VIDEO PHOTOS Breaking Amish’s Kate Stoltzfus poses for Maxim

Breaking Amish Kate Stoltzfus Maxim photo

Breaking Amish: Brave New World star Kate Stoltzfus is Breaking Omm-nomm-nommish in her new photo shoot for the July/August issue of Maxim! That’s right, the former Amish gal turned model has reached the pinnacle of “English” female hawtness with her own spread that is billed on the magazine cover with the headline “The First Amish Model In Maxim History!”

We’ve done a couple posts on Kate’s modeling career (with lots of photos here and here) and I’ve said from the get go that she really does photograph well and could have what it takes to make it in one of the most competitive industry’s on the planet — especially with her amazing story and reality show exposure giving her a leg up!

And speaking of leg up, let’s take another look at this gammish Amish gal!

Kate from Breaking Amish in Maxim magazine photo

Yep, definitely shunned.

From Maxim:

The star of TLC’s Breaking Amish packed her bonnet and moved to New York City to pursue a modeling career–starting with Maxim.

“There are definitely a lot of Amish women who have great bodies, because they work hard. They also eat really healthy, since they grow their own food. That’s one big thing I miss about home, being able to garden and take care of plants.”

* It should be noted that Kate isn’t “starting” her modeling career with Maxim. Click on the links above for lots of other photos from her growing portfolio, and click here to see her on the cover of the Spring/Summer 2013 Spiegel catalog in a retro dress inspired by the 1958 Spring/Summer Spiegel catalog!

Just in case the photos weren’t enough, here’s a brief behind-the-scenes video of Kate at her Maxim photo shoot!

And a bunch of screen caps from the clip… (Click thumbnails to enlarge)

Breaking Amish Kate Stoltzfus Maxim photo shoot 1 Breaking Amish Kate Stoltzfus Maxim photo shoot 4  Breaking Amish Kate Stoltzfus Maxim photo shoot 2  Breaking Amish Kate Stoltzfus Maxim photo shoot 3 Breaking Amish Kate Stoltzfus Maxim photo shoot 5

To see more of Kate Stoltzfus (as well as Alyssa Milano!) be sure to pick up the July/August issue of Maxim — on newsstands soon!


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  • LadyDD

    She seems average, not gorgeous or anything.

    • Nico Kensing

      In some photos she is, then some she’s iffy, sort a speak.

    • amberc88

      glad im not the only one who thinks this. i aways see comments about how good looking she is, and even tho she is the ONLY person on breaking amish that i like, i dont really find her that attractive.

    • Fräulein

      She has a “classic” look. I love it. She is very pretty.

  • Twerk Twerp

    Kate is beyond gorgeous!

  • Geniya

    so this is how kristen stewart would look if she smiled

  • Reality Bites

    Hope Kate replace those Kardashians since this reality tv star is actually appears down to earth, intelligent, and also pleasing to the eye. She has lots of potential unlike certain reality tv nobodies.

    The behind the scenes video doesn’t work.

  • kmar

    She’s gorgeous!

  • Miss-Mandy Lynn

    shes not even model pretty i think TLC helped her get her modeling career she has funny lips

    • Gene Loves Jezebel