What happens in The Hills alternate ending?


An alternate ending for The Hills was broadcast on MTV this morning. Which ending you prefer?

The original ending of the reality> show involved Brody Jenner saying a tearful goodbye to Kristin Cavallari before she supposedly left for Europe in a car. A moment later the camera panned back, she got out of the car, and it was revealed they were acting in from of a Hollywood facade. The alternate ending doesn’t show any of that, instead it cuts to Brody reuniting with ex Lauren Conrad (who’s now dating William Tell, a musician.)

“Where you been?” LC asks. “I was just saying goodbye to a friend of mine,” he replies.

LC: “You okay?”

BJ: “Yeah, I’m all right.

LC: “It’s hard to say goodbye.

BJ: “Yeah, it is.”

The original ending:

The profundity just bowls you over, doesn’t it? I think Lauren Conrad has actually talked about that this was one of the endings they considered. Which ending do you prefer?

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  • ashley

    The original for sure! I remember being so shocked. I actually believed it was “reality” tv.

  • whit

    both kinda stupid

  • Kara

    I actually like the alternate ending better.

  • Cheermom_1975

    I like the original ending better because it made you realize that it wasn’t really real- or was it?

  • Yup, I said it

    The alternative ending doesnt work now because we know Lauren and Brody never get back together, plus it look like Brody and Lauren were each in different locations when they filmed that scene. Lauren was probably in NY when she taped that ending and the producers edited the footage to make it seem like they were in the same room. Wack!

  • Sarah

    Definately liked the original better. The alternate ending isn’t that great and seems weird.
    The original shocked!