VIDEO: Possibly drunk Justin Bieber peeing in a restaurant kitchen mop bucket

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TMZ published a video from earlier this year of a possibly inebriated Justin Bieber pissing in a New york restaurant kitchen mop bucket instead of heading to the bathroom like everyone else in the world does when they have to pee.

Justin’s entourage laughs during the performance, one of them saying “We swagger man, this is just a walk to p!ss,” and “that’s the coolest spot to p!ss, you know you’ll always remember that.”

It’s not clear if the Biebs and his buddies were drunk, but they were leaving a nightclub, and it seems like they were.

At the end of the video Justin reveals his ire for a former president by spraying a photo of Bill Clinton with cleaning fluid and saying “F**k Bill Clinton.”

If the kitchen staff didn’t catch this, then some New York diners got to walk around in on the pop star’s pee the next day.

Self-entitled much?

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  • lala84

    What a pathetic little brat! That’s what’s wrong with kids these days, everything is a joke that they can post on social media for other moronic teens to praise.

    • Cassandra

      Justin Bieber thing aside, I have to comment on the second part of your comment: that’s what’s wrong with older generations these days, they don’t realize that they were moronic teens and young adults who did stupid things too, just in different ways from the younger people of this generation. If you’re from this generation and don’t do stuff like that (just as I don’t), I can still guarantee you’ve probably done something moronic (since you’re human and not a robot) that you regret now or will regret later.

      Get off your high horse.

      • RandaE

        I may have done some stupid things in my youth, but I was not a narcissistic little prick. I would wager that in about 5 years, it’s going to be, Justin WHO?? Oh yeah.. That little moron who couldn’t ever have a picture taken without his pencil peen in his hand or his eyebrows not being shoved up into his hairline. He is the EPITOME of the word, DOUCHE BAG!!

        • Cassandra

          Did you fail to actually read my comment? I never agreed with what Justin did or his other behavior. I disagreed with the stupid “the new generation sucks” bs that all older people do. And maybe you don’t think you were a narcissistic little pr*ck but I am sure, just as most people, you’ve probably done at least one thing pretty narcissistic and those who’ve known you would probably agree. You just wouldn’t admit it.

      • JustSayin

        Sorry, but you’re wrong. I know the older generation grumbling about “kids these days” is a stereotype, and that older generations were of course young once and I’m sure they acted a damn fool themselves at times…but it’s just a FACT that kids these days are worse than previous generations. Because they are able to get away with more, and they have the technology to spread and share their bad behavior with the entire world.

        I mean, just step back and look at it the way things have changed. In I Love Lucy they didn’t even sleep in the same bed, and now you can see someone getting a blowjob on a TV. There was a time when women weren’t allowed to vote, now women have the right to act like idiots on reality tv. There was the 70s with their free love and there was women’s lib and…I’m not trying to write a damn essay, but you get my point. Times have changed pretty drastically in the last century. Society has become tolerant, but there are still people who went to schools where a teacher could discipline you physically. That wouldn’t fly today, there would be lawsuits and outrage in the media.

        Kids these days just have less respect in general, the fact that it’s shown on TV just furthers it. Kids are shown disrespecting their parents and the parents are shown acting like there’s nothing they can do about it. MY mom would smack the shit out of me if I ever spoke to her the way some kids speak to their parents these days, and I say that in the present tense because it is STILL true.

        I’m not saying there were never disrespectful/misbehaving kids in previous generations, I’m just saying it’s more widespread now, it’s more accepted. I’ve heard of kids threatening to call child services if their parents discipline them.

        I’m going off on a tangent, so I’m just gonna wrap up with this: there is a noticeable decline in the accepted behavior from one generation to the next. It’s not like it’s any one generation’s fault, they are a product of the generation before them after all. But it IS noticeable, and I’m not even from the older generation, at least I don’t consider myself to be, since I’m still in my 20’s…

        If you don’t see it, I suggest you open your eyes and took a better look at the world around you.

  • Mia

    Justin Bieber is on one of the most fascinating child star downward spirals I’ve ever witnessed. I don’t know whether to be worried or amused…?

  • Lisa

    F**k Bill Clinton? 1.) You’re Canadian moron 2.) You’re what 18? So you were a toddler when he was President? Shut up.

  • Entitlement issues

    There’s no one to check him for his stupidity. They encourage it. He will forever remember that as the best place to pee? Wow, what great aspirations his friends and associates have. What a group of LOSERS. It is amazing how celebrities attract losers like flies to poop.

    • SAMRA1116

      Hanger ons they with him for the perk, freebies, drugs, food, whatever. They not going to stop a gravy train..but someone should be handling this young man – where are his peeps???
      He won’t be happy until he hits rock bottom, in rehab. IMO

  • amberc88

    he is a joke, everything about him! his pants are the most retarded things i have ever seen in my life. they make him look like a character from a dr.suess book.

    • Lacie

      Yet you use the word “retarded” instead of “stupid” “dumb” “ridiculous”. Now THAT’S what I call a joke.

      • pepper2010

        What is ridiculous is that you are offended by a word that once meant mentally disabled but you are totally ok with other people using the term stupid, wich was a medical term to descibe someone who had learning disabilty or the mentality of a 8 years old in the 1920 . If you want my advice the whole R-Word thing is a joke. Don’t get me wrong people that makes fun of mentally disabled folks are horrible, but you can’t take a single word on a set of out dated medical term and call it an insult, while having no problem with other people using word like moron, imbecilic, stupid or idiotic. But hey that’s just my point of view maybe i’m an insensible piece of sh!t

        • JustSayin

          LOL that was just awesome. I want to print that out on a little card to hand to people.

  • Shush awns

    HIS PANTS MAKE ME SO MAD. If that EVER becomes a real fashion trend…….

  • RandaE

    He is soooo disgusting. Little fart lower than a snakes belly!!! Go away bad dream!!

  • Joe George

    Bieber will be dead in less than ten years unless he removes himself from the element.