Courtney Stodden discusses Farrah Abraham after rejecting $5 million porn offer

In an interview with E!, teen bride Courtney Stodden discussed why she turned down a possible multi-million dollar payday to do porn. While doing so, she was asked about former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham’s choice to sell hers.

It was recently teased that Stodden was going to be doing a sex tape of her own with husband Doug Hutchison and she kinda sorta is…  The age-gapped lovers recorded a video series for’s online courses that promises to put the spice back in any relationship. In these tutorials she will be keeping her clothes on while her mom and manager, Krista Keller, revealed that Courtney received a serious offer to film solo scenes for an adult website.

CEO Max Gambler of Panoporn put a deal on the table for two “solo scenes” that would be shot and edited together for a 360 degree video experience. The offer included a guarantee of $100,000 to $200,000 upfront and included some back loaded agreements that could have netted $3.5 to $5 million in profit for Stodden. In his official offer he wrote:

“We would have no request to have her have sexual contact with anyone out of respect for her husband. These scenes are very simple to do and would only last about 15 minutes and not the typical 1 hour plus movies that other companies try and create.”

Max Gambler (is this really the guy’s name!?!) also referenced the recent deal Farrah Abraham made with Vivid Entertainment, promising Stodden that she would haul in way more cash. When asked about the comparison Stodden said:

“Success means different things to different people. Everybody has the right to live their lives the way they want to live them.”

When she was asked if it was difficult to turn down that kind of money she replied with an emphatic, “Yes!” She added, “It is not the direction I am interested in taking in my life.”

As for Abraham, she’s embracing her experience with the adult film industry. She recently tweeted, “Thank you Fans 4 the votes #Hottest Sex Scene and #Greatest Celebrity Sex Tape of all time!”

Image: Twitter / Splash News

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  • stephanie

    You know you’re pathetic when teen bride Courtney has enough self respect to say no to solo shots, and you don’t… way to go Farrah.

    But that being said, when Courtney and Doug divorce, it won’t shock me if she takes those offers up.

    • Dani

      I love how you wrote “when”, not even going to go with “if” since we all know this was not a marriage built to last.

  • awoman

    This story humors me. I think a 15 minute masturbation scene would be 10 times less embarrassing than half of the videos she puts out there….anyone remember that cat video?

    • amberc88

      RIGHT!!! hahaha i thought the same thing

  • Nikki

    It’s a sad day when Courtney Stodden is the more respectable person in any situation. o.O

  • Kir

    A couple of weeks back, didn’t she say that she already has a sextape??

    • meg

      I don’t think anyone but Cortney wants to see Doug naked, if that who its with lol.

  • I still hate fake boobs. Talk about plastic people.