Dr. Jenn Berman: Catelynn Lowell was ‘floored’ when Tyler Baltierra called off wedding


Teen Mom stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra were supposed to get married on July 13. But, the seemingly stable couple shocked fans when they didn’t go through with the nuptials. Now, their Couples Therapy psychologist, Dr. Jenn Berman, is speaking out about the decision — and what she thinks the future holds for the pair.

“She was floored. She didn’t see it coming,” Dr. Jenn told In Touch Weekly of Catelynn’s reaction.

Although Catelynn believed the relationship was still on track, Tyler reveals in tonight’s episode of VH1’s Couples Therapy that he had been experiencing cold feet for a while.

“I’m not ready to get married, and I’ve felt this way for two months,” the Michigan birth father confessed during taping earlier this spring.

Teen Mom Tyler Baltierra's dad Butch Baltierra

After Catelynn overcame the initial shock, Dr. Jenn says the couple was able to talk more honestly about their plans for the future.

“Tyler just isn’t ready for marriage,” Dr. Jenn said. “He was so afraid of hurting Catelynn’s feelings that he hadn’t been honest with her.”

Even though their Renaissance-themed wedding has been indefinitely postponed, Dr. Jenn is optimistic about Catelynn and Tyler’s chances for the future.

“I don’t view it as a setback,” Dr. Jenn explained. “To get married before you are ready is disastrous. By calling off the wedding for now, they are giving themselves a chance for a long and healthy relationship.”

Now, without the stress of planning a wedding and withholding feelings from each other, Tyler and Catelynn are getting their relationship back on track… Which included a getaway to Northern Michigan for their ninth anniversary.

Awh! The only thing better than two kids in love is two kids in love who have their heads screwed on straight!

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  • Agnes

    He’ll never marry her. Catelynn is great, but Tyler will never be ready to be her husband. She just gets humiliated again and again…

    • No_prayers_to_spare

      I agree.

      • Guest

        It’s true. I think she needs to move on. Guys who post pone things who show fear. Chances are he wants to get marrried just not to her. She isn’t the one. I had it happen to me. Heed the red flags. The next girl he will barely know and he will marry her!

  • Tyler has always seemed more reluctant to get married than Catelynn has, even back to the first season of “Teen Mom”. It’s like he’s trying to recapture his youth and do the things that he missed out on, while Catelynn is ready to settle down and move forward. I keep thinking about how he moved away from her earlier this year.

  • MissWinks

    He still can’t trust her. She slept with another man when they were on a break one time and that still is stuck in the back of his head. Can’t blame him. I’d feel the same.

    • No_prayers_to_spare

      Yeah, because its really “cheating” or a betrayal if you are BROKEN UP. Tyler is a tool and so are you.

      • MissWinks

        Well, how do you sleep with someone else regardless if you are on a break from them if you love someone? That’s where his doubt lies. If she really does love him to have done that.

        • No_prayers_to_spare

          If you’re on a “break” you owe that person NOTHING.

          • MissWinks

            If you get back together with them you at least owe them the truth, especially if they ask. She denied at first that she slept with someone else. She’s a little liar and liars in my book don’t deserve commitment from anyone especially from someone as honest as Tyler. He’s too good for her.

      • Nathan

        “Taking a break” from a relationship so you can go sleep with someone else is no different than sleeping with someone else while still dating.

  • kayla

    If he doesn’t want to marry her after 9 years of dating her, he never will. She needs to move on.

  • They seem more like really close friends than a couple in love. Has Tyler ever even dated anyone else other than Cate? I’m not saying that people never get together really young, get married and stay together… but it’s rare. As soon as Tyler decided he wanted to be an actor, I knew that relationship would be in trouble.

    Or maybe they were expecting MTV to pay for their wedding and give them their own wedding special but that never happened so they “postponed” it.

  • Hehe

    Oh gosh golly I never saw this coming!!! *eyeroll*

  • Hayzii

    The next step is for Tyler to finally come out of the closet. I picture them still being best friends after that because obviously Cate will take what she can get..

    • Regina

      Hahahahahaha although I like them both and this is slightly mean, I also think it’s hilarious.

  • Nathan

    Tyler can do a lot better than her and he knows it. But, he’s too nice of a guy to break it off entirely. He needs to just man up and dump her so they can both go on with their lives.

  • SonnySky

    i never believed they should marry–they were thrown together due to their circumstances out of need not real love. they truly need to find out who they are and go on with their lives separately and be friends.

  • Burkey

    This is such a sticky situation. They started dating so young but because of both of their family issues I think they just clung to each other so much, then throw in everything they went through with Carly and it makes it hard to imagine not being with each other. Clearly Tyler thinks about it more than Catelynn though. They both were forced to grow up quickly because they had parents who were basically like children and then they had a child and I think it made them feel like they were ready for marriage when really there’s no reason to get married at that age. Maybe after spending time together just being a couple without planning a wedding or cameras they can figure out if they really want to spend their lives together.