Denise Richards has been raising Brooke Mueller’s kids for nearly a year

Denise Richards and daughters Sam, Lola and baby Eloise head to Malibu Country Mart with Charlie Sheen's other ex-wife Brooke Mueller and her twin sons Bob and Max. The group were also accompanied by Denise's father, Irv Richards in Los Angeles, California.

At the beginning of May it was revealed that Brooke Mueller’s twins were removed from her home after DCFS arrived with a warrant. The mother of Charlie Sheen’s twins, Bob and Max, has dealt with addiction issues for years and a judge decided that Sheen’s ex-wife Denise Richards was the best person to take care of the boys, awarding her legal temporary guardianship.

Denise has two older children with Charlie but she has no problem stepping up and looking after Brooke’s kids too. While the children were removed from Mueller’s home in early May, sources with Radar are stating that Richards has actually been the 4-year-old boys’ primary caretaker since last summer.

The source said:

“Child protective services has now asked Denise to give specific dates that she had been taking care of the twins, in advance of a big custody hearing in July. The boys have spent more time with Denise than with their own biological mother for the last nine months. The boys are a part of Denise’s family, and they are extremely happy in her care.”

Mueller is currently in rehab, and is reportedly wanting custody of her children back once she is released in approximately 60 days. TMZ was told that DCFS wants proof of Mueller’s sobriety and the process could take a very long time considering that she’s failed almost 2 dozen times previously

It’s been speculated that part of Brooke’s motivation is that she would lose the $55,000-a-month in child support she receives from Charlie if she were to lose long-term legal custody.

As for Sheen, he’s said to have no direct ill-will towards Mueller but is on board with the recommendations of DCFS for the sake of the safety of his twins.

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  • makinbakin

    Denise Richards is a saint. Brooke and Charlie should be grateful that she took the boys in. After all the crap she got from divorcing him she has come out on top!!!

  • Honeybear

    I hope Denise gets full custody and Brooke loses her allowance which she was probably just spending on drugs.

  • mimi

    Those boys are lucky to have Denise and to be around their sisters. Makes you wonder though where the Grandparents are at in all of this? Either way, glad they are being taken care of.

  • dawnscasa

    Denise Richards is a very big hearted girl. Her charity work, her consistency as mother, her hands on approach, those boys are best with Denise. Brooke 21 times In rehab even while carrying the twins. It speaks for itself. dawnscasa – Boston, MA