TEEN MOM 2 Jo Rivera’s girlfriend Vee competing in Miss New Jersey pageant

Jo Rivera's girlfriend Vee Vetzabe Torres

Teen Mom 2 star Jo Rivera’s girlfriend of more than two years, aspiring model Vetzabe “Vee” Torres (photo above), is looking to put her good looks, talent, and personality to the test as a contestant in the 2014 Miss New Jersey Pageant! The 21-year-old made the announcement this week and has launched a fundraising campaign to help raise $2,000 to get her one step closer to making her dream a reality.

Here’s the message posted by Vee on her fundraising campaign at GoFundMe.com:

I am officially a 2014 contestant in the Miss New Jersey pageant & in order to accomplish my goal of possibly becoming miss New Jersey it is obvious I need sponsors. I need to raise enough money to get my sponsors & take this all the way. Any donation will help no matter if its big or small. This is very important to me. I am trying to accomplish something that’s been a dream of mine for a long time now so I would really appreciate any type of help. To everyone who wants to help/donate. Thank you so much! From the bottom of my heart & always remember good karma goes a long way! I am looking forward to my journey & the help is gladly appreciated & noted. XOXO, Vee

As of the time of this post Vee appears to be well on her way to reaching her goal with $440 raised already, including #300 from boyfriend Jo, who wrote “Good luck beautiful.”

Here’s a little glimpse into the future (knock on wood) courtesy of Photoshop:

Teen Mom 2 Jo Rivera's girlfriend Vee Vetzabe Torres Miss New Jersey pageant

And speaking of Jo, he announced Vee’s participation in the pageant to his followers on Twitter on Tuesday by tweeting, “So it looks like my Queen Vee has officially become a contestant of the Miss New Jersey pageant!” He then added, “She does need any help and support she can get so if your with her please check out this site http://www.gofundme.com/3jvow8?preview=1 any donation will help!”

Jo also sent a message to fans thanking them for more than just their support of Vee in the pageant: “And thank you to everyone for your continued support thru everything. I can’t describe how great people are to us everywhere. God bless”

The announcement sparked a pretty interesting conversation between Jo and a fan, who also happened to be a pageant veteran:

Fan: She WHAT? Hahahahahha. Oh damn. Does she know what she’s getting into? #pageantgirlforlife #itsrough

Jo: haha i guess we’ll see soon enough

Fan: I’ve been in pageants since I was 14. Tell her to make sure she can cover ALL tattoos to the point of invisible

Jo: I will definitely pass on the advice. Thanks

We wish Vee all the luck in the world, and hope to see her take the Miss New Jersey crown and move on to compete for Miss America in the fall!

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  • Kate

    1) She doesn’t have that beauty queen Barbie face that judges are looking for.

    2) She has tats and body piercings….big HUGE no-no in the pageant world….unless this is some sort of alternative, held in a Holiday Inn conference room type of pageant.

    • Ha

      Hey Kailyn! Go potty train Issac why don’t cha? So your husband doesn’t have to clean his big A$$ anymore.

      • Lisa Tate

        I hope Isaac IS potty trained by now.

        • yesisaidit

          I agree guess it would have made just too much sense for her to fully potty train the first one before getting preggo with the second when she constantly boast that works 10 hours per day. I’m wondering in what part of her brain did she think adding a second child and husband who is away all week to the mix was going to make things any easier for her.

          • Hannah

            I actually had better luck potty training after my second baby was born. My daughter had just turned 3 and she seen how gross diapers are to change and how babies wear diapers not children.

  • Wtf?


  • heyBale

    Thats the wrong pageant for her.
    She’d be more fitting for the Miss Booty Call pageant…

    • sammy

      Hi Kail!

  • yesitsme

    lol This may not be the pageant for her but Vee’s one bad bitch no wonder Kailyn can’t stomach her. She’s beautiful and makes kailyn look like some old hillbilly or hippy.

    • heyBale

      ikr, Kail is the epitome of frump.

      That, and she looks like Falcor, from the Never Ending Story

      • Tara

        That is the funniest thing I’ve read in a while, Falcor ahahaah.

        • heyBale

          hehe nice

      • yesisme

        I mean ugly headbands in 2013 SERIOUSLY Kail not a fashion statement at all

    • lyss

      sorry i don’t think vee is pretty either??

    • Lisa Tate

      I agree. She looks GREAT BUT her “tats” may be her down fall.. They’re visible.

      • Fred Smurlas

        I think her tats are so big cuz of the pregnancy, and they are visible because she is always letting them hang out of her clothes? Anyway, the space between two big tats is my second favorite hole, and I would love to squeeze those babies together around my man hood

    • who knos

      Hillbilly? Yes. Hippy? Um no. I know lots of beautiful fit hippies. Just cause Kail never brushes her hair it does no make her a hippy. You can’t be a hippy with a stick so far up your ass. I’m from Mendocino County in CA btw so I know.

    • Ashley

      Kailyn is not a hillbilly or a hippy. And all these negative comments are ridiculous. They are two separate people. One isn’t better than the other. From a mom’s perspective, I can probably tell you that she doesn’t like Vee because she’s dating her first love and the father of Isaac. That doesn’t happen with all girls, but it does with most. They are both really pretty girls that just need to learn to get along for Isaac’s sake. Honestly, I can feel for both of their situations. I’m sure neither one is easy.

    • CEE

      Yup major upgrade compared to Kailyn. I mean I am sorry but you make so much money you can’t even have time to work out? What do you do? I mean…she isn’t struggling. Jo lucked out dodging this bullet. Vee isn’t just looks either she seems like a very sweet person with a good head on her shoulders.

    • CEE

      Yup major upgrade compared to Kailyn. I mean I am sorry but you make so much money you can’t even have time to work out? What do you do? I mean…she isn’t struggling. Jo lucked out dodging this bullet. Vee isn’t just looks either she seems like a very sweet person with a good head on her shoulders.

    • Randi

      Vee has a big, wide nose that makes her face look unsymetrical, her belly button is disgusting.She also didnt have to be a single teen mom like Kail did when he piece of shit boyfriend ran out on her. She wont go on to be Miss America, it doesnt matter if you put a hood rat in a fancy dress, she will still be trash.

  • Lisa

    She is beautiful, but she seriously wants people to give her $2000 to fulfill her dream of competing in a pageant?!?! Uh, no.

  • namgirl

    Please remove the photo shopped NAM banner. That could be a possible trademark issue that I will inform nationals of.

    • Lisa

      Get the stick out of your ass, it’s not that serious.

    • jebuz

      Shut up. . . Sheesh. Can’t have a little fun…always someone ready to take it to some other level. Anyways…yea good luck to Vee đŸ™‚ hope she wins that way we can her Kail bitch about it later.

      • namgirl

        If you have actually competed in those pageants and won it means something. You know some people actually are proud of their accomplishments in life.

        • Lisa

          Some people don’t think molding oneself to someone else’s definition of beauty so they can get a crown full of rhinestones and a sash an actual accomplishment. If you’re that proud of winning a beauty contest, a little photoshopped sash on a gossip site wouldn’t matter to you.

          • namgirl

            Ignorance really is bliss for you isn’t it. Not all pageant are “beauty” pageants but I’m not going to waste my time trying to explain that. Maybe if you opened your mind to more than just what you see on TV then you could understand. All I was saying is National American Miss is a trademarked company and if they don’t want a potential lawsuit then she should remove that off. But on a side note how can one “mold themselves to someone else’s definition of beauty” when you never know who your judges are. Why don’t you look up what the judging criteria is cause I’m sure “beauty pageants” are constantly judging on community service.

            • Lisa

              Right. I’m sure the swimsuit and evening gowns show off stunning community service, eh? Sorry, not buying that load of BS. When a size 16 girl without a boatload of makeup and sparkly dresses can win your “not a beauty” pageant, maybe I’ll listen. Until then, it’s a beauty pageant.

              • namgirl

                Thank you for proving my point. NAM doesn’t have a swimsuit competition and doesn’t make any basis off body size. Also my sister queen was a size 12. And in many pageants girls under a certain age can be DQ for wearing any makeup. NAM focuses on self confidence, being able to speak confidently in pubic, hold yourself in an interview, Not everything is the Miss USA or Toddlers and Tiaras. There are a lot of good pageants you don’t see on TV and that’s why you don’t.

              • Kieffah’s Hoodie

                I participated in the Illinois pageant on Saturday, and I am a size thirteen. There is no swimsuit competition. You are scored based upon an interview, personal introduction (30 secs long) and community involvement (an item of school supply or a children’s book). Before you tell someone to “get the stick out of their ass”, you should probably take your own advice.

  • Igloo

    She is such trash.

  • H

    “It is obvious I need sponsors” could she be more crass. Ugh.

  • H

    Seriously? Immediately deleting my comments because my opinion of her differs from yours? She IS trash!

  • Nathan

    What’s the deal with all these mediocre-looking girls who think they can be professional models?

    • Mia

      If it’s the real Miss New Jersey pageant then she had to go through a lot of qualification rounds to pass it. They have to win their regional district to actually get to compete in *the* Miss New Jersey pageant. So if it’s the real deal pageant then she definitely didn’t just pay an entry fee to get into it.

  • Sweet Venom

    She has a hot body but her face is blah. She’s pretty, but I wouldn’t say pageant pretty. I also love how everyone has their head stuck up this chick’s ass. Hilarious.

  • Cheermom_1975

    She has only raised $440 in 9 days- $400 of which is from Jo & his dad. I don’t think she’ll be making the 2K needed to enter Miss New Jersey.

    • Googly Eyes

      Hahaha you are so right! I just checked it out and she got another $100 from his mom so Jo’s family has helped her get a quarter of the way there! Did she not make enough $$ from Jo’s video shoot to fund her own dream?!

  • steph

    She has a nice body, but those tattoos are trashy.
    I dont think she will win.

    • Lisa Tate

      She’s not going to make it to the top 5, 10 or whatever number they have to go on.

  • kim

    I’m sorry but I have better things to do then give my money hard earned to someone who thinks that since she has had her 5 seconds in the spotlight that she can ask people for it. She’s not even that pretty when I look at her all I see is her nose.

  • christee

    She is a little too controversial, what with the photos of her smoking weed, that sort of thing doesn’t usually go over well in the pageant world. If this really has been her dream, she should know that. But good luck to her!

    • DeeDeDee

      I always thought that you could get disqualified from pageants for stuff like that. Anything ruled immoral.. like smoking weed and boasting about drinking and smoking? Lol.

      • Kieffah’s Hoodie

        Most pageants look at someone who will be able to represent their state in a good light. She definitely has no chance in hell.

  • kayla

    Sure she has a nice body, but with those tattoos she is not going anywhere. Sorry. Plus her face looks really ugly to me.She looks much older than she is. That’s where drugs and alcohol get you.

  • Jenn

    Yeah because her posting pictures of getting high on the internet really is going to help her win a beauty pagent….

  • jemmers

    Maybe Miss Trashy NJ with those tats.

  • Jenna

    I wish her the best but I certainly wouldn’t donate money for her

  • Jenna

    Maybe MTV should pay for it like they are paying for Kails wedding.

  • Kail

    I could have JO back in a heartbeat.. this baby im carrying might even be his to.. but MTV doesnt want this known

  • Khloe

    Let the girl dream!
    So sick of these paps!

    • ncgirl

      sorry hun she put it out there begging for money. If she paid for it herself then she doesn’t have to have these comments.

  • yesisaidit

    She may not be cut out for pageant but my hat goes off to her and Jo. I’m glad that they are being smart enough to not rush into marriage or having a child. The girl may smoke or drink but she has sense enough to use birth control or at least not rush into a pregnancy in hopes of “getting back at” or “having one up on” Kail.

  • tab

    she’s so ugly and so trashy.

  • Regina

    It’s refreshing to hear something about a cast member from Teen Mom that isn’t a pregnancy. I was worried when I saw this link, but then realized it was about a pageant. Good luck Vee.

  • Anne H

    She wants people to donate money to her to be in a pageant? Ridiculous. There are many people who need donations more than her and these people need it for food, clothing, shelter etc. Get over yourself honey. You aren’t pageant material.

  • Kara

    Kail needs to get over it. I think she does feel intidimated but Vee cause she is very pretty. Vee seems like a genuinely nice person. And if Kail is so happily married then why does she even care about Vee.