Farrah Abraham turned down by Playboy Magazine… twice

'Teen Mom' reality star Farrah Abraham arrives at Sapphire Pool and Day Club in Las Vegas, NV, United States.

Farrah Abraham, like many girls, has dreamed of posing in the pages of Playboy Magazine. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to want her — no matter how many times she tries. Not only did the Teen Mom turned sex tape star get turned down by the men’s magazine, she got turned down twice.

According to TMZ sources, Farrah had her team reach out to the mag shortly after her sex tape was released. The former Teen Mom star wanted to pose completely nude, and has for the past several years. She’s even spoke about posing in the magazine just months ago, telling Hollywood Life, “I probably would do Playboy, but keep it classic and feminine. I think I would be open to that.”

Not open to that was Playboy. However, that didn’t discourage Farrah completely and last month (around the time of her topless beach photo shoot), Farrah had her people contact the magazine a second time. Still, the magazine didn’t take her up on the offer, stating that they didn’t have room for her in the pages of their mag.

While no specific reason was given as to why Playboy wasn’t interested in featuring Farrah, her sex tape could have had a little something to do with it. After all, fans have seen her nude already.

Top Photo: Judy Eddy/WENN.com

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  • Paige

    Porn and now trying for Playboy. For someone who doesnt like being compared to Kim Kardashian, she sure is doing a good job of trying to follow in her exact footsteps.

  • Kir

    HAHAHA, burn…
    She’s a complete mess. Please go take care of your child, instead of seeking the spotlights over and over again in many,mostly disgusting, ways.

  • Honeybear

    Who exactly is her ‘team’? Her mother and father maybe?

  • Madison

    playboy is far to classy for her…

  • meg9701

    Bahaha! Too bad so sad

  • Shannon

    It’s because she’s BUSTED ASS UGLY!!! And we’ve all seen this mess nude already. So who cares.

  • jebuz

    Lol this made my day. I don’t think they accept horses as models for theyr mag…maybe she should pose for the kentucky derby…she likes to be straddled like one

  • Poop face

    Why doesnt she just run around naked yelling” look at me, look at me” she is obsessed with her naked body. I bet she strokes herself to her own video/ pictures. I have never seen someone so obsessed with their own body.

    • Sweet Venom

      What’s disgusting is that she has actually admitted to being turned on by herself. She has such low standards ick.

    • Dana

      On Howard Sterns show she said she masturbates to her own sex tape. :-/
      Now I have never filmed anything sexual but would imagine if I did I’d watch it later with my partner or perhaps alone. I wouldn’t go around bragging about it though.

  • Sweet Venom

    Only a man into bestiality would jerk off to that. I’m sure the people at Playboy are aware of that.

  • rebecca

    It’s pretty sad when you’re too trashy and playboy doesn’t even want you . But I bet Farrah thinks everyone is jealous that’s why they turned her down.