Flavor Flav’s pregnant girlfriend Liz Trujillo rushed to hospital during filming

Flavor Flav and his girlfriend Liz Trujillo were facing some serious issues when they filmed Couples Therapy this spring, so serious that they couldn’t even talk about most of them on camera or in group therapy.

One of the things that they were hiding is the fact that Flav is facing a domestic violence trial for allegedly attacking Liz and her son last fall. Another issue that came to light is that Liz was in denial about being pregnant with Flav’s eighth child, and their second together. She asked for a pregnancy test, which came out positive and caused her to completely break down emotionally. From several camera angles on the show it looked like she was possibly five or six months pregnant by the time she took the test. Liz was truly in a desperate state, lamenting that she couldn’t raise another baby alone.

Dr. Jenn revealed that Liz had some personal health issues that made the show monitor her closely after they found out about the pregnancy. At some point the cameras caught Liz seem to pass out while sitting up on her bed, letting her phone just slip out of her hand. After evaluation by the house doctor, they called 911, and Dr. Jenn became concerned because Liz would not reveal her personal health problems to the paramedics.

Back when she was rushed to the hospital in April, TMZ got a tip that she was in the hospital, but they reported that she had ODed on painkillers. Flavor Flav’s rep told them. “The claim of an overdose, or any involvement of drugs, could not be further from the truth.”

Flavor faces 10 years of prison for the domestic violence charges.

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  • BeckyGrey

    Liz is an ass and so is Flav. I believe Liz had a substance abuse problem. She was also very whiny (maybe because she was hormonal) and very difficult to watch.

    • DreamLuvAngel

      Let’s not judge this woman. Evidentally, she is going through more than we know. I am praying for her strength to get through the difficult times she may be experiencing. Calling Liz an ass is very inappropriate! I wish her, her son, and her unborn child the very best!

      • Ashlee Wilson

        No, we shouldn’t judge. You are right.
        But I understand where Becky is coming from. She has issues that I can only assume stem from well before “Flav”. She is too old to be so attention-seeking. Hiding under tables?… her children are going to be so embarrassed. I hope she cleans up her act- for her children especially.

      • ShortStopInBrooklyn

        Who doesn’t judge? We all do. This includes YOU! You’re not exempt! You have opinions about people, places and things. How do you think you ever arrive at these opinions? You assess the situation, person, place or thing. You evaluate them. You JUDGE them. You can play “word war” all you wan’t, but it’s all the same thing. When you make an informed decesion about someone, you determined this by judging them. And that’s just point blank period. End of story.

        Pious hypocrites like you are so amusing.

        Take care and be safe.

    • Kat Mandoo

      Can you imagine being her age, a small child, pregnant with another by a man that DV’d you and was facing 10 years in prison? No, but she is so please let this pass.

  • sara

    Ewww, who wants to bang flav?! I threw up in my mouth just typing that.

  • Lisa Patterson

    I hope she stops with the drinking now that she is for sure pregnant. She is mental, I also hope she gets help with that.

  • Christen

    Did you see the picture of her after the assault? Maybe you should before judging her. I’ve read all the reports and seen all the pictures. She once was very lovely looking with a very beautiful smile. Her behavior on the show to me looks like battered woman’s syndrome. Not only did he beat her he was chading her teenage son around the house with 2 knives trying to KILL him.
    I was with you all at first on the show you see this fun outgoing guy who us trying to save his relationship and you see this whinny negative little bitch. But after reading all those reports no wonder she is the way she is. Poor girl is trapped and that scum knows it. He even said on the show if she leaves he will give her NO money. I believe it too. She’s going to have a teen and two babies to take care if in her own. My heart breaks for her what a terrible feeling to be feeling

  • Hayzii

    So she has going against her, or rather the baby has going against it, the fact that she is well over 35 (high risk pregnancy), she obviously has a substance abuse problem, and she had no pre-natal care for the first 5-6 months of her pregnancy. How disgusting and irresponsible. I also feel bad for their young son who has her as a mother.

    • Hayzii

      Also, she looks like grumpy cat with the over-exaggerated frown she always has on her face. That along with the hiding under tables and in closets is just such attention seeking behavior.

  • brown953

    So Liz was in her 2nd Trimester of pregnancy when she and FF went on Couples Therapy and she claims she didn’t know she was pregnant? Liz has – what -3 children? Two teens from previous relatioinships that live with her and FF as well as their son Karma. As much as FF can be an a**, this woman takes the cake! I was amazed when the previous week she told the world that “Flavor has a really low IQ!”….what?? How would she know and if so why blurt that out on national tv?! And, why let yourself get pregnant again with a man you claim has a low IQ?!….Liz has some serious problems!

  • Taya

    Wow!! Of course she has a Problem!! And whatever it may b, Drugs,mental, Pregnancy,FF,the Most Disguisting thing is WhT Kind of Dr is Jenn on CT to Allow this Behavior? Knowing she May B w Child?!! & Letting this Sh** go on, Not Protecting The Unborn? A Unborn Child w/out A Voice…The Whole Flav Family Needs Serios Help,, Csn someone Out There Help These People, out of Kindness the Right thing to do, For the Human Race, for Life/Lives..instead of Only RAtings, Money$$, TV, Self Gain..

  • Mike

    Just what the world needs. Another Flavor Flav. I’m sure welfare dollars will be paying for this waste of oxygen.

    • Chester L. Gato

      Um, I’m pretty sure Flav makes too much money to be on welfare. And she would be so set if she left him. He would be paying her enough child support to sit pretty for at least the next 18 years. Especially now with the second kid. She would hit the jackpot!

      And it was beyond obvious that she’s a big druggie. She knew damn well she was knocked up. She had to play the pregnancy test card because she started to show and she knew how bad she would look.