VIDEO Lil Wayne stomps American flag during ‘God Bless Amerika’ shoot

American flag trampled by Lil Wayne for "God Bless Amerika"

Rapper Lil Wayne has never shied away from speaking his mind. Continuing this trend, a recent video has surfaced of the 30-year-old on the set of his music video for the song “God Bless Amerika” in which he appears to purposefully trample the American flag.

At the beginning of the following footage, which appears to be shot from a cellphone of a bystander, Wayne stands in front of an American flag. The Stars and Stripes are dropped revealing a group of stoic people behind it. As the song plays over a loud speaker, Wayne lip syncs the lyrics while boot stomping the flag.

Some have argued that Wayne treading on the flag was an accident, but he certainly appears to look down and to be well aware of what he’s doing.

“Amerika” appears on Lil Wayne’s 10th studio album I Am Not A Human Being II.

The desecration of the American flag for protest has been a long-standing tradition for both foreigners and U.S. citizens wanting to provide a striking visual to coincide with a public airing of grievances. It’s always been a hot-button topic socially and politically and this latest example from Lil Wayne is no different.

Here are two comments from YouTube viewers of the clip that express opposing sides of the issue:

Yeah, nothing to see here but a piece of cloth built on lies and murder while at the same time represents freedom an equality(or so they try to make u believe). Symbolism is a powerful thing, I advise people not to get caught up in it.

Get off the flag. So disrespectful. He has sh*tty music and he pulls a f***ing stunt like this? He is dishonoring the country and the men and women who devout their lives and sacrifice a lot for our freedom.

Here are some of the lyrics from the song for context:

Yeah, God bless America
This so Godless America
I heard tomorrow ain’t promised today
And I’m smoking on them flowers, catch the bouquet

Two questions… Do you think Lil Wayne was accidentally walking on the flag after it was staged to drop and reveal the people behind it? If not, do you take offense to the way Wayne is expressing himself?

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  • Michael

    It may have started out as an accident but he clearly knew what he had done after the first few steps.

  • Really?

    Why would they let the flag fall to grown in the first place? Come on. Take some pride regardless…

  • heyBale

    So edgy of him…

  • HockeyGuy

    the flag is never to touch the ground or be placed on anything like a table.. its to be folded away or flown

    This guy is a scumbag drug addict

    Who has done nothing to make this country better
    He has only made it worse…


    You can’t put it on the ground in the first place and you can’t be stepping on it…

    He needs to go live someplace else

  • Ams

    If you listen to the actual song while it’s called “God Bless Amerika” it’s basically saying “F America” So the concept of him stomping on the flag makes sense for the song. He says that everything America used to stand for is no more so “F” it.

  • Vortexa

    Watching that flag fall just like how america is falling. We need our country back!

  • HoardersFan

    done with this dude

  • SoMuchForEquality

    So a little Mexican boy sings the national anthem beautifully and gets bashed on internationally and this idiot steps on the American flag and no one has anything to say about it. Hmmm …..

  • George Gray

    interesting the comments being made. Watch the flag drop…obviously the wind blew it into the back of his legs, and then he has nowhere else to go. Remember he is filming a video..and has to stay within a certain box close to that mic. When filiming video, things happen and you have to continue. I really do not think he meant for the flag to fall under his feet, but I am waiting to hear his response, and to see the finished video. My guess is that when the video comes out, you will not see him stepping on the flag because the cameras will be in front of him filming from the waist up to reveal the people behind him. Are we supposed to let the flag touch the ground? No, of course not, but is he the first person to ever do something this? I wish we could say yes, but we all know that is not true..

    • Tina Deatherage

      if you watch the left corner closely, you see the guy cut the flag down. the wind did not blow it.

      • George Gray

        Tina, I get that..dropping the flag to the ground is not ok with me, but as someone who has watched videos being made, I understand that when things go unplanned, you just have to keep rolling with it. Watch as the flag falls how the flag catches air, and blows into the back of his leg. If you watch close enough with open eyes, you will also see someone one not pictured at on the top of the screen flip the flag backwards off his leg. That tells me it was not supposed to end up that close…just have to roll with it though.

  • Tiny_Love

    Lol who cares? its just the logo for this corporation.

  • Heheh

    If he hates America so much he should get the f-ck out of here!

  • Munsterghoul

    When will this piece of garbage OD