VIDEO Meet Elizabeth, the amazing swimming baby!

Viral youtube video star Swimming baby Elizabeth

Move over Michael Phelps… 18 year from now! 16-month-old Elizabeth is taking the internet by storm with her amazing swimming skills, thanks to her ISR (Infant Swimming Resource) training. Check out this jaw-dropping viral video clip in which Elizabeth demonstrates her swimming abilities, including jumping into the pool and swimming the width of it without ever taking a breath!

In addition to utter amazement, the video also sparked some concern among parents who were concerned for Elizabeth’s safety and thought perhaps the mother in the clip was pushing her daughter too hard — forcing her to swim when she was tired.

Elizabeth’s father Adam BC, who uploaded the clip, responds to comments on the video by revealing he is a registered nurse and his wife is not only a swimming instructor, but was also a life guard for six years. He says that both of them are trained in CPR and water safety and he is certified in advanced pediatric life support. Also, Elizabeth has been trained properly by certified instructors who teach the infant swimming resource technique of swimming and self rescue.

Baby swimming viral Youtube video starring 16-month-old Elizabeth

Here are some more quotes from the mom and dad from the Youtube video page:

Our little girl absolutely loves the water. This video was taken at the end of an hour of water play so she does appear a little winded but she pushes her self we never force her to do anything she doesn’t want to do.

wow!!! how did you train her? that is awesome! how old is she?

We started her in the ISR program (Infant Safety Resource) at 14 months old, however they do accept students as early as 6 months. Now she is 2.5 years and we go to the pool 2-3 times a day. It seems that is all she wants to do!

I wonder at what age did the parents took her the pool first time!

After a few months old she loved the bath. We lived in Idaho at the time so there were not many pools or swimming due to long cold winters. We moved to Texas and found a program for her ISR (infant safety resource).

How does it feel to have your video go viral a year later?!

It’s really amazing! I didn’t mean for it to go viral I just posted it so a few friends could see. I try not to let the negative comments, I’ve seen, bother me. People are quick to make snap judgments on the internet but 99% of the comments have been positive and encouraging.

ISR Infant Swimming Resouece baby Elizabeth swimming from viral Youtube video

do you plan on her competing in swimming? or are you going to wait until she is old enough to chooses if she wants to herself?

We will let her choose. She is interested in many different activities. So far her favorite is still swimming but that may change. She loves books, climbing rocks and walls and learning about dentists and doctors.

So it’s anyone’s guess what she will choose to do with her life.

So we will she her at brazil in 2016?

If she decides to pursue swimming. she also love books, gymnastics, dancing, and singing. What ever she chooses we will supporter her 100%… even if it’s underwater tiger wrestling (though I secretly hope it’s not :)

You should not be teaching her these things at such a young age :( She barely has the strength to stand up and turn over to catch her breath. I understand you want her to be ambitious, but I would set her in more non life-threatening situations instead. Second language perhaps? That’s a great one :)

I appreciate your concern. She really is in no danger. She knows how to flip over and breath. She can actually float on her back for a really long time, hours if need be. She loves the water and we can’t keep her away from it so instead of running from it we face it head on. I’ve posted other videos I recommend you watch and you will see how much she loves the water. Also visit the ISR website (Infant Safety Resource) to learn more about the babies natural ability to swim and float.

To date, ISR has delivered more than 7,750,000 ISR Self-Rescue™ lessons and saved more than 800 lives. And to date not a single ISR child has died due to drowning.

Have you warned her to look up every so often so she doesn’t hit the edge?

She swims with her eyes open. She has never hit her head. We have since fitted her with a pair of goggles as you can see in some of our more recent videos. Now she won’t swim without them.

I only wish someone was in the pool with her-I think it’s fantastic she is swimming but in an emergency, every second counts!

That is why I’m not in the pool. You can get to the distressed swimmer faster if you are not in the water but jump in from the side.

16-month-old Elizabeth jumps in th pool in viral Youtub video

Sorry but its too dangerous…… :'(

No, What is too dangerous is living around so many pools and your child not knowing how to swim. you can put up fences and have them wear flotation devices but ultimately the child is the last line of defense!

“I can’t believe she made it across the pool?” :/ yikes probably shouldn’t have said that on tape. Either way she’s a little fish, good job little one

I was impressed because she usually comes back to me but she stepped out of her comfort zone and for a toddler that is impressive. I always knew she could make it across the pool.

This is a baby fish right?

Funny you say that because every time we ask her “Elizabeth are you a fish” she states emphatically “YES!”

Here’s an updated clip of an older Elizabeth sporting her goggles and reenacting her viral feats:

Keep up with Elizabeth’s progress with these videos uploaded by her proud mom and pop!


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  • Kso

    It amazes me how people are quick to find the faults in others parenting when clearly nothing is wrong.
    You can go to any soccer, baseball, football or track field in the world and there are going to be kids who don’t want to play and are forced to by their parents who enjoy the sport more than their child.
    Kids love to swim. She was probably just being filmed a million times and was getting sick of it like most other kids in the world of sports.

    All in all that’s pretty crazy how good at swimming she is at such a young age! I’d be pushing her too!

  • BAM

    Good for them. This just goes to show that people will bitch and moan about anything. Like the mom said, throwing up a fence and putting on floaties isn’t going to ensure your child’s safety. Avoiding situations is just lazy so teach your children how to be safe.

  • Cheermom

    I think it’s great!

  • LexiconD1

    Maybe this is abnormal to the rest of the nation, at least the ones who don’t reside on the coasts, but I live (and was born) in California. I’ve been around pools and the beach since I was born. Babies, kids, teen, to old people, who’ve been exposed to this culture, swimming is a natural right of passage here…

  • jessica

    amazing little girl

  • twelfthnight

    People will find anything to whine about. Thumbs up to the parents and little Elizabeth!

    I’d rather my kid be able to swim this well than have a drowned child because they slipped into a pool or got caught offguard by a dropoff at a beach. Like the mom says, floaties and stuff can only go so far. Having the kid be able to swim could be the difference between life and death. It’s NEVER too early to learn!

  • TB

    This is great! My son started ISR at 13 months and does the same thing now at the age of 3. If you have a pool this is the best way to protect your child from drowning.