Chelsea Houska launches ‘Chelsea’s Choices’ jewelry and accessories website

Chelsea Houska Chelsea's Choices website logo with pink leopard print

Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska has developed a huge following of fans since she first appeared on the second season of MTV’s 16 & Pregnant. Of course a lot of that is attributable to the fact that she has one of the most adorable daughters on the planet, but another big reason is her fun sense of style, which is reflected in the clothes she wears, her ever-changing hairstyles, and of course her accessories and jewelry. Chelsea has taken those last two things and combined them with one of the most adorable daughters in the world to launch, a website that offers jewelry and accessories chosen by Chelsea and Aubree!

Chelsea made the announcement to her more than one million followers on Twitter earlier today. She first teased with “I have a big announcement coming in 5 minutes…drumroll pleeease….” and followed that up with “Launching my website today! Aubree & I selected fashion/jewelry pieces that are affordable & look great! #affordable”

When you visit the website you will find this message from Chelsea and Aubree:

Hi! I’m so excited that you are all sharing this moment with me. I am starting Aubree’s and my new jewelry and accessory line! Yaaay! We both love nothing more than style and fashion and we want to spread the love. My team and I are scouring the globe to find the most exciting pieces and bring them to you directly, cutting out the middleman. A stunning way for you to get the greatest designs from Europe and Asia at great prices! These are all pieces I love. I called them the “iHeartu” collection, because I hope you’ll love them too. We made sure to find the highest quality jewelry, yet keep them affordable, so everyone can enjoy them. They make great gifts! Make sure you bookmark this page and check in often, as we will be adding items you’ll love frequently.

We “heart” you!

Chels and Aubs

At the time of this post there are only a couple selections available, the iHeartU Heart Ring Necklace and Crystal In The Cube necklace, both priced at $25 plus $7 shipping.

I can only assume we will be seeing more leopard print items soon!

  • Mickey

    I found my Christmas present!!

  • Shebee

    Great for Chelsea and Aubree. Hopefully she has found another hobby that doesn’t involve Adam.

    I wonder did she ever finish cosmotology school?

    Personally I am kind of glad season 5 is filming. Hopefully we get to see the fallout from Adam and Taylor’s new baby. Maybe that ‘s what it took for Chelsea to finally get it.

  • Courtney

    I heard that these necklaces already exist and basically Chelsea is just slapping her name to them and upping the price!

  • SammyGee

    Umm she isn’t cutting out the middle man! She is the middle man!

  • Jenelleisabadmom

    God I am so sick of Leopard print !

  • Lean

    Chelsea’s Choices? A better name could have been chosen. Shes not exactly made some of the best choices in life.

  • Hey there

    I’m sure the point of this show wasn’t so these girls could become porn stars, go to jail and starting their own “business”

  • amanda

    i ordered off and it says 3 to 5 weeks…its been 7 weeks and i havent gotten anything. dont waste ur time or money

    • Candi

      I did also. Nothing ever received. Now the site isn’t even up.

      • MB

        Same here. I am not happy

        • Tiffany

          Same here. There has to be something we can do legally.

          • Simone

            Contact the customer service of the credit card/bank card you used and dispute the charges. You should get your money back quickly after you do this.

            • MB

              Would that would even if the charge was placed in like June?

              • MB

                *even work

  • Andrew Neil L. Cervantes

    The designs are fabulous and arrogant..simple but beautiful.

  • Henk

    It’s a big fraude,
    i paid 32 dollars but nothing received!!!

  • Demona

    I’ve always thought this site was nonpartial but the fact that you gave her free advertisement in this venture by this article and then didn’t inform fans of the outcome of the business venture – that it directly involved taking money without giving goods, shutting down the website, and refusing to give a public statement. Maybe if more of you bloggers had outed her publicly she would have at least issued an apology and explanation. Way to blow it.

  • Liz

    I agree with Demona. Chelsea needs to explain why so many people have not received their items, or money back. I am personally out $47, and have learned a huge lesson. Never again will I support a teen mom, or reality tv “star”. It has been over 9 months, there is no good reason for that. I emailed a couple of times, to Anthem Licencing, and they told me for at least 3 months that my items were on their way, then they started ignoring my emails, just enough time for me not to be able to get my money back through my credit card or PayPal. I think they scammed us all on purpose, and it sucks. I really wish someone would take responsibility and maybe even apologize!

  • lea

    I ordered a necklace over a year ago and never received it OR my money back, now the website has disappeared!! Terrible.

  • Breanne

    I went online and ordered one & never received it and now the website is closed down! So I lost around $40. Never again!