Justin Bieber looks high in first Instagram video as his ‘Lil’ posse raises hell in Calabasas

Justin Bieber in his first Instagram video

Justin Bieber may be facing all sorts of drug use rumors, but that didn’t stop the pop star from posting a very questionable video of himself online. Yesterday, it was announced that Instagram added video capabilities to its network and hours later, Justin posted his first one. In the video, Justin announces the news about the social network — but he’s ovecome with a serious case of the giggles.

“So crazy news,” Justin begins in the clip before bursting out in laughter. After looking at some friends out of frame who may have suggested he start over, he says, “No, I’m going to keep going, I’m going to keep going. Crazy news, guys.¬†There’s, there’s, there’s video on Instagram,” he manages to say.

Once he finally pushes throught, Justin bursts out in laughter again — and ends the video. While some in his position may have thought better about it, Justin decided to keep it real and post it for the world to see.

Meanwhile, Justin’s friends Lil Twist and Lil Za (are all his buds called “Lil?”) were caught on tape raising hell in his Calabasas neighborhood, one driving his white Ferarri and the other behind the wheel of his black Range Rover.

In the video obtained by TMZ, a woman is filming as she pulls up behind Lil Twist and Lil Za who are stopped side-by-side in front of her in the middle of the street, one of which is on the wrong side of the road. Once the woman attempts to pull around them to get by, they began beeping at her and pass her, both crossing a double yellow line to do so.

Once they all are stopped at the gates of the community, the woman behind Lil Twist and Lil Za, the driver of the Range Rover leans out of his window and asks, “What are you doing?” When Lil Za sees the camera, he demands, “Stop recording us!”

“What is that for?” he then asks. The woman replies, “It’s for speeding.” Lil Za then says he had to speed to get past her because she was “driving too slow.” For the record, she claims she was driving 25 miles an hour — the speed limit.

“Alright, you got what you need. You can go now,” the man tells her, waving her past him and the other vehicle, but the woman stays put.

Lil Za directs Lil Twist to drive back around so that they can get the gates open but once he does, he pulls beside the woman and also asks what she is doing. As he is doing so, Lil Za asks the woman to back up so he can get them to open again and go home to which she replies, “You aren’t a resident.”

Lil Za then gets out of the car and tells the woman, “I live with Justin Bieber and you know I do.”

After some debating, Lil Za lets the woman go in front of him but not before telling her, “F**k you. Get the f**k out of here.”

It’s pretty clear from the clip that Bieber needs to say goodbye to his “Lil” friends.

There’s no word yet on whether or not the woman will pursue legal action.

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  • meg

    that’s slightly extreame of the woman recording. I agree that beiber and his little friends are acting like hood rats, but shes practically harassing them. They didn’t swear at her untill she made it obvious she wouldn’t move out of the way. she is wrong too.

    • Brittany

      How is she wrong? It clearly shows that she was minding her own business driving down the road when she saw two cars parked in the street, one being on the wrong side of the road. She went around them and then they flew around her. I really don’t see how she did anything wrong. Lil punk ass celebrities think they can do whatever they want, in reality they can’t. What she did was right, show the world how disrespectful and grimy they can be. :)

      • meg

        I completely agree they were dead wrong. But she is not of the law. call the cops and let them handle it and hand over the video that she took of what they were doing. He is a celebrity she will never win against him following him and then harassing him. She egged them on to get the reaction she was looking for and that was swearing. But to continue recording after she got the proof she needed, seems like over kill. If you look at my original post i said Bieber and his friends are hood rats, I was in no way shape of form condoning their behavior.

      • Melina

        i agree. u cant take the law into your own hands, dont follow somebody, film them, provoke them and then say how dare they when they react. its jus common knowledge what did she expect what gonna happen? she shoulda called the cops and went home. who made her captain save the world? she was totally out of place and wrong. she coulda kilmed then fine. but going following them to the house and basically taunting them is where she crossed the line period. and i dont like bieber of his but wrong is wrong.

        • Melina


  • Truth

    I’m glad the little douche has finally shown his real colors so people could stop glorifying him. Like the Spanish saying says “dime con quien te juntas y te dire quien eres” translation= tell me who you hang out with and I’ll tell you who you are.

  • Regina

    …. why is she driving and videotaping at the same time?