Breaking Amish L.A.’s Lizzie is secretly pregnant

Pregnant Breaking Amish LA cast member Lizzie

Lizzie, one of the cast members on TLC’s Breaking Amish spinoff Breaking Amish: LA, says she never felt like she fit in with her Amish friends and family, and got her first taste of English life while working at markets in Philadelphia and Maryland when she was a young teen. The 21-year-old met her boyfriend, which her family doesn’t know about while working at a market in Maryland, and now she has an even bigger secret that she’s hiding from her family: she’s pregnant!

“I’m so excited to have my baby and start my family, but I need to leave as soon as possible,” she says. “Going to California is definitely gonna help me to be happy during my pregnancy, and to not be judged.”

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  • Miss-Mandy Lynn

    For some reason I thought abes brother would be her secret baby daddy but I guess not..

    • Jazzy2

      Well, now that we know her baby’s father is BLACK ..what do you think the “Bishop” is going to do to her? She will probably have to go into hiding…and her parents will NEVER, I am sure see their grandchild because she will be shunned..these people need to stop the crap and live their lives like normal people..they are all hypocrites, sex before marriage, sex with other people while married, drinking…and yet they pretend that it is forbidden in their culture..they should get a life!

  • HJ

    SO does the father of the bay know he is a father?? why not tell him? Is he married?? English?? SOmething here niot right LOL!!

  • Lord Alderon

    They are all loose individuals.

    • barbie

      loose would be sleeping with everyone. she has 1 baby daddy. im sure uv slept with more than one person. dont judge ppl u dont know

      • Lord Alderon

        See, you are wrong…