shes rather disgusting…but I believe the escort thing. She is a desperate human being…so sad.

  • Bec

    Haha so Gina Rodriguez PR team wants us to believe that men actually PAY to bone ole Arab boy? This is such a publicity stunt and everyone involved is so transparent. These z list celebs would sell their own grannies to be talked about for 5 minutes. I have seen escorts, the successful ones are GORGEOUS. No successful man would actually pay to sleep with this “girl”. Farrah- remember you had to pay a guy to sleep with you.

    She is also no millionaire. All she has is a charge card at BEBE and a crap apartment in TX. She was also bragging about Sophia being in private school, big woop, my son is in private school in Atlanta and I am middle class.

    • md

      Ok let me clarify something. I live near her. Sophia is in a frickin DAY CARE. It’s not a private school. She is such a liar. She lives in a very modest apartment complex. It’s a joke! Google James Deen dishing on Farrah selling her tape. He tells what really happened. She never owned the tape, she did not make anywhere close to 1million. She was paid just like he was. It was all to hype the tape’s release. Such a poser. But you can’t keep up the sham forever Farrah!

  • Ashley

    I think the “Free Buffet” sign behind the two of them is rather appropriate!

    • Kelly

      I literally lol’d at this! Sooo true!

  • Kieffah’s Hoodie

    This is just gross. Farrah went from shitty mom, to reality “star”, and now she’s a skanky fauxlebrity.