Farrah Abraham’s Passy Perfume isn’t working with 4-year-old Sophia

Farrah Abraham Daughter Sophia

A photo posted by Farrah Abraham this weekend doesn’t do any marketing favors for her children’s book, Passy Perfume. Despite claiming she broke her daughter’s habit of sucking on a pacifier last year, the recent picture shows four-year-old Sophia is still attached to her “passy.” (Sophia was also seen using a pacifier in a recent keek video posted by Farrah in which mom had to pull the passy out so viewers could understand what Sophia was saying.)

The thing is, weaning children off their pacifiers is a relatively common struggle for parents. Most of them just don’t write books about their supposed success, only for the kids to regress into pacifier-sucking ways a few months later.

Here’s the tease from the back of Passy Perfume: “Farrah has struggled with Sophia for two years back and forth through her baby and toddler stages trying to break the bad habit of the pacifier, through crying, bribery, and exhaustion. Farrah finally won with promising Sophia one thing, her very own Passy Perfume, something that is timeless and has no bad consequences like crooked teeth!”

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As Farrah’s own book mentioned, there are some potentially negative consequences for children who don’t give up their pacifiers. Although there are benefits to pacifier use for babies, the advantages are outnumbered by the disadvantages after the first year or so.

One of the biggest concerns with long-term pacifier use is malocclusion, or the misalignment of teeth.

“The most significant malocclusions occurred in children who continued sucking habits beyond 48 months, but there were notable changes in children who continued beyond 24 months,” reported Dr. Sumi Sexton and Dr. Ruby Natalie for American Family Physician. “A more recent study confirms these negative dental effects with pacifier use after two years of age.”

Another potential issue is that the pacifier may hinder children’s speech development. One 2010 study for the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association found prolonged pacifier use affects articulation skills. Based on a Keek video Farrah posted last week where Sophia was sucking on the pacifier while talking, that does seem to be a bit of a battle for the young mom!

So, it’s not that we want to interfere with the decisions any mother makes… But, we might suggest Farrah pick dig out her copy of Passy Perfume for Sophia’s bedtime story tonight.

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  • Bec

    Farrah is too busy living in her lala land where she is “dating” 3 men, a horse impersonator and business woman and top porn star! She has no time for such unimportant things like mothering a child!

  • Madison

    I feel bad for Sophia, she is going to have to grow up with the embarrassment of her mother

    • Geniya


      I bet when Sophia gets older she will lie about her name and who her real mom is just to not associate with Farrah.

  • A pacifier serves as a substitute for an emotional need. Sophia’s reliance on hers stems from the fact that Farrah does not spend enough time with her, letting other activities take precedence over her child. Farrah would rather just pop the pacifier in Sophia’s mouth rather than fix the reasons why she’s so attached to it in the first place. I feel so sorry for Sophia.

  • hello

    omg just throw the damn thing away

    • micro OP

      Seriously! It’s not that hard to do!

  • Jenn

    I weaned both of my sons off the pacifier at the age of one by just taking them away. They would cry and whine for them for a few days, but I stood my ground and eventually they got over it.

    Farrah is too damn lazy to stand her ground when it comes to Sophia. She just plugs her up to shut her up. Sophia is destined to be a spoiled brat if things keep going this way.

  • RockinMomma

    She probably just plans to buy her daughter some new teeth when she buys her her new nose, or her first pair of boobs…

    Do what every other successful parent has done. Throw away the pacifier and don’t buy more. Here’s a clue, Miss Teen Mom, you’re the parent.

  • Ashley

    I still don’t get what a passy perfume is?

    • Cheermom_1975

      I can only imagine that it’s some stinking toddler safe perfume that is used as a reward for giving up the pacifier. So Farrah, what’s the deal for parents with boys to help them be just as successful as you with losing the passy? Oh yeah, you don’t do anything. And what a dummy- who writes a book & praises their child for being passy free, but yet post pics on social media with the damn thing in her mouth?? Guess she counts no one looking at her Keek videos.

  • twelfthnight

    I don’t think I’ve ever even heard of a four year old who doesn’t have a mental handicap using a pacifier. And even then, those kids usually graduate to some other ‘safety’ item.

    Farrah is a lazy, crappy mom.

  • jebuz

    This is stupid. Just snatch.and throw away. Lazy fat head.

  • GingerAnn1212

    You throw the pacifier away and the child is done. It’s not rocket science.

  • Cheermom_1975

    A child still using a passy at age 4 is just sorry parenting. Sometimes you just have to take the thing away & suffer through it. I told my daughter on her 2nd birthday that two year olds can’t use a passy so she has to give hers to another baby. I kept reminding her everyday for almost two weeks before “THE” day. Farrah just needs to keep her a$$ (literally) out of the streets doing what she wants to do and experience real parenting for once.

  • LexiconD1

    On my son’s first birthday, we threw away all of his pacifiers and bottles. I made a huge ceremony of it. However, I had prepared him by taking away the pacifier for chunks at a time and teaching him how to drink from a cup (nope, not a sippy cup either). It only took a couple of months.

    But then, I had no trouble potty training or teaching him how to swim or ride a bike…

  • the ugly truth

    Her next book should be called “I Am A Delusional Liar” by Farrah Abraham.

  • Paige

    The only place I’ve ever seen a child that old with a paci is in Walmart….coincidence Farrah?

  • Too old for a pacifier

    Farrah needs to get her hooked off of that before Sophia has buck teeth

  • Sanoga

    Dude, all joking aside, I think using a pacifier is the LEAST of this kid’s worries…

  • missemily

    My brother and I never used them 🙂 mom says we wouldn’t ever take them.
    My sister had gets and I can remember her being scared to death when she lost hers. I’m only4 years older, but I think it was gone by her 2-3 birthday.
    I had s friend who’s mom couldn’t wean their youngest from his. She tried EVERYTHING. Throwing them away didn’t work, just at bedtime didn’t work…Finally she closed one down the toilet. The baby brought his other one and flushed it himself! No problem after that!

    Now my dad’s girlfriend, and getting her daughter to sleep in her own bed has been a while different ordeal, and a work in progress.

  • falina

    Both seem to have oral fixations……

  • Shannon

    Her kid is funny looking like her mother. And she’s almost 5 and still sucking on a binky. That’s a disgrace. Is she toilet trained yet??

    • sammi

      Sophia is gonna end up acting just like her mom.
      Unfortunately, she is her only model. Didn’t u guys see Sophia screaming at the top of her lungs to her grandpa at the beach cause he wasn’t giving her the toy fast enough. Not to mention neither Farrah or her dad corrected her.

  • sammi

    My son got off the passy at 8 months old. He was crying in the middle of the night one night, his dad was holding him, trying to console him, he was talking in a baby voice trying to make my son feel better, he took the passy and tried giving it to my son, my son snatched it out his own mouth and threw it across the room lol. That was the end of the passy lol

  • scobb

    That poor child is going into school next year and will be made fun of.

  • Brandy Barnett

    Farrah’s life is pretty stressful and chaotic and by extension that means Sophia is also stressed. It’s very possible that she was weaned off of it and had some regression as they moved, caretakers changed, etc. Providing emotional stability is far more important in the long run than the impact of pacifiers on dental health. Having said that, with as much importance as Farrah places on looks, I am surprised that this isn’t more of a big deal to her.

  • KC

    She’s not being a parent. Throw the things out and teach Sophia that life is not always going to give her everything she wants. She’s going to turn out as spoiled as her mother. How is it that Farrah thinks its cute to capitalize on her failures as a parent?