Reggie Bush shares first photo of his daughter

Reggie Bush and baby daughter Briesis on Father's Day

Reggie Bush and his fiance Lilit Avagyan welcomed their first child, daughter Briseis, on May 6. Yesterday, Father’s Day, Reggie revealed the first photo of the tiny tot.

“Enjoying my first Father’s Day with my family! #blessed,” Reggie wrote on Instagram along with the adorable photo.

“She’s amazing. She’s so beautiful. I love her to death. It’s just been an amazing experience so far so I’m very excited – just being a father,” he recently told Us Weekly of Briseis. “I look at [Briseis] and I can’t believe she’s mine. There’s still that element of I can’t believe this came from me.”

Reggie trains in Detroit where he serves as a running back for the Detroit Lions. While the distance is certainly an issue, Reggie does his best to make it work. “When I’m with her, I want to spend time with her,” he explains, “So I’m doing my best to make sure I’m home as much as possible.”

Prior to the baby’s birth, Reggie spoke on his excitement at becoming a parent. “I’m very excited. Very excited about the baby. It’s our first one and couldn’t have come at a better time,” Reggie wrote in an April blog post on the Detroit Lions’ website. “It couldn’t have come with a better person. Someone I really love and care about. It’s great. It really worked out perfect.”

Reggie and Lilit plan to wed in the summer of 2014.

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  • Harper

    Briseis….pronounced like ‘Brees-iss’…’Bree-sai’…’Bris-eye’ What a weird name, she’s going to be correcting people left and right. I also don’t mean to be so nit-picky, but what a weird Instagram filter.

    • Hannah

      Says the trendy Harper.

      anyways, name sucks, filter sucks, why would you put a cartoon looking filter on?

  • mimi

    And on the heels of Kim’s baby news. Looks like the drama filter on Snapseed app and not very good at that.

  • Taylor

    I don’t like Kim Kardashian but her and Reggie would have made a cute baby. But Kanye West? Ugh he’s so gross!

    • LadyStiletto

      Think she wishes it was with Reggie?

  • Yelly

    He is so handsome.

  • LadyStiletto

    The baby is adorable. Of course Reggie is pretty fine himself.

    • Starside aka Guest3

      Agree 1000%!

  • Truthtalk

    What percentage of athletes’ ladies wait until they are married to the athlete to get pregnant? 3%? 4% tops? They date the rich athlete for years and then “trap” them with a baby when the ring doesn’t come along.

  • DeeDeDee

    it looks photo-shopped…

  • Wtf

    Why doesn’t anybody clearly see this picture is PHOTO SHOPPED??? Look at the baby’s head!!