PHOTOS The Brand UR announces Farrah Abraham anti-bullying tank top

Farrah Abraham anti-bullying tank top shirt with The Brand UR

The anti-bullying clothing brand first made famous by Honey Boo Boo has just added former Teen Mom and current adult film star Farrah Abraham as the latest addition to their line of celibriTEEs. The Brand UR made the announcement Wednesday night on Facebook, writing “Introducing our newest celebriTEE per her personal request, Farrah Abraham!” and sharing a photo of Farrah and daughter Sophia with the shirt design (seen above).

Farrah’s celebriTEE is actually a tank top with the words “CELEBURTY BE FAMOUS FOR WHO UR” and Farrah’s signature.

 Abraham anti-bullying tank top for The Brand UR with CelebURty be famous for who UR

At the time of this post the tanks are available in five different colors (light pink, light purple, light blue, orange and white) and nine sizes (Adult Small to 6 XL) with a price of $19.99. (20% of all the proceeds are donated to The Brand UR anti-bullying scholarships.)

Here’s the Full Facebook announcement from The Brand UR

UR who UR! Don’t let anyone define you!!

Be famous for who UR!!!

Introducing our newest celebriTEE per her personal request, Farrah Abraham!

As always, available in all sizes.
(email requests for shirts 7XL & up)

So it appears that Farrah approached them about working together, which makes sense given Farrah’s recent tweets about bullying:

Farrah Abraham tweets about being bullied

Farrah Abraham joins Honey Boo Boo and seven-year-old Dance Moms cast member Asia Monet Ray on The Brand UR’s celebriTEEs line.

Curious to know more about The Brand UR? (I became a huge fan after their work with Honey Boo Boo) Here’s their mission statement from their website:

Our mission is to inspire, lift and provide tools for change and growth of individuals and organizations throughout the world. We hope to significantly increase positivity and inspire individuals in their own missions to achieve worthwhile purposes, by making a mark and being individual and spreading our message to be proud of who UR.


  • Just Sayin

    The two-word combination of “WHO UR” is rather unfortunate because it can be read as a very bully-friendly single word, especially in reference to Farrah πŸ™

  • Dani

    Be famous for who you are….that isn’t a very good message considering Farrah is famous for spreading her legs.

    • LexiconD1

      And her butt cheeks… πŸ˜›

      • VERSACE

        YES! Exactly! Hahahahahaha! She is such a Moron! πŸ™‚

  • FarrahIsMyHero

    Unfortunately farrah doesn’t care about bullying, only $$$

  • tori

    Didn’t she just bully Catelynn by telling her she had weight issues?!?


      Yes she did! And she also has bullied other people too!

  • Sara

    AND I’M SURE she was a bully back in high school!

    • amberc88

      you know she was the BIGGEST bitch there! to EVERYONE!

  • Bob Saget

    Are they just ignoring that she made fun of Caitlin for her weight? Also, when you make a porno and try to pass it off as a “sex-tape,” I really don’t have much pity for her.

  • Lala84

    This doesn’t make any sense. Farrah is the girl who is constantly talking crap about other people. Since when is trash mouthing not bullying?

    “Hey Catelynn, you’re fat but I’m anti-bullying”

  • Bob Saget

    The other two “celebrities” on the site are children, and I will agree: There is no reason to bully children like that. However, Farrah is 21 (I think), a bully, and treats others like crap. It is like asking Jenelle to be the face of “Narcotics Anonymous”

  • Paige

    Does this company not know who this chick is?? She is the definition of a bully, just a few minutes looking at her Twitter account will tell you that. What a great “role model”

  • Rebedutchess

    Would this be her way to try and clean up her reputation ?unfortunetly for her the message she is trying to convey will not make a difference considering she choices to minimize her behavior w/vile contradictions of how one should treat thier own bodies that will be all she is remember for yrs to come…this kid”just doesn’t get it”…

  • Bohiko

    She’s such a fame w**re!

  • Hannah

    She’s so fake. She was just bulling Catelynn for weight issues!!!!! Farrah is so desperate for ANY kind of attention she could possibly get. I really wish she would get out of the spotlight.


      Oh yes, me too! She is so annoying! She is such a famewhore! She just did this for more attention, cause she is the Biggest Bully Ever! We should all write these people and tell them that they didn’t do their homework and they need to get rid of Farrah on their bullying Campaign! I am sick of her, let us all hope she Goes Away!!!! πŸ™‚

  • SimplyMimi

    How ironic. One of the biggest bullies ever and she’s on an anti-bullying kick. Guess she’s getting tired of getting called out on her crap.