PHOTOS 7th Heaven star Mackenzie Rosman’s Maxim spread proves she’s all grown up

Mackenzie Rosman Ruthie Camden Maxim August 2013
Mackenzie Rosman wants to make sure we all realize she isn’t Ruthie Camden, the youngest daughter on 7th Heaven.To prove her point, she stole a page from on-screen big sis Jessica Biel’s notebook and posed for Maxim.

As someone who grew up watching the long-running Christian show, it’s really strange to see these pictures… Largely because 23-year-old Mackenzie still has the same baby face as when she was on the show.

Then again, you know what they say about preachers’ daughters!

Mackenzie Rosman Grown Up

Mackenzie (who I keep subconsciously calling Ruthie) also talked to the magazine about how Jessica Biel’s topless photo shoot for Gear made an impression on her — even though Mackenzie was just nine years old at the time.

“It was a big deal. The magazine was banned on set, I think by orders of Aaron Spelling,” Mackenzie said. “I sneaked a peek at it, though. It was racy gossip amongst the women of 7th Heaven!”

Hopefully Mackenzie doesn’t look back on her own spread the same way as Jessica, who later said she regretted the entire decision. Still, Mackenzie seems to know what she’s doing, considering she’s older than Jessica was and she’s been the subject of a photo controversy before: Pictures of Mackenzie making out with another girl and posing in her underwear leaked when she was 19.

Mackenzie Rosman Grown Up

Mackenzie has kept a relatively low profile since 7th Heaven ended its 11-year-run in 2007. However, the Maxim spread was conveniently timed for release during the same week as her new TV movie trailer, Ghost Shark.

Looks like we’ll soon be seeing a lot more of Mackenzie in more way than one… The complete spread will be in September issue of Maxim.

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  • Stephanie

    I still see her as Ruthie. These are so awkward to me.

    She’s girl next door cute, not maxim hot… nothing about these scream sexy… just so awkward.

    • Brynn

      I agree :-/ I mean, she’s a grown woman now and can do whatever she wants, but…I don’t know…she really still does have the same face she had when she was like 10. I felt kind of wrong looking at these…

  • Bryony

    No. Just no. I feel gross looking at these. She looks like 10 year old Ruthie Camden still!!

    • jess

      Agree it was weird

  • amberc88

    so glad im not the only one that felt weird looking at these, I still see her as a little kid. so this is just not pleasent too look at, makes me feel like a creepo

  • DeeDeDee

    These look like they were shot with a point and shoot in somebody’s basement. Looks like a child star attempting to over come the sweet and innocent image that her part in 7th Heaven got her.

    • Eve

      My first thought was that these looked like funny “risque” pictures girls take of each other at sleepovers when they’re just goofing around.

  • kayla

    It looks like her head was just posted on another girls body. Her face has not changed in all of these years at all. It’s just… weird.

  • Sara Hearn

    Nooo Ruthie!! What have you done? I am with everyone else when they say they feel gross looking at these. Same face as when she was a little girl.

  • Blair

    Isn’t this the same magazine Jessica Biel posed for when she quit the show? What, do they go scouting for ex-7th Heaven stars? lol Maxim is like Playboy, but with clothes on.

  • 1millionpeopleagree

    Ruthie.. nooo. There’s other ways. I’m usually the first to go “oh cool,!” but somethings not clicking… America just wants you to be its sweetheart. America already has its miley cyrus, tera reed, Lindsay lohan…

  • T.Marie

    And just like that my child hood is destroyed

  • Sweet Venom

    In the last photo she still has that baby Ruthie face. Sooo creepy in contrast with the sexy bod and lingerie

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