How fake is Naked and Afraid?

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Each week on Discovery’s new buzzed about show Naked and Afraid, two people are left in a jungle together for 21 days without food, water, or clothes. They are allowed one personal item, and are told to fend for themselves. The Daily Mail reveals that with last week’s participates Kim Shelton and Shane Lewis not everything is as it seems. (Shocker for a reality show, right?) Just how fake is Naked and Afraid?

Shane Lewis had two major gripes about the story presented on the show: that they didn’t show the help Kim received when she got food poisoning from a turtle, and that they downplayed Shane’s three broken toes by calling it a “hurt foot.”

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Kim and Shane were upset and starving after their shack burnt down on the 14th day, so they were excited when Kim caught a turtle to eat. They both felt revitalized after eating the turtle, but Kim became violently ill for days afterwards. Of course when something like that happens it would be horrendous for the crew there to not intervene, and they did: giving her an IV drip to hydrate her and fed her bread, rice, and baby food for give her strength. After a few days, it looked like Kim had miraculously recovered, while Shane was in agony without adequate explanation as to why.

Shane complained to The Daily Mail that the portrayal made him look “pathetic.” He says, “When I agreed to do the show I said to the producers that if you’re going to do a real, raw show I will do it. They said they wanted to show the reality and how difficult it was, but they went for the ratings. They gave it the Hollywood treatment.”

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  • Glitzy Texican

    Eww, why would anyone agree to live in the wild naked? Bugs crawling into all sorts of holes and crevices…umm, no, thank you!

  • kortni_thegreat

    Naked&Afraid sounds like me when I run out of toilet paper.

    • LexiconD1

      Baby wipes come in handy for those times. However, you should always have extra TP near by…

  • Marty McFly

    I accidentally watched it, incredibly stupid, unbelievable and salacious.
    Oh, and she fashioned herself a bikini, so she wasn’t naked most of the time.
    Discovery used to be the legit channel, then they do the mermaids crap and this.
    They’re going down the TLC sewer– from NASA to Honey Boo-Boo.

    • LexiconD1

      Discovery owns TLC, so it shouldn’t surprise you much.

  • kyrunner

    if this show was so REAL, and the two are not allowed to have anything at all unless they find or make it themselves, then please explain why after 21 days the chicks legs are always nice and cleanly shaven? Ha, not even in a perfect world!

    • ramonabologna

      Yeah, seriously. I was thinking “well maybe she was waxed before coming on the show” but then again waxing never lasts more than about 10 days on me before my hair is growing back in.

  • Jael

    Marty McFly Troll is good :) So you’re not allowed to make stuff when you survive?

    • Frank and beans

      I bet you are one of the losers who watch this crap. Go back to the kardashians loser.

  • Terrence Young


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  • Frank and beans

    Shane complained to The Daily Mail that the portrayal made him look “pathetic.”

    You did that yourself by going on this desperate show.