Blue Ivy is growing up quick! See what she looks like now


Jay-Z and Beyonce’s baby girl Blue Ivy Carter hasn’t been seen in public in months, and she’s growing up so quick!

The 18-month-old already has a crazy wardrobe that’s even bigger than her pop superstar mom’s! Rita Ora told Marie Claire “I’d definitely want to raid Blue Ivy’s wardrobe more than Beyoncé’s. It is probably like bigger than both of their wardrobes put together. That’s the wardrobe I wanna be in!”

The cutie was spotted out in NYC Wednesday with her nanny in one of her many ensembles.

PHOTO: Splash News

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    • happytimes

      she’s so pretty! looks just like beyonce :)

    • Bec

      Oh lord from the nose down she is all jay z

      • Guest

        So she is a very cute baby!

    • Teri Marie Cameron

      Soooo cute!! She looks like her daddy.

    • C M

      She’s precious! :) I would hate to be her Nanny while they are out and about though. I bet it is so stressful!

    • Jessica.

      For a child that has maybe been seen by the public once or twice… I’m very surprised the paparazzi knew who she was when she wasn’t even out with her parents. Weird.

      • sammy

        It’s possible they recognized the nanny/saw her go in and out of the home. Then matching that particular woman to holding Jay-Z Jr. and put the pieces together. But yes, impressive.

    • Andrea

      Aww she looks just like J.

    • Luanne Platter

      She is not cute

      • Guest

        How cruel! She is cute!

      • Cieria

        Luanne platter you are a cruel person she is a cutie pie you are a jus a hater. how old are you be hating on a child shame on you.

    • M Eaglecloud

      Lil baby! You are just so cute! You are definitely your father’s daughter! I could just squeeze her! Looks like a feisty lil one!!’

    • Cieria

      She looks like them both beyonce’ and jay-z