Mom of racist remarking Aaryn Gries from Big Brother hires PR firm


Aaryn Gries may have been saved from the chopping block during last night’s live eviction but her mom is certainly concerned about the real world axe that will drop whenever she leaves the Big Brother house.

Gries has made a ton of negative headlines for an onslaught of racist and bigoted remarks made while competing during the 15th season of the hit reality show. CBS aired a montage of all of her hateful statements and she’s become enemy number one for fans of the show.

As far as we know, she has no idea that she’s already been axed by her modeling agency nor does she have a clue as to just how much ire will be headed her way when she re-enters society. According to an extremely reputable source, The Los Angeles Times, her mom has stepped in and hired a PR firm to help with spin control for her maligned daughter.

Sources for the series said the mother of Gries, who lives in San Angelo, Texas, has already hired a publicist for the 22-year-old college student, making Gries perhaps the first contestant in “Big Brother” history to get representation while still living in the house.

Gries isn’t seen as much of a threat so she could last longer than people would hope as was highlighted last night. A new twist that certainly isn’t working in her favor, however, is that CBS has made America the MVP this week, meaning that viewers will have the power to decide one of the three nominees for eviction and I’m just about guaranteeing that it will be Aaryn.

Host Julie Chen has already addressed her hurt and anger at the things Aaryn has said and when Gries does leave the house, that moment when she sits down with Chen live to discuss her eviction will be must watch TV.

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  • christee

    She has that kind of face.

    That kind of face you just want to slap repeatedly.

    • Blue Dogs

      That’s no surprise there. Aaryn represents an older era of segregationists who vie for the good ole days

  • Lisa Patterson

    Aaryn has so much hatred inside her heart for no apparent reason. She is ignorant. Beauty in this case really is only skin deep.

  • sharon

    What about the comments made by Spencer in relation to when women say no they mean yes (legally that is called RAPE), or the comments made by Gina Marie saying she gets N insurance or the homophobic comments made by Amanda, Kaitlin, and Gina Marie. Or how about when Amanda admits she is the RACIST and funny how Aaryn is getting all of the blame. Of the comments when Andy calls the girls whores along with Elissa. There is more than enough meanness to go around, but CBS looks the other way toward the other house guests and just focus on this ignorant 22 year old. Sorry but these other house guests are much older and you hope with age comes wisdom but not with these idiots and they are really mean, racist, homophobic, bullies and they get the good edits Look up the definition of racist in the dictionary!!! Really Ms. Chen a man talking about “potentially” saying that the raping of women is fine, but you get offended by someone saying something about your eyes, but when Aaryn asked Helen why she does not wear eye shadow, Helen comments that it is because she has asian eyes (Helen’s words). ALSO, amazing how CBS edit of Amanda is so sweet and she is the racist that is trying to get Howard kicked off the show, and Howard has totally forguen Aaryn after she offered him apology and told him she was sorry, and Howard agreed she was not a racist but that her comments were hurtful and she agreed and said she did not intend it to be. She is an ignorant spoiled sheltered 22 year old kid, but a racist I do not think so.

    • Tiff


    • Dani

      They should all know and do better, even at 22.

    • Kel

      Actually Amanda never said any such thing!!!! It was strictly Aaryn, Gina Marie and Kaitlin…..America can see what kind of trash they really are and how tasteless those comments truly were. I have never seen such pathetic behavior from adults in my life. I’m honestly embarrassed for their families and friends.

  • RIGHTway

    Aaryn is a little bitch! She will continue to say mean things because that is who she is. I don’t believe her to be no more racist than the average Texan girl her age. However! The rest should be exposed to the same as what Aaryn is going to recieve. Maybe Julie should not be doing the interview when the time comes?

  • BCN

    At 22, she should know better but she clearly needs an education on this topic. It’s unlikely after a proper understanding of this issue, she would subscribe to these views. At this point, they should pull her out of the show and allow her to learn, grow and redeem herself. If despite that, she’s the same, then so be it – but that’s highly unlikely. There’s an apparent immaturity and ignorance and we should give these young people a chance. I’m extremely disgusted at her actions and so is everyone else. Now it’s the channel’s responsibility to do the right thing and not subject the audience to this further, not subject the other cast mates to the devastating and life altering insults, and give this girl a chance to learn and rebuild and avoid further tragedy.

    • Blue Dogs

      What university is she attending currently ?

  • Kimberline

    Queen manipulator for life! Unfortunately she deserves the back lash. Even if she delivers a *I am sorry*, that will be just a lie. She is who she is! I only wish Big Brother was able to boot her off the show.