Hardcore Lena Dunham fan gets Girls’ quote tattoo in Lena’s handwriting


A huge Girls fan, @tinabeenawargz, asked Lena Dunham to write the quote “all adventurous women do” from the first season of Girls so she could get a tattoo. And Lena complied!

Lena wrote out the line three different ways and posted the photo to Instagram with an apology about her handwriting. “I am sorry my handwriting is so junko but I’m very touched that you want this tattoo!” Lena said. (The line was spoken by Jessa is reference to Lena’s character Hannah’s HPV diagnosis.)


It’s super sweet of Lena to take the time to do this for a fan.
When the tat was finished, @tinabeenawargz shared it with Lena, who fawned “Adore! My handwriting’s never looked better!”

Now there are three different templates for any more Girls who want this tattoo. It’s pretty badass, really.

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  • Kilohurtz-ONE

    How friggin nasty is her slobbering all over that negro in season 2.. does she have zero self worth? no self esteem? fucin disgusting…i liked her till then, now i realize she’s flawed beyond repair.. what a waste of another cute white girl.. u must have HPV too… probably caught from a black dude..

  • Cheermom

    Thanks moderator 🙂

  • Regina

    So cool!!!
    I asked Tom DeLonge to do this for me once – never happened 🙁

  • Trinity Morealis

    What an idiot.