VIDEO PHOTOS Betsy from Breaking Amish LA leaves her husband behind for Hollywood

Breaking Amish L.A. Betsy photo

On July 21 TLC will introduce television viewers to an entirely new batch of Amish and Mennonite men and women who are taking the courageous steps to leave their communities behind to sample “English” life in the big city — this time in Los Angeles instead of New York City in Breaking Amish: LA. One of the three women taking the journey is leaving behind one particularly upset family member — her husband!

In the preview clip above we are introduced to Betsy, a 21-year-old from Ohio who is leaving behind her spouse. According to her TLC bio, Betsy is “recently married” but “struggles with being a member of the community and has previously tried living outside the faith.”

In the video Betsy is heard saying “I ended up getting married and left my parents’ home. I figured if you get married, everything’s perfect. I had no clue.”

Betsy from Breaking Amish Los Angeles poses at her Amish home

The clip then jumps to Betsy revealing to her family (I assume) in Pennsylvania Dutch (I assume) that “I have decided I’m going out to California. I want to see what’s out there.”

The young woman she is with responds (also in Pennsylvania Dutch), “Don’t you think your husband will get mad? What’s he going to do?”

“My husband cannot stop me,” Betsy then says in a voice over. “I won’t stay.”

Betsy from Breaking Amish LA lounging

Amazingly, the internet hasn’t managed to uncover any of the last names of the cast members yet, and the identity of Betsy’s husband still remains a mystery. (I’m guessing that after the debacle that happened after the original Breaking Amish with Jeremiah Raber’s ex-wife and Rebecca Byler’s ex-husband each speaking out against the validity of the show that the network and the production company have done a little bit better job at doing whatever it would take to keep him off the radar — at least until the reunion.)

We continue to work on uncovering information about the identities of the cast of Breaking Amish: LA — if you have any information about them feel free to drop us a line at starcasmtips (at)!

Breaking Amish LA Iva Betsy and Lizzie in Los Angeles

Meanwhile, we will all wait anxiously for the series premiere of Breaking Amish: LA on TLC July 21 at 10/9c! (Despite any issues with the authenticity of the original series, I was a huge fan and really enjoyed watching those characters every week! I’m optimistic that TLC and Hot Snakes Media will be able to catch lightning in a bottle once again with the Los Angeles incarnation.)

Here’s another looong last look at Betsy, apparently strutting the streets of Los Angeles from Breaking Amish: LA episode 2:

Betsy from Breaking Amish Los Angeles in LA

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  • Dani

    Her face looks shockingly masculine in so many of these photos, attractive nonetheless.

    • donny1020

      And so does your when you take the cheap make up off, Life is not a photo shoot, you need to learn how to use it with a little more discretion or people will point and laugh at you behind your back,.

      • Dani

        I’m not pointing and laughing at her, I clearly stated that she is attractive. I said her face is shockingly masculine. Mainly due to her broad, squared jaw line. Having a masculine face is not ugly, studies show men tend to choose women with masculine facial structures over feminine to settle down with.
        I’m a theater makeup student, I’ve spent much time studying how much faces vary. From environmental, genetic, lifestyle, age, etc. I have practiced gender reversal makeup designs. That being said, with or without makeup, I have feminine facial features. High cheek bones and a soft jaw line.

  • Lindsay

    Is it possible that she was born male? I really have a hard time believing she’s a female, based on her facial features and body type. I’m honestly not trying to be rude.

    • Maz

      Wouldn’t be surprised if she’s a tranny. Producers of these shows wants big ratings and controversy,which they’d probably get a crossdressing Amish male or transgender.

      • Syn Aptic

        Wow… that has to be the stupidest comment I’ve seen. How exactly would that be acceptable or happen unnoticed in an Amish community? Just because she has androgynous features doesn’t mean anything, she has a classic model figure. Also, as a supporter of the trans community, please google why using the term “tranny” is offensive (akin to calling a black person a n*gger). Kthaxbye!

        • Jazzy2

          I really think if these people have already left their communities why are they pretending? First of all, I do watch the show because I am curious to see the lifestyle of the Amish people. But Lord, why are they pretending to be so holy whey they have babies out of wedlock, drink (remember Abe’s mother form the other show?) she drank vodka like it was ice tea. Then with this set, Betsy is married and having sex with two different men. They are not supposed to take pictures, why? but they make an album with obituaries? These people dress up in these clothes they call Amish and try to quote the bible in everything they do…shun their children because the “Bishop” says so. Who is he, certainly not God. In the past episode one called her son a trespasser and had the police throw him off their property because he wants to be a designer of clothing. What kind of parents are these? that means they have no love in their hearts. The Amish should stop pretending to be holier than anybody else, we all believe in God so they do not have to take it to the extreme..they should stop the CRAP?

  • Teri Marie Cameron

    you know now that i have seen her pictures, and now have read these comments, im thinking that just maybe shes a he? there is something not right about her? ……

    • donny1020

      Like she isn’t a fat cow with a baby? Maybe she is a alien male from Mars and because she is from Mars that would explain the vagina and breast.

      Are you to dumb to understand that there is no such thing as a transgender or crossdressing antababtist? It would be grounds for excommunication. Plus she is married, plus look at her hands. The ring finger of men and women are different in comparision to each other. It’s the one thing that is extremely hard to change but hey, anything is possible right.


    Did anybody notice in the second episode when they are in the airport that Betsy is wearing Nike tennis shoe. Wouldn’t that be against Amish traditions?

    • starskeptic

      She wouldn’t be bound by the rules of the church until she decides to be baptized.

  • mim

    Look at the face picture carefully. I don’t see the masculine thing some of you see, I think that is just lack of makeup plus I live in the midst of Amishness Ohio and the “look” is common. But, what I see or think I see in the picture is that her hair is not long, It looks like it is possibly short and brushed back and sprayed to stay.

  • Kelly Randall

    My first instinct was that she was that she was related to Rebecca from the first Breaking Amish group. She speaks and has the same mannerisms.

    • Carol

      I think so too! The faces are similar too.

      • Renee L

        I thought they sounded alike, then found out they have the same last name. But what is weird is Betsy’s adopted. So they aren’t blood related.

  • noname69

    I know her last name!!!! I am a family member and don’t believe a word out of her mouth! They are ALL lies!!!

    • donny1020

      It’s called acting, but you can call them lies.

  • bored

    Well hmmm I been reading comments and yeah she is odd
    But just because she is flat chested don’t mean she a boy and the comment about shoes maybe she bought it in a thrift store

  • No.

    Her last name is yoder.