Teen Mom 3’s Alex Sekella and Jenelle Evans feud on Twitter — big time!

Jenelle Evans and Alex Sekella feud on Twitter

Fans who watched Season 4 of 16 & Pregnant know that of the four mothers chosen to participate in Teen Mom 3 Alexandria Sekella is the one most likely to tell you exactly what she’s thinking, and tell you loudly! So what happens when Alex’s outspoken personality clashes with that of the similarly boisterous Jenelle Evans from Teen Mom 2? The answer is an early 4th of July celebration in the form of Twitter fireworks!

The recent conflict started after Alex’s daughter Arabella (Bellie) was feeling ill and Alex tweeted about having to take her to the hospital. “Just spent the night in the ER waiting an hour on bellie script I’m cranky!!!” Alex wrote before iterating (and foreshadowing events to come) by adding, “Today I not a day to f*** with me.”

Jenelle makes a little extra coin (literally according to some) on the side with an account at the blogging/social media site Sulia, which essentially makes money by serving as a middle man for internet content, and then they share that revenue with folks who are able to generate high traffic through their links. (No, I have no idea how Sulia makes money in the first place.) Soon after Alex’s posting about her daughter, Jenelle shared this tweet with a link to her Sulia account, which had a link to a story about Alex’s tweet. (Keeping up with the Teen Moms online is a difficult process with multiple layers. Every tweet seems to generate right around three stories on average and 10-12 Sulia links. But I digress…) Here’s the tweet from Jenelle with the link:

OH NO! Alexandria Sekella Rushes Daughter to Hospital, Is She OK? http://sulia.com/…

Apparently Alex has had issues with Jenelle before about being linked to through Jenelle’s Sulia account, as evidenced by this Twitter exchange between Alex and Brittany DeJesus, the sister of her Teen Mom 3 cast mate Briana DeJesus on June 19:

Brittany DeJesus: “@PBandJenelley_1: Briana Dejesus Goes Ring Shopping. Is She Engaged?! http://sulia.com/…” b!tch… is 5 cents worth the lies?!

Alex: @BrittDeJesus_ tell that botch how it is please!!!!!!

Brittany: @OfficialSekella she’s so f***king annoying.

Alex: @BrittDeJesus_ I know she has 0 real friends n is fake as hell

So, given the combination of Alex’s disdain for Jenelle’s Suliaing their business and her crankiness from being at the hospital all night with her daughter Arabella, the situation was essentially a powder keg waiting to explode — and it did! Actually, things started off quite congenially:

Alex: @PBandJenelley_1 please leave myself and my daughter off your site thank you

Fan: she’s making money off it and won’t delete it even if you ask.

Alex: I’m not asking for her to delete it just to not put anything again I don’t want any real association with her other then our jobs with mtv

Fan: Her friends Kail Lowry asked Jenelle to not write about her but she keeps doing it. She doesn’t care bout ne1

Alex: but shes not gonna wanna start a fight with me

Fan: You already win. You are a good mom with custody living in the same state as ur kid and no heroin arrests

Alex: exactly

Not so bad right? Wait… what’s that sound? That’s the sound of the fuse burning!

[After the first line below I will refrain from using Alex’s name to preface her tweets, so if there is no name, it’s from Alex. Plus, I will exclude most of the Twitter handles included in the tweets, unless it is needed for context. Oh, and of course these tweets took place all over time in multiple Twitter conversations — I’ve tried to assemble them in the best order possible for readability. They are, for the most part, chronological starting on June 30.]

Alex Sekella from Teen Mom 3 feuds with Jenelle Evans from Teen Mom 2

Alex: @PBandJenelley_1 seriously I’m pleased u think my story is going to get u more money but hop off my sh!t ur rights should be revoked

Fan: just block her?

I want her to leave me out of her trash site blocking her wont make it go away

Fan: if you dont want her to put in her 2 cents dont make it public U asked opinions i seen the post

no I don’t want her using me to get her drinking money she didn’t right the article

Fan: contact Sulia…

already reported her

Jenelle: oh and I’m sorry u got “pregnant to be on TV” lmao to make $$$$

Hey everybody go like jenelle sulia she needs money for her alcohol and bad habits #drugaddict #loser

I forgot to hash tag #liar #fake

Fan: Not trying to be rude or anything but she isn’t the only one to write about you on Sulia.

I know i just don’t want her using me for her drug money

Jenelle: girl, I don’t write any bad articles about any of u guys. Be the bigger person and shut the f*** up.

Jenelle: one thing about being on Teen Mom… We r all family. Yes I use to be a drug addict, at least I can admit my mistakes.

I didnt say it was bad I said I don’t want u using me for ur alcohol money Dah actually read what I wrote dumb whore

seriously I was 5 ft away u didn’t even acknowledge me say ur family sh!t for someone who actually believes u ur whole

hallway at reunion smelled like straight pot

Fan [to Jenelle]: don’t exploit her child just because u can’t exploit your own

that’s cause he’s in safe hands thankfully not hers

once an addict always an addict she can relapse at any time of she went to a real NA she would know that 1st thing matt learned in his class

Danielle Cunningham [from 16 & Pregnant Season 3]: but you dont admit you mistakes jenelle. You lie about them, then get caught & go to jail.

Jenelle: get the f*** out of my life and worry about YOURS.

Danielle Cunningham: but you write about my life everyday.. I cant talk about yours?

of course not that would obstruct her TM family idea

Ashley Salazar [16 & Pregnant Season 2]: @PBandJenelley_1 that’s messed up. They need to mind their own

Jenelle: @ashleyslzr dude I kno…Just attacked me out of no where

Ashley Salazar: yeah wtf so stupid. #jealous

no one attacked you out of no where I asked politely yesterday for u to stop #ignorant

Jenelle: u called me a drug addict and Said I did Sulia becuz I need money for drugs and alcohol ..

ya well seemed like that’s what ur spending ur money on from ur posts n u use sulia for money

Fan: leave Alex alone, dude. She asked you not to write about her on Sulia& you just kept doing so.

Ashley Salazar: we can write about whomever we please. We are never cruel or mean. Just report based on other articles. And we don’t get to have a say if people write about us. It’s just facts

Jenelle: @ashleyslzr I have permission from the bosses lol that’s all I need

Ashley Salazar: now stop responding cuz we have no lives, yet THEY care? Sulia has nothing to do with our kids etc. so stupid.

Alex: @PBandJenelley_1 what nothing cat got ur tongue u can b a douche to everyone else but can’t say sh!t to me or is that cause u have nothing on me unlike u I do everything for my child stupid whore ur personality is more fake than ur boobs

Fan: @PBandJenelley_1 has 700Kfollows blowing up her mentions evry min.Could it be she didnt C ur tweeting when u askd nicely

I doubt it I’m sure she recognized my name out of all the rest considering I responded to what she posted

Who is she to say we’re family what an idiot I wouldn’t pull half the sh!t she does to my family what a joke

Fan: “@PBandJenelley_1: @OfficialSekella @codydick1979 oh and I’m sorry u got “pregnant to be on TV” um to make $$$$” who opened their legs 1st?

I never even watched the show b4 I got pregnant at least I was on BC

Fan: at least you didn’t have to get dna test

she’s got a number on me when it comes to guys I’ve only ever been with matt i like self respect more then guys

Fan: so let me get this straight. because you ask nicely one time gives you the right to insult her and start stupid drama?

why not she does everyone else

Fan: regardless of anything else was said, the drug comment was a low blow and out of line.

truth f***ing sucks doesn’t

Fan: your truth or her truth? Your truth on what she’s spending her money on or hers? Be better than that.

she posted last night drinking n driving she’s spending her money alcohol what I said was straight truth of observation

Fan: she didn’t actually, though her boyfriend did. And what does that have to do with drugs?

Fan: but to condone that?? She associates herself w/ the wrong ppl. Eventually she’s gonna get in trouble

Fan: oh absolutely. She makes plenty of bad decisions. But there’s still a line to draw when going off.

ya well I crossed it and don’t regret it she gets what she deserves from anyone

see missed a piece of conversation go back n Reread the whole thing yes I made a low blow like she does to everyone else

Fan: no it’s clear you’re not trying to be the bigger person. You can dislike someone classily.

I did for awhile now I even asked politely after that it’s game over

Fan: being classy is not for her benefit, it’s for yours. Never let people drag you down to a level below you.

well after a week of almost no sleep u crack n she made me crack

Fan: is it her fault you haven’t been sleeping?

of course not Dah lol

Fan: take it out on the right people lol not saying you’re wrong for being upset. You’re just better than what you said.

ya well I’m not pretty when I get thoroughly pissed

I use her as an example of what I want Arabella to never be n my sister perfect #example

Fan: i wouldnt even waste my time arguing with people below you sweets

eh it’s entertaining me while bellie sleeps

I refuse to pretend n I will not sugar coat a damn thing I will stay true to myself n what I stand for. Sucks if you don’t like it

[Fan quote’s Jenelle’s tweet “I have permission from the bosses lol that’s all I need”]

oh dont worry i took care of it

@PBandJenelley_1 I talked to them u are suppose to leave me alone they said they made that clear to you

Jenelle: hahahaha if I posted this SS u would’ve pissed but ok sweetheart

don’t worry I’m talking to them now about it all

[There has been some speculation as to who “them” is in Alex’s last tweet — whether or not it is MTV or Sulia.]

Continuing with the Alex vs. Jenelle theme, Alex revealed a little bit about what viewers can expect in Teen Mom 3 Season 1 while taking a dig at the Teen Mom 2 girls (Jenelle specifically) at the same time:

none of us arrested none on drugs and lots of baby daddy drama it’s gonna be GREAT!!!! Haha

So there’s your Teen Mom 3 spoiler — none of them get arrested! (So much for adding to our Teen Mom mug shot collection.)

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  • Who Cares?

    Alex has no room to talk! She dated Yahoo Serious, knowing he’s a drug addict, and got pregnant by him! I didn’t like her, anyway. Alex was/is a straight whinebag.

    • BB

      Agreed I have no sympathy for her. How are you going to bitch and cry about your baby daddy being a deadbeat when you knew he was a drug addict and he told you a million times he wasn’t ready?

    • Kaitlyn Catherine

      LMAO @ Yahoo Serious…dying!!!

  • BB

    Not to defend Jenelle but its stupid for the Teen Mom girls to attack her for essentially retweeting articles someone else wrote about stuff they posted online. If they don’t want people in their business then don’t be on a tv show and post stuff online.

    • dev

      I agree, I mean don’t get me wrong I will NEVER be on Jenelle’s side but that Alex chick was picking and it was a little odd.

      Wasn’t Danielle good with Jenelle? This is why I stopped watching the show, so many dramatic girls willing to throw anybody under the bus. ha

  • Slade

    Who *hasn’t* Jenelle been in a feud with? And why is Ashley Salazar butting in to defend Jenelle? lol She’s probably scared of her and wants to stay on her good side. haha

  • Sara

    I stopped reading half-way through.
    F…..ing retards. All of them.

  • Isthisarealblog?


    and all the girls who were on that stupid show.

  • Kay

    I cant believe MTV is putting out another season! 3 out of 8 at least have already gone to straight jail, that should speak for itself you cant give young girls money and attention like that for such irresponsible behavior…

    • amtrack

      MTV is actually casting for new 16 & pregnant girls! It ain’t gonna stop!

  • CrapTV

    MTV is trash and so are their shows. This show’s message is to avoid teen pregnancy yet how many of these girls have either had a 2nd child or been scared they were pregnant again? How many are still with the father or have the same father for their children? It’s a joke, really. I don’t even see why they would include Jenelle who is nothing more than an egg donor. Mom she is not.

  • Sweet Venom

    I couldn’t read the whole thing but damn every single one of those girls just needs to shut up, go back to school, and mind their business.

  • DeeDeDee

    Is this the same Alex that put her 5 month old in a front facing car seat and then got “offended” and cried harassment when everybody told her how illegal and dangerous it was? I’m also almost positive that this is the same girl that let her boyfriend, who was high as a kite, be alone with their infant daughter because he said he was “sick” and then later admitted that she knew he was high the whole time? Pot… calling kettle… black.


    Funny that Ashley, who gave away her baby then took her back then gave her back again, is defending Jenelle!

    • Nobody.

      Shitty moms stick together 🙂

      • JenellesTrackMarks

        Crap I was going to write that ! lol #nomommyproblems

  • Dani

    What an incredibly low class group of girls. Alexis shouldn’t post her business online and expect to control who rewrites about it. Also, if she is so desperate for sleep, why is she having a temper tantrum online instead of sleeping while her daughter does so?

  • Lisa

    ALL of these broads need to sit down and shut up. I hope they’re proud of how incredibly stupid they make themselves look. Every single one of them needs to leave twitter alone and knock this stupid s*** off.

  • Trinity Morealis

    Codydick? Hahahaha

  • Kay Kay

    This is why I hate Alex as much as I hate Jenelle. All she said was I hope her kid is ok. Then she had to act like she was better and say don’t talk about me. It should of ended there but then she had to have the final say. I am not saying Jenelle’s actions are ok but Alex is deceitful and selfish. She can dish the comments out all day long but can never take them. She has no place to say anything either. She dated and had unprotected sex with a drug addict. Why did she even associate herself with this guy (he was a drug addict long before the started dating) with this guy in the first place? Her show she deceived a bunch of people and then tried to act like she was the victim. I guarantee the reason why they picked her for teen mom is for the same reason they picked Jenelle: drama! Plus, her baby daddy isn’t out of the picture she has admitted on several occasions hooking up with him. She needs to stop acting like she is better then Jenelle. You don’t date a drug user unless you do drugs yourself. So I think Alex has some skeletons in her closet that she feels will go away if she bashes other people.