Real Housewives’ Slade Smiley owes nearly $138,000 in child support to son (Grayson Arroyo-Smiley) with a brain tumor

Slade Smiley owes $80,000 to dying son Slade Smiley, or as I call him, Shade Slimy, is a special kind of Real Deadbeat dad. TMZ has obtained documents proving that Slade Smiley, who is currently golddigging a former golddigger’s gold, is behind over $77,356.75 (as of February 2011, that amount ballooned to $138,857.64) including interest in child support for his sick son, who has an inoperable brain tumor. Slade’s been unemployed for a while and had his house foreclosed on, so he filed a petition to the court asking that his large child support debt to be lowered. The mother of Slade’s 9-year-old son, Grayson, Michelle Arroyo, has fired back that Slade is a deadbeat dad in others ways: he didn’t send his sick son a birthday card this year, and has only seen him twice in the last year-and-a-half. Wow! If you want to send Grayson a card, you can read his story and contact info on his charming website, Amazing Gray. Although Slade is unemployed, he is a native of Real Housewives of OC, and will be returning this season by Gretchen Rossi’s side. BTW, Gretchen has a few millions in the bank, so maybe she can pay a little of Slade’s child support while she’s feeding him, boozing him, and putting a roof over his head. But seriously, this is really sh*tty of him. If he can’t pay child support, the least he could do is come visit his son and help him get through this really sucky time. A 9-year-old with a brain tumor has enough suffering to do without worrying about whether or not his father cares about him. Read more about Slade and Gretchen Rossi here. Slade Smiley and Gretchen - Slade is currently behind in child support for sick son Follow Starcasm on Twitter Subscribe to Starcasm by Email

  • How can Gretchen even talk about him with a straight face especially after Jeff died of lymphoma and she supposedly watched what cancer did to him? Why haven’t they done any fund raising for him with their supposed celebrity? Oh, that’s right because all they care about is being famous. Gross.

  • Cheryl

    I don’t believe Gretchen, she knows from expierence what cancer can do to a person. Why doesn’t she come up off of her ill gotten gain and help that child? I realize that it is not her responsibility but if his looser father isn’t going to step up, then why not Gretchen? Just think of it as buying an expensive purse!!

    • diana

      really? You want Gertchen to pay his child support.

  • Beth

    I never comment on this stuff, but how pathetic of anyone to judge slade or Gretchen, nobody knows what really goes on in their lives all you see is what bravo wants you too see, all you read is what tabloid writers put out there, they do it for one reason, money so if you are silly enough to believe everything you read; well that’s an issue you must deal with. Gretchen I don’t care what anyone says you love Jeff and what happen between closed doors is NObodys business. Everyone deals with certian things in life you just happen to be in the public eye where people choose to run your name through the mud because of the pathetic people in the world who would rather read trash than something good. Never trust the media! Just because there on tv doesn’t mean there not real people with real feelings!

    • Roma

      You sound like a real idiot. Facts are facts and Slade is not someone of character or integrity or he would not be at the races with Gretchen but by his childs side offering whatever support he could. The only pathetic people are Slade and Gretchen and YOU! Get real lady.

    • Kellie

      Beth, unfortunately the story about Slade is true. His ex and Grayson’s mom Michelle Arroyo confirmed that not only is he behind in child support but he was arrested with 8 counts against him. She even had to ask the courts to make him provide insurance information. The child is battling cancer and he can’t even man up for him. What a complete douchebag. All he knows how to do is use people to his own advantage. He is selfish and self centered. Karma will come back to get him.

    • teacher

      There are three “theirs” in English – there, they’re and their – learn the difference if you’re going to comment on other people’s lives.

    • Deb

      Beth,OMG someone with a brain!It was so nice to read your post.I agree with everything you said.Good for you for not being a media zombie.

  • Mark

    $100 says “Beth” is really Slade or Gretchen. … since no one in their right mind would defend these slime buckets. What horrible people. … it’ll catch up to them in the end.

    • Maureen

      I completely agree, Mark..Either it is one of them or someone they put up to this. I wondered why we never see his son anymore when he was around more when Slade was with Jo. Now nothing about him. I lived there and those kind of men are a dime a dozen in So OC. They are looking for a rich wife or gf to take care of them. I know one who did and he made out very well financially even though she wised up a year after marriage. He got the Corona Del Mar beach house and the Ferrari and a undisclosed amount of money. She was very well known. Gold digging goes both ways.

  • steph

    1ow! Shade is beyond loser. Whatever rock Gretchen found him under she should put him back. The loser is a homeless unemployed bum who does not even man up to his dying kid.

  • Wow, what a piece of s**t this scum bag user is. Gretchen is just as bad to be with a piece of crap that doesn’t even see his kids, let alone pay child support. And what in the hell does she see in him anyway. He’s a loser, user who prays on reality TV women. And quite honestly I really think he’s gay and needs to come out of the closet.

    • Va Girl

      Go Laurie ! Perfect comment. Slade is a total douchebag, and so is Gretchen. She has a ‘convenient morality’ and I’m not sure he has one at all. They are perfect for each other, says Karma.

  • Emma

    What a deadbeat. After visiting Grayson’s website, it makes me want to cry knowing that Slade never sees him nor cares. I can’t imagine what that poor things going through, especially when he doesn’t even have a dad to throw a baseball with. Slade needs to be punished without a doubt. Thats unimaginable and just plain mean to abandon his son at his most needy times and not do anything to help. Slade disgusts me, if you want me to be honest.

    • Robert Sharpless

      Absolutely! Slade is worthless. I mean when his Mom said all he ever wanted to be was independently wealthy, w/o any means of being a self-made man to make that happen with any employable skills for any future say’s it all.

      The man is a complete fraud along with his girlfriend who would say or do anything to maintain the culture of “Empire” and image status(window dressing) without having any socially redeemable qualities that go to making the world a better place but with lies, cheating, and neglect.

      Throw them both in the nearest dypsy dumpster where they belong, not among humanity but with the other garbage they rightfully belong.

  • Michelle S.

    I know that Slade has had a tough time & said on the show that he can’t get paid what he was brining in before the economy crashed. Well, welcome to reality! We all took a hit, but that doesn’t mean you CAN’T work. Get a job and take care of your child, even if you can only send him $20/week…he needs support and his father’s love. I hope Gretchen opens her eyes. This is a serious character flaw in Slade and she seems like a nice gal, but how could you possibly stay with someone like this? He’s not even making a 100% effort to support his son, not to mention Gray’s unfortunate diagnosis 🙁 Poor baby. At least it seems he has a loving support system even without his loser father by his side. If I were Gretchen, I would send Gray a fat check for good karma, dump his Dad and move on!

  • I don’t agree with slade not paying is child support. He has money to do lots of other things and i’m sure Bravo pays him something for the show. Also isn’t he supposed to be business partners or something with Grethen? Even if he can’t pay all he should at least make an effort to pay some. Anything is better than nothing. I understand Grethen too though not paying his child support. I would never pay or help any man pay his child support. That’s just crazy. I don’t care how much money i have to spear, taking car of a man or making his responsiblities my piority is a big no no!!!!! All she can do is support and encourage him to do and be a better man.

  • Wes Benton

    I have no Respect for Slade to say the least. I’m the same age as him, with a good career and raised my son on my own. That’s right by me; my ex left her only son in 92 when he was 11 months old and I sued for Child Support at Los Angeles County Court and never got anything for 18 years.

    My Sons Mother is the same as Slade but for a Woman. I can’t see what Gretchen sees in him, for a Man. Yes she is beautiful but no heart to have a Jack Ass like him who has a Son that is Sick. You would think she would want to help and see that his child could possibly need help with the $138K in back Child Support. That’s 2% of her Net Worth and she supports this man, Slade lives a good life and doesn’t care about his own blood.

    The Superior Court should really throw a wrench in the motor on this a Jail him for 6 months straight time and see how fast his back support gets paid. County Jail for Dead Beats is an open call for a Beat Down in jail; you get no respect for that in Lock Up. Gangsters, Drug Offenders, White Collars, and your basic F**k Ups pay Child Support now a days, but Slade Smiley a Loser TV Reality Star refuses to send anything he won’t have any (Smiles) in L.A. County Jail. That’s where he needs to be

    Dam Shame!!

  • I don’t pity rich people that whine

    wow…..just because he doesn’t pay 10,000 a MONTH (which the normal so called single boo hoo mom makes in a YEAR off the child) he IS and HAS been paying….over 3000.00 a MONTH…..that is more than most people make in a month at a normal job…..BEFORE THE RECESSION… about this chick steps up and stops riding the pity party train ….boo my kid has a tumor so pay me 10,000 a MONTH….shut up when there are women out there not seeing 1 penny and all a normal guy had to pay was 300 a month…..and this Michelle bitch is crying about not getting 10 grand… people need to realize…THIS IS NOT YOUR LIFE……Slade was a millionaire….and he lost it all… sit there judging him and pisssing and moaning about wahhh no child support….the minute that she stops having expenses like her nice ass car, her boob job (Michelle I mean)…..and the ability to run that child all over for benefits and basically EXPLOITING HIM AS A HANDICAP…..what a disgusting mother exploiting her kid because she has to wear the best clothing….buy her MAC makeup and get her boobs done and smile pretty for pictures……this woman is no different than some trailer trash crying about her baby daddy and wanting her welfare check…….10,000 a month this bitch is crying for a child….ONE CHILD????? 10,000 a MONTH….120,000….A knock him when all she did was push out a baby and she gets paid 120,000 a YEAR …seems to be more like a hooker with a constant paycheck….

  • oc101

    I don’t know the whole story, however why isn’t the court adjusting the monthly amount of child support like they are doing with other parents that have had the same issues. The economy is in the dumps and most everyone is losing jobs and homes. My heart goes out to Grayson and I do pray for his health and happiness.
    I love how trailor trash Tamara seems more concerned about Slade and his child then she does her own problems. She has never made any money and only is with her new fling for the financial support and has the nerve to pooint fingers. She is someone that needs to work on her anger management issues and if I was Simon I’d be raising those kids and not be leaving them with an alcoholic raging women.
    I hope Gretchan and Slade get thru this and Grayson prevails.

  • Jill

    I agree we do not know the whole story. And the tabloids and gossip mongers look for anything to spin negatively. I do not understand how they have not picked up on all the Cancun and Bahama trips the “Mother” has taken with Grayson. Im sure she will say it is what Grayson wanted. Really? A sick dying child would pick those two spots as places he wants to see? Im sure that money could of been used differently. My nephew has medical issues and when a church group wanted to send them to Hawaii for a family trip they declined due to the strain it would put on my nephew and they would rather the money be put toward medical expenses. Doing that relieved stress that allowed them a more enjoyable home life. Which is more important to healing than getting a tan and hanging your tata’s out.

  • Nick

    i like fish- and oysters too

  • BO

    While not the perfect father, Slade has a great face and a hot bod. Women [and men] would pay to be with him…..he would look incredible in a speedo [and out of it].

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