The Hills update: What is Audrina Patridge doing now?

The Hills Audrina Patridge

MTV is currently re-airing episodes of their fan favorite pseudo-reality series The Hills, culminating on Friday with the airing of the much-anticipated alternate ending. The marathons have rekindled an interest in the lives of cast members, perhaps none more so than the only major cast member to star in all six seasons, Audrina Patridge. So what has Audrina Patridge been up to since finishing up The Hills?

Prior to The Hills ending MTV ordered a pilot episode for a spin-off reality show for Audrina tentatively titled The Audrina Show, but they would eventually pass on the project. MTV sister network VH1 did pick up the show however and Audrina premiered on April 17, 2011 and ran for ten episodes.

Here’s a promotional shot of Audrina Patridge from the VH1 Audrina show:

VH1 show Audrina starring Audrina Patridge from The Hills

The series starred Audrina’s family, including mother Lynn Patridge, dad Mark Patridge, sisters Casey Loza and Samantha Patridge, brother “Marky” Patridge, Casey’s husband Kyle Loza, and Audrina’s boyfriend Corey Bohan. The show After averaging 610,000 viewers an episode, the network announced on September 1, 2011 that it would not be renewing Audrina for a second season.

Audrina Patridge and partner Tony Dovolani Dancing With The Stars

Just after the conclusion of The Hills in 2010 Audrina Patridge received national attention by competing on the eleventh season of Dancing With The Stars. Audrina’s dance partner was Tony Dovolani (above) and the couple finished in seventh place. Audrina’s mom Lynn Patridge made headlines after Audrina’s elimination with a viral video of her drunken rant protesting the judges’ decision.

Audrina Patridge Dream Maker web series

In January of 2011 Audrina Patridge signed on to host the Dream Maker webseries on The description from the site: “Dream Maker stars Audrina Patridge as an up and coming talent manager who moves from Hollywood to Detroit to start her own talent firm.” Among those joining Patridge on-camera are YOBIAct winners Rory Kramer and Lisa Mason Lee, YOBILaugh winners Joshua David Evans and Gisele Noel, YOBISing winners Kari Fleskes and Janick Thibault, and YOBIFilm winner Tal Haring. The contest winners working behind the camera are YOBIPics winner Chris Ebarb and YOBIFilm winners Tal Haring and Paul Kurti. The webseries had 13 episodes, which are still available to watch at

Audrina Patridge Into The Blue: The Reef photo

Audrina Patridge tried her hat at movie acting, getting some screen time on the direct-to-DVD films Sorority Row (2009) and Into the Blue 2: The Reef (2011). (You can see Audrina Patridge with dark hair from Into the Blue 2: The Reef in the photo above.) Audrina also had small parts in Honey 2 (2011) and Scary Movie 5 (2013), although her scenes in Scary Movie 5 (as Christian Grey’s Slave) were cut out in the final edit, reportedly due to the fact that they were too risqué for a PG-13 movie.

Currently, Audrina Patridge manages to keep very busy being Audrina Patridge, often time doing interviews, attending events, hanging out with her “love of my life” Corey Bohan, and looking damn fine in a bikini. And speaking of looking damn fine in a bikini, the 2013 Audrina Patridge calendar is still available and a must have for any admirer of AP! Here’s a preview:

Audrina Patridge 2013 swimsuit calendar

If your re-addicted to The Hills, be sure to check out our “What are Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt doing now?” post too! OK, now back to binge watching The Hills marathons on MTV!

* If MTV is currently on an extended commercial break, you can kill about 15 minutes scrolling up and down this Audrina Patridge bikini photo!

The Hills Audrina Patridge bikini photo

You’re welcome 😉

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  • Jacey

    You said that Audrina was the only major cast member on all six seasons, but wasn’t Heidi on all 6 seasons, too? She was a major cast member wasn’t she?

    • Yo

      No she and spencer got kicked off the last season

  • Bryony

    I always wanted to think she was pretty… because she has all the right things that should make someone pretty – nice hair, nice teeth, great body. But there’s just something odd looking about her face that I could never quite pinpoint…

    • burkey

      i think it’s her eyes.. they just look very dead or like she’s on drugs or something. her teeth are also a little too big for my liking. but like you said she does have alot of things that you would expect to make someone attractive but it doesn’t all come together the way you’d think

      on another note that bikini bottom does not fit right and it’s gross

    • twelfthnight

      I agree with Burkey, it’s the dead ceiling eyes and her teeth being too big for her mouth.

    • Steph

      I personally think she’s attractive but isn’t a bombshell. Ontop of her ceiling eyes she also has a very small uper lip (I think she may of used fillers at some point) but with her big teeth her lip sticks out to me much more so. Also if you watched the hills (like I did) you know she’s not the brightest, and she’s dull. Personality is a main key for me when it comes to attraction. So for me I think that plays into me not thinking she’s amazing.

      That being said, Im only 120 and I’d kill for her body, and when she isn’t actually looking at the camera her ceiling eyes aren’t there and she’s much more attractive.. I think she’s an attractive 20something that always got more hype than she deserved. She looks like her mom so she’ll probably always be attractive… but I just dont think she’s a bombshell which is which is what the hills tried to portray her as at first, and what US weekly also tried to do when she was famous.

  • Pat Brown

    she’s annoying and very boring, that’s why anything she’s tried doesn’t take and gets cancelled, she doesn’t draw people to her, she’s not watchable!

  • Yup, I said it

    Audrina just comes off as so dumb. Heidi and Audrina thought they were the stars of the show and that the HILLS were holding them back. Now in 2013 they all realized that Lauren was the true star of the show. Watching the marathon I realized at Heidi’s wedding, Kristen caught the bouquet and she was the next cast member to get married.

    • Steph

      I think Audrina always knew it was Laurens show, which is why she was always so up Laurens ass, but once Lauren left she certainly thought shed be the star. Kristins came out saying how her and Stephanie Pratt were always friends and how she never dated Justin Bobby that it was just part of the show (I do think she prob slept with him, because Kristins was a bit of a skank… Kristin lovers dont attack me. I actually like her. But since the laguna she was always a bit skanky)The last few season (s?) With Kristin were staged…

      but for sure Heidi and Audrina thought they’d be the stars with lauren gone… and if only Heidi never met Spencer.. Before him she was cute, bubbly, so fun and likeable… season 1 heidi could of had a mtv show till she was old. Made a living off of being filmed. Shame spencer changed her the way he did… shes an uninteresting doormat now, that screwed up her face/body up.. anyone remember right after she got her first nose job/boob job combo. .. she should of never changed after that. She was beautiful.. and before surgery she was the cutest thing ever.. such a shame. I miss season 1 Heidi, she was the most entertaining (in a good way) about the first season.

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