Avril Lavigne wore a black wedding dress


Avril Lavigne married Chad Kroeger Monday, July 1, during an intimate ceremony at the Chateau La Napoule in Mandelieu, France, outside of Cannes. The pair chose this date even though it was a Monday because it was the anniversary of the date their relationship began.

Another odd thing about their nuptials is that the bride chose to wear black and even had a black bouquet! That’s definitely not a common practice, but it makes sense given Avril’s style and personality. The wedding gown was a black tulle Monique Lhuillier gown.

CLICK HERE to see another photo of Avril’s black dress while she watched fireworks with her new husband on their special day.

What do you think of Avril’s black dress choice?

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  • DeeDeDee

    I wish she would have pulled her hair back from her face just a bit!! It’s always hanging almost over her eyes. =/

  • Lala84

    It “makes SENSE”, not since. Good grief! Did you even attend middle school or high school?!

  • twelfthnight

    She’s 28, omg. Why does she still insist on having her makeup done like she did when she was 17? Or worse! I don’t recall her looking that raccoon-y back in the day.

    She’s a beautiful girl and while I think the dress is fine, her makeup is hideous. You are not a Sk8er girl anymore, Avril. You are a 28 year old woman who’s been married twice and is probably going to start popping out kids soon. Time to drop the punched-in-the-eye eyeliner, you look stupid.